Praetorian Media Calls For No Presidential Debates

Praetorian Media Calls For No Presidential Debates

Praetorian Media Calls For No Presidential Debates

I know that this is my shocked face to see the coordinated spontaneous calls from several media outlets that Biden should refuse to participate in any presidential debates.

As Creepy Uncle Joe rarely leaves the bunker these days, the idea of presidential debates are causing much consternation in the By-All-Means™ quarter as the campaign for cheat-by-mail appears stalled.

As the 2020 election steadily approaches, there have been growing calls from the media for Joe Biden not to debate President Trump or the debates to be scrapped altogether.

There appears to have been an evolution from some members of the media regarding the debates.

Evolution? Or are we getting a repeat of 2008’s backroom coordination of message – remember Journolist? – by leftmedia? Let’s face it, it’s going on two months now since we heard that Biden had narrowed his VP picks so outside of looming debates what has the DNC got?

WaPo started with a column by Karen Tumulty that we needed to rethink the debates. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman tossed in a poison pill column telling Biden he should set unprecedented conditions to debate. Friedman demands Trump’s tax forms and :::snort::: real-time fact-checking :::snort:::

How many people remember the real-time fact-checking when Cindy Crowley flung herself between Obama and Romney in order to protect Barak?

The list of pundits and media outlets, each echoing each other that a challenger should not debate a sitting president isn’t a one-off.

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart joined several Democratic Party strategists in bluntly advising Biden, “whatever you do, don’t debate Trump.”

There is even the same old #Resistance crap from HRC’s former strategist, Zac Petkanas, that Biden shouldn’t debate because President Trump is not legitimate.


If Biden won’t come out of the basement, why should he be on the ballot?

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  • Lloyd says:

    Candidate debates are essential for helping voters see the candidates clearly and make up their minds as to whom to vote for. Scrapping the presidential candidate debates this year would only serve to protect Biden. The debates would show us the REAL 2020 Joe Biden…The Biden that Trump would crush in debate.

  • Narcissi says:

    If debates are not essential to choosing the right candidate, why did the DNC have months of them before their primary vote?
    I mean, couldn’t they just figure it out from other information?

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