Planned Parenthood Club: The Latest on The Roster of High School Activities

Planned Parenthood Club: The Latest on The Roster of High School Activities

Planned Parenthood Club: The Latest on The Roster of High School Activities

You have your sports, your band, orchestra and drama. Robotics, Math Club, Debate Club. Now…coming to a high school near year is the “Planned Parenthood Generation Action” club.

You must be thinking that surely, I jest. seriously. I’m not pulling your leg. Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies in Richmond, Virginia, a public high school, has allowed students to form the “Planned Parenthood Generation Action” club.

The Mission of MLWGS?

“…To provide comprehensive educational opportunities that advance gifted students’ understanding of world cultures and languages. Our diverse and supportive community develops students’ character and ability to contribute, collaborate, and lead.”

Or be brainwashed, apparently. Planned Parenthood Generation Action currently hosts over 200 college groups and is now, frighteningly, expanding into the high school realm. Per the club ByLaws at MLWGS:

“The purpose of this club is to provide education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities at Maggie Walker to support the goals of Planned Parenthood. It is meant to let students learn more about the issues that affect their lives, create a network with other students who support Planned Parenthood, and engage in the political process to win elections and pass pro reproductive freedom legislation.”

The Planned Parenthood website has links on the website leading to the “formidable” history of PP founder, Margaret Sanger and information on #Election2016. Lest we not forget who their candidate of choice is:

The “LGBT inclusive” club come to the school courtesy of seniors Kiera Goddu, Amanda Mier, and Naomi Vickers. Goddu, who has done a mentorship at Planned Parenthood states that the abstinence-only sex education that was taught in middle school was “useless”. Mom must be proud.

And like good, little liberals, these Cecile Richards fangirls and would-be Hillary supporters sound off (let’s hope they’re not quite 18 yet):

“A choice in any type of good society should be … the choice to abort if she wants to or [the woman] should have the choice to have the child if she wants to and feel like the government places enough value on the life of all people that they will support her and her child in every way possible. That is a choice, and that’s what I want people to know.”-Naomi Vickers

“They said that the only definition of abstinence was that it was abstaining from sex until marriage between a man and a woman,” she said. “And I was like — abstinence can be applied to many things — like abstaining from doing basically anything!”-Kiera Goddu

The government values us. The government loves all people, they say. (Except the unborn.) What great, young brainwashed children they are! Of course, the government will take care of you after mom and dad cut the proverbial umbilical cord. So go ahead, have indiscriminate sex-free abortions for all!

Sure, you can abstain (like) from doing basically anything. For instance, you can abstain from killing an innocent child. There’s your abstinence for you, you little twit! As far as choice in a good society, (good being the operative word here), I am willing to bet that the choice would not be abortion. And, oh, bee-tee-dubs (BTW), here’s a nugget of information from someone who’s been on this earth a bit longer than you…if ya think about it just a little bit, one cannot place value on the “life” (lives) of all people when discounting and not acknowledging the heartbeats of those who have yet to be seen.

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  • J Walter says:

    If there was a male contriceptive pill abortions and live births would drop by 90%.

    When do I get a choice. I know several men trapped by happy accidents.

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