Peter Lanza, Father of Connecticut Shooter Releases Statement

Peter Lanza, Father of Connecticut Shooter Releases Statement

Peter Lanza, the father of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooter, is the Tax Director for General Electric. He and Adam’s mother, Nancy Lanza, were divorced in 2009. Peter Lanza recently remarried.

Saturday morning, following the school shootings, Peter Lanza released this statement:

“Our hearts go out to the families and friends who lost loved ones and to all those who were injured,” Peter Lanza said. “Our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. No words can truly express how heartbroken we are. We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. We too are asking why. We have cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so. Like so many of you, we are saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired.”

When we see such a horror happen, the shooter’s family doesn’t get a lot of sympathy. But their lives are forever changed as well; destroyed, in many cases. I’m praying, and I hope you will too, for the surviving members of the Lanza family – Peter Lanza the shooter’s father and his wife, and Ryan Lanza, his surviving son.

Peter Lanza, father of Connecticut Shooter

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  • murdered babies says:

    Everyone seems to be giving Peter Lanza the father of mass murderer of babies Adam (adolf) Lanza a free pass. I don’t.

    His kid was way disturbed and Peter abandoned him with his mom and a closetful of guns.

    He paid a lot of money to abandon his family.

    His son was a homicidal monster. Don’t tell me there weren’t signs because acting like a freak is enough for the father to have stuck around.

    Bottom line Peter abbandoneds his family for some young mistress and leaves his seed and responsibility to fester and explode. Peter paid lots of money to run away from his crazy son….

    Was it worth it Peter you selfish prick?

    • Mary says:

      They separated in 2001. He saw Adam every week and vacations. In 2008 Nancy mentioned divorce. He agreed. He kept seeing Adam until 2010 when he told Adam he planned to remarry. From the point forward Adam chose to not see or talk to either his father or brother. Guns came in later years after Peter had left according to all reports. Peter and Nancy had been together since high school. Let’s hope he at least stayed in contact with Nancy regarding Adam even if Adam would not talk to him.

    • Steve Muir says:

      adam ‘s world: Father & brother were abandoning him…by living and working in another city. Asberger s patients have no sense of reality…adam would think that he could continue to play video games in the mother’s home….act like 8-10 years old children….former co worker has a son who is 25/26….lives with her off and on….no sense of responsibility or reality….mother had issues of her own….guns there was foolish….sounds like she was going to put him into a home/special school…sm…

  • Wow, you are full of assumptions aren’t you? You know how that he was involved with an affair how? You know that he “abandoned” his son how? Having a child with special needs is very taxing on marriage, they have a higher than normal divorce rate. Maybe the son didn’t want to see his father anymore. To blame this man for his sons deeds with no information to back it up is irresponsible.

  • Dana says:

    JACG wrote:

    Having a child with special needs is very taxing on marriage, they have a higher than normal divorce rate.

    That would be prima facie evidence that it’s the handicapped child causing the divorces, not just problems between the spouses. He abandoned his son.

  • Stella says:

    Well it seems like some people think they know the whole story. When and where has it been established that he abandoned his son or duties as the kids father. The families of those who lost children, as well as extended family and friends will never be the same. I as well as the nation cry, for and with them.
    But to lay ANY blame on the Mom or this Dad or the brother is wrong. Adam is to blame, his sick mind and no conscience led him to this most horrific act.

  • Mary says:

    Kate . . . some of what you say makes sense but the ‘new’ wife is his age or the same age as Nancy Lanza. I agree he should have stayed the course as far as checking on Adam. Even if Adam wanted nothing to do with his father and brother they both needed to stay in contact with Nancy. Maybe they did but I am very disappointed that Peter Lanza has not made a statement praising Nancy and her commitment to their son and his mental health issues. I know this sounds unreasonable but if my child was so totally opposed to my remarriage I am not so sure I would have gotten married at that time. It seems to have pushed Adam and how he was functioning. I hope Peter Lanza steps up as a man and arranges burial and memorial services for both Nancy and for Adam. He is saving millions in future alimony and he has the funds to take proper care of both AND TO START A FOUNDATION FOR NEWTOWN/SANDY HOOK. Perhaps there will be some guilt for both Peter and Shelly if she did not encourage Peter to stay in contact with his younger son. There certainly is a black mark on their marriage whether there should be or not. Nancy was his high school sweetheart and I just don’t like how she is being treated in the media and how he is totally silent in regard to Nancy. Where is the soul of the man?

    • Kate says:

      Hi Mary
      Yes, I’m aware his “new” wife is his age. I didn’t say “young” wife. I was trying to convey that families of shooters are destroyed too. Maybe there is a measure of guilt in hindsight but it is clear that Adam was a sick young man. He is the murderer and no one else.

    • Bill says:

      Peter Lanza has some of the best lawyers. He had the backing of GE and their mod squad..GE will do everything they can to help Peter Lanza out.. That’s one thing u will never hear on the news.

      • Dana says:

        Bill wrote:

        .GE will do everything they can to help Peter Lanza out.

        Maybe, but it is also possible that Mr Lanza will become a public relations liability, and we might here, in the not-too-distant-future, that Mr Lanza has decided to pursue other career opportunities. Corporations do not like controversy.

        • Dana says:

          OMG, did I just write “here” for “hear?” 🙁

        • Steve Muir says:

          probably why Peter Lanza had little to say about this…
          corporation was/is under investigation by US government due to their tax status…told by his employer to make a statement to the media….shut up….takes the body from the
          medical examiners’s office on December 30….Media paying attention to many funerals for children….Boston Marathon Bombing occurs…New town is ignored….

  • pam says:

    I understand why you are all searching for answers and casting blame. The truth is often simple but hard to embrace. Some have asked why such a Loving God could allow this to happen? Some demand that if there is a God, this would not have happened. The shootings are not evidence that God does not exist but rather evidence that the Devul does! What we witnessed in CT
    Is spiritual warfare
    ..All the psychobabble in the world can not explain away Adam’s motives. The simple truth is that if you do not serve the King of Kings God you serve the opposition “evil” at some level :in your life. Certainly. at a far more subtle level than Adam but without Jesus in our. Hearts we are all vunerable and capable of commiting horrible acts. See John 10:10. This was not a seperate act of evil but rather the ripple effect of decades of cultural moral decay

  • Carol Beckham says:

    I have a problem with the girly website he choose to apologize on, believe me I am not a prude. The website seems to make a mockery of the apology.

    • Irene says:

      some people care more about using someone’s pain to make slur comments that will hurt the person deeper then being understanding of how they’d feel if it were their child or love one doing this , unreal how cold hearted some are, and more evil then the one whom committed the crime. take a good look at self before judging someone else, im sure your no angel at your life from childhood to now, im sure you have no right to be judging others. of how they explain their feelings or what is on their page whiles they do so, I bet you don’t have much better ways to explain your sorrows when needed, wow, so cold hearted tourds someone’s pains, can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all, we whom have been there or know some whom have are here for comforting the one’s whom reach out for help then to show ignorance to the world for someone’s need for sympathy, and support from the world, wow, God bless and be with them whom criticize other’s in pain. and help show them their wrongs in doing so. thank you God for the one’s whom are here to show their sympathy to the one’s in need and not downgrade them.

  • Irene says:

    so , so sorry to hear of your issues, and your loss, we to have a child in the family whom is whom also has been diagnosed with the same illness as well as Autism and yes they are very needed for attention, and much more hands on. then a normal child, he’s my grandchild removed from mom years ago as a baby, given to daddy for custody, daddy does great with him, but brother keeps tormenting him. and he can’t stand being made to speak with mom, but is made to by children services, we see the differences in him when this happens , he stays within himself, barely looks at people he’s only ten years old, very small in size, has many issues in school. in ESE classes. when meets new people won’t look at them tucks head down to chest, rolls eyes. have him and brother in counseling and with a doctor. in many programs see doctors regularly, but as far as putting the blame on the parents not, it’s not their fault for my son has done everything he can to help this child but it just don’t work. his new thing now is talking like he is looking at himself and talking, like he will say his name and say —– is not to do this, or —–, not going , or not listening or, no not —–, no —– don’t have to , —– don’t have to listen to you. no not —–. or throws temper tantrums , bangs head on floor, makes nose bleed, uses fist to pound his head, falls on floor kicks feet and hands in air. screams and so on. so we know what you are saying , no matter how much good you do for them it’s never enough, sometimes they want hugs, other times they want left completely alone, you never now what they are thinking. it’s creepy. and always talking to an imaginary friend whom is not there , at least not to were you can see them. so no you can’t blame the parents , it’s just that type of illness and what ever is running their minds inside you can see but they can is whom is telling them what to do. they are very fragile you have to watch what you say to them or around them and how you act with them or around them, they have very good memories don’t forget nothing. no matter what the father or us try to do to make things right for him , he always stays angry unless it involves a new item, then he’s ok for awhile but for the most he’s is always angry at the world, always talking of killing self or someone, we keep trying to keep him on the subject of science he loves science and wants to be one when he grows up, but for the most hates the world, it don’t matter what you do for him he stays hateful, and none of us do anything to cause it , we do everything to make things comfortable for him and keep him happy, so no it’s not his fault or the mother’s fault what the child did , it was in him to do and no one was going to stop it. I fully believe they have evil born in them to a certain extent, and it controls them no matter how much you try to keep them on the good, we have done everything to help him it just don’t work, he has so much anger and hatred in him. he’s against the world. they can be sweet , loving, friendly one minute and hateful , evil the next , especially in church, wow, you can see the bad in them then. but we keep trying to make him better for the good.

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