Pentagon Considering Rescue Mission for Iraqis Trapped in the Sinjar Mountains

Pentagon Considering Rescue Mission for Iraqis Trapped in the Sinjar Mountains

This is the disaster that keeps on giving.  “Man caused” by the way, by one man.

The Pentagon is strongly considering sending additional military planners to Iraq to figure out a way to rescue and relocate the tens of thousands of religious minorities trapped on a mountain by Islamic militants, senior U.S. officials told Fox News.

Wow.  For once, what a statement of resolve by the Pentagon Puzzle Palace.  I am glad that they are “seriously considering” something.  “Seriously considering” is right up there with strong statements of action like “ruminating on the possibility,” “definitely gonna,” and if you are from the South, you would be “Fixin’ ta…..”

I once seriously considered changing the usual color I go with on my toes when I got my mani-pedi.  No really, it was last summer and the shade of red I had on my toes was getting tired and dated.  I was definitely gonna change it, but then I found these cute peep toe espadrilles at the mall and I was fixin’ ta wear them to a barbeque later on.

My husband pointed out that I should notice the use of the word “planners.”  Because what you need to rescue people who are encircled and under siege are brave warriors who will drop from the sky and begin making more flow charts, operational diagrams, operations orders, intelligence assessments and coffee before the daily briefing.

The Pentagon currently has 250 military advisers in Iraq.

This administration, who has the last president living rent free in their heads, combined with not having a spine made of anything stronger than limp pasta, and having resolved that having a press conference equates to doing anything just can’t bring themselves to say the words.  These are not “planners” or “advisors” any more than I am a “super model.”  When they say “planners” what they are saying without saying it is “Special Operations” and “Special Forces.”  They are saying this for a reason; because “planners” sounds better than “Special Forces.”  He is haunted by the prospect of the words “Troops,” “Boots on the Ground,” and “Men in the Fight.”

The planning, though, is complicated by the administration’s directive not to send ground troops. Absent that, the U.S. would have to pursue an airlift mission.

Strong words that won’t ever come from a man who is much more familiar with strongly worded statements and sternly worded letters.

And we have a president who is spending his time trying to say that wasn’t me while You Tube is melting down from the amount of videos that show the PINO taking credit for ending the war in Iraq, well, except he didn’t.   But enough about that, he has a tee time.

Because the PINO didn’t do what military planners told him to do (you know, the people with experience at this kind of thing) and decided he knew better, the predicable conclusions regarding what would happen when we left became a reality and is now becoming a way of life for the Yazidis trapped in those mountains.

We are governed by a man who when he decides to make a decision, he makes none at all, for fear that he will look like the previous president. There is even more pointed and direct analysis on this, which bolsters my point.

The Yazidi people trapped in those mountains need a miracle, and that miracle doesn’t come from people translating flows charts and intelligence estimates into Arabic and wishing the Kurds or others on their merry way into battle with ISIS/ISIL while hoping that the gist of the plan works out and that everything comes out OK in the end.  They need some “planners” to saddle up, make their way into those mountains and start piling up ISIS Jihadists.

But that might be too much for a man that views rhetoric and the aggressive use of speeches as his only weapons against the largest terrorist state to ever exist in human history.

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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Unless it’s commanding his loyal legions of Flying Monkeys to attack “our enemies,” Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac could never bring himself to utter the words, “Charge!”

    The closest he can come is along the lines of, “Prepare to get ready to stand by and wait for further instructions, to be discussed, drafted and delivered (reluctantly, of course) at some as-yet-to-be-defined point in time.”

    That is, until our ADD (Alert for Democrat Donations) POTUS gets whiff of another fundraiser, Then it’s, “Into the breach we shall advance, pens and phones a-blazing!”

  • Dave says:

    You know, it wouldn’t be hard to rescue those people trapped on that mountain. All you have to do is go in with overwhelming force and KILL ALL THE ISIS IN THE AREA. Then the people can come down off the mountain and live their lives.

    Easy peasy.

    • Chris in N.Va. says:

      Now there you go, stating the clear and obvious — but quite un-nuanced — solution. Clearly not Smart Diplomacy [tm] at all.

      Heard Jay Seculow, head of the American Center for Law and Justice, in an interview the other day. He’d just returned from a speaking engagement at Oxford where he had the opportunity to talk with a quite liberal professor. When Jay asked him what he thought should be done about ISIS, the professor immediately and forcefully replied, “Crush them!”

      Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds the nut!

      • Dave says:

        ISIS doesn’t do nuance. Neither should we.

        I’ve been to that part of the world, and the first thing you have to understand is that over there, they do not respect talk. They respect strength only. To them, a desire to talk indicates weakness.

        I’m not convinced we need to wade back in there, but if we do, we should do it with a level of force that would shock the Romans.

        Kill anyone and everyone holding a gun, and leave with this simple admonishment: “Don’t make me come back over here.”

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