Parents Of Quintuplets Beg #PresidentTrump For Help [VIDEO]

Parents Of Quintuplets Beg #PresidentTrump For Help [VIDEO]

Parents Of Quintuplets Beg #PresidentTrump For Help [VIDEO]

Chad and Amy Kempel of Walnut Creek California have requested President Trump’s assistance in a last-ditch effort to save their quintuplets. The expectant parents have sought his help since their healthcare provider, Kaiser Permanente is not allowing the couple to seek the services of Dr. John Elliot who is a doctor specializing in high-risk deliveries.

Dr. Elliot found fame when he delivered the octuplets of Nadya Suleman, also known as “Octomom.” He has been the doctor of last resort for many women who have found themselves in high-risk pregnancies with multiple babies.

In fact, his practice Valley Perinatal specializes in the successful delivery of pre-term babies which most pregnancies involving multiples are.  The California couple has appealed to Kaiser Permanente, the California Department of Managed Health Care but to no avail. They were told by Kaiser that their best option was to have a “selective reduction”-which is really a pretty way of saying that they should abort three of their babies to give the remaining two a better chance at normal lives. Amy and Chad are Catholic and could not make peace with that idea and hoped instead to secure Dr. Elliot’s services in order to give all of their children a fighting chance.

Amy and Chad and their two daughters Avery (1) and Savannah (3)

The couple doesn’t have too much time to secure any help for their newest children since Amy is presently 21 weeks along and the average length of a pregnancy with multiples is 27 weeks. Hopefully, this lovely little family will not be forced to endure losing any of their newest siblings like the couple did with their first pregnancy. Amy and Chad conceived twins early in their marriage only to lose them when they were born prematurely.

Kaiser Permanente’s Walnut Creek location

Kaiser senior vice president of Kaiser Walnut Creek, Colleen McKeown says that the company is committed to the best outcome for Mr. and Mrs. Kempel and their family. I pray that Kaiser relents and allows the Kempels to deliver with Valley Perinatal and Dr. Elliott instead. Sometimes it is most appropriate to simply admit when a company does not have the correct staff to perform such a high-risk delivery and in such cases to me that it would also be the most merciful approach for them to take.

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  • ds5929 says:

    Kaiser isn’t going to stop them from going wherever they choose. What Kaiser won’t-and should’nt-do is pay for coverage not included in the policy. Kinda why there are different policies. If I want to see a doc my plan does’nt cover, I pony up the bucks to do so. They can damm well do the same.

  • Timmy says:

    Trump isn’t a king that can dispense boons to people he favors.

  • parker says:

    Yes, djt is no king, but he is wealthy and able to help this couple. It would be a great PR stunt.

  • Jeremy says:

    Chad and Amy have a GoFundMe campaign started to help get them to Arizona to see the specialist, please share or donate if you can:

    • JNorth says:

      Thank you for that link, I added what I could. This is the proper way to deal with this issue. The “Government” should not get involved, because when they are paying, they are controlling and this isn’t something they should have any say over. It would be great of GET helped out, but only as an individual, not as the President.

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