Panic on The Left: How Dare You Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

Panic on The Left: How Dare You Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

Panic on The Left: How Dare You Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis really hit some nerves with his vigorous defense of the Parental Rights in Education Bill. When the usual barking seals in the media took up the fatuous “don’t say gay” talking point, DeSantis and others turned it to the “Anti-Grooming Bill” and enough gas was produced to solve the energy crisis for 100 years.

The Left and their ankle-licking Vichy cons have called DEFCON 2 at this resistance to their control of … well, frankly, everything. No more quietly panicked than David French.

David French, who has famously made the conservative case for drag queen story hour, CRT submission, and everything else except conservative success, is very upset with us again for accurately conveying the truth of the Democrat campaign to make the classroom safe for creepy perverts to talk about sex with your kids. Now, normal people, as opposed to Pastor French – who is the very best Christian that David French knows, according to David French – don’t like weirdos trying to steer convos toward genitalia during the limited periods in which adult strangers get to interact with other people’s children, like in school. And only weirdos try to do so. There is literally never any good reason for any non-parent to have a talk with toddlers about sexual topics. None. Zero. Zip.

Ah yes. We remember French lifting his pinky and lecturing us rubes about how unsophisticated we are not to realize cross-dressing males, some on sex-offender registries, gaining access to young children is the perfect lesson in the blessings of liberty.

French, who never met an actual conservative he couldn’t attack, was so broken by President Trump, he can’t help but drag him in to the conversation.

Say what? Not just a non sequitur, but a tortured bit of Escher-esque narrative where “good Christians” condemn consensual adult behavior and encourage the sexual exploitation of minors.

French’s panic at his own irrelevancy is palpable. As is that from Pravda media’s own panic-driven coordination.

Reminiscent, yes, of two-years of media gaslighting about Hunter’s laptop; a now collapsed narrative is not leading to any kind of accountability or even a weak apology. Nope, the new narrative is that the story was never interesting.

It appears that some media have a new narrative after admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop is legitimate after all. According to Atlantic Magazine writer and Pulitzer Prize winner Anne Applebaum, the story never did matter because it was just not interesting and “totally irrelevant” to her. Strangely, however, it once did. Applebaum pushed the false narrative as she was slamming others for publishing “Russian disinformation” and using the Hunter Biden story as an example. It only became uninteresting when it turned out to be true.

These Ministry of Truth stylings by Our Betters — the past is always changing to match the present — is just not working quite like it used to.

So go big with the lies and demand people believe you.

Valerie Biden Owens, President Joe Biden’s younger sister, did a promo piece for USA Today for her new book, “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir,” that portrays Hunter Biden as a victim, her brother as a hero, and blames everything on former President Trump’s “right-wing followers.”

Isn’t that sweet? Media to give another Biden bandwidth to lecture the hoi polloi on how not to believe their lyin’ eyes. Ms. Valerie claims not only should we admire Hunter because he’s just a hapless victim trying to deal with addiction, but brother Joe is a brilliant, heroic man who just has a stutter.

Actual stutterers would be appalled at the comparison. Creepy Joe’s wandering, meandering moments off-script, filled with fragmented sentences and random subjects is not an issue of stuttering. Just as recovering addicts face-palm at the Hero Hunter claim or even gay people are repelled by pro-grooming statements wrapped up in a LGBT Community flag.

As the Left’s panic grows, the more ridiculous the gaslighting. Even to alienating many who claim center-left.

May the revelations continue. Let’s take the gaslighting tool out of the Left’s toolbag.

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  • Jabrwok says:

    “Palatable”? Did you mean “palpable” there?

    Good essay.

  • Audrey says:

    According to “Laptop from Hell”, Biden’s sister Val is always on the make for easy money sinecures and has had several. This book is just another way to cash in on the Biden name. Doubt she has written more than her name.

  • yeah says:

    “Let’s take the gaslighting tool out of the Left’s toolbag.”

    No. When your enemies are destroying themselves, do not try to stop them. The gaslighting has become more obvious. What we want to do is help them turn it up to 11.

    There are those who will slavishly follow those in power on the left no matter what. The example I use is that, even though she may be the most vile, disgusting person to ever achieve national prominence, Hillary Clinton has followers that could watch her, live and in person, beat a disabled, gay veteran to death using puppies and kittens, and they would still follow her, and either insist it never happened, or justify why it had to happen. Those people will never be convinced to change their minds.

    But the more absurd and obvious the gas lighting, the more non-total-fanatics there will be who will turn away from them.

  • ray ward says:

    There is a practice in ranching called “culling.” It means to remove an animal from the herd and from the gene pool. This needs to have much wider application in our population.

  • Boobah says:

    Let’s just sidle on past the whole ‘premeditated murder of people who hold opinions I dislike,’ pretend that’s hunky-dory, and move into how it won’t do what you want anyway.

    First off, a ‘rancher’ will have different ideas about what makes a good herd than either the herd as a whole or any of its members. You don’t like the ‘rancher?’ That’s a cullin’!

    Ok, we can pretend the ‘rancher’ won’t act in their own self-interest. What else is wrong with the idea?

    Well, it’s a safe bet that if you’re proposing this it’s because you don’t like the people in charge now, with the idea that a ‘culled’ population would make better choices in that regard. Problem is, this is the population that will have to select the ‘rancher.’ Sure, you could select the ‘rancher’ with a subset of the ‘herd,’ but then by what right does he cull the rest?

    In short, the problem is that you’ve just invented an absolute monarch. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • markedup2 says:

    Tone is lacking in text. Assuming the best, rather than the worst: Metaphor Alert!

    We need to cull the RINOs from the herd.

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