Paladin’s Christmas Special: God Bless Us Every One!

Paladin’s Christmas Special: God Bless Us Every One!

Paladin’s Christmas Special: God Bless Us Every One!

At this blessed time of year, Paladin chews over a passage or two of the rightfully revered A CHRISTMAS CAROL  by Charles Dickens.

Nephew to Uncle Scrooge:

`I want nothing from you; I ask nothing of you; why cannot we be friends?’

It struck Paladin how the Nephew’s plea to Scrooge informs our country today.  Half of us want nothing from the other half, we ask nothing of the other half, all we wish is to be friends. And if this is not possible, like Scrooge – then simply to be left alone. Pity the fussbudget busybodies of bi-coastal elites won’t leave the rest of us be. It’s hard to be friends with people who have designated you inferior, but at Christmas it’s still important to try. Never give up spreading cheer. Goodness and fellowship always make a difference.  Even if never appreciated.  Even if never acknowledged.  We do it because it’s right, not because it’s easy.

A little further on Dickens notes the evil weather on that Christmas Eve:

“Foggier yet, and colder! Piercing, searching, biting cold. If the good Saint Dunstan had but nipped the Evil Spirit’s nose with a touch of such weather as that, instead of using his familiar weapons, then indeed he would have roared to lusty purpose.

There was probably a time when many a schoolchild could tell you who Saint Dunstan was. Now perhaps only British Schoolchildren can, those that haven’t been mis-educated in the secular thumbscrews of modern thought. Dunstan was man of faith, extreme temperance, celibacy and resolve in a tempestuous time.

His miracle was to best the Devil with a pair of tongs, his “familiar weapons”. Familiar in Dickens’ time, not now. This Priest’s life was a political odyssey in the midst of the British dark ages, a steady hand during a time of turbulent regicide. A period of violent conflict that ended more often than not in murder and bloody coups. Sound familiar?

As the Archbishop of Canterbury his strictures brought a long measure of peace to the British Isles.  The clergy stopped selling their positions to cronies and family, priests were required to be competent to their offices, teaching useful trades to the parishioners as well as God’s Word. Prosperity flourished with the strength of local law and an armed seacoast warded off the Dragon Ships which often plagued the country. Not surprising that Dunstan would be named a saint after shielding Britannia from the likes of Sven-the-Skull-Crusher, rapist of maids and monks alike.

A legend has him shoeing the Devil with a horseshoe, who begs to be released.  Relenting, Brother Dunstan pried the horseshoe from the Devil’s hoof but only on the promise that his infernal majesty would trouble no door over which a horseshoe hung. Perhaps this is the origin of that superstitious custom of hanging good-luck horseshoes from lintels and mantels. No doubt, being the Devil, Mr. Scratch welshed on his promise the moment Dunstan pried the iron free.




But even if Victory Girls’ Readers haven’t nailed a horseshoe their doors, may you be protected all the yearlong, and may the spirit of gratitude and fellowship last beyond the holly time.  Paladin knows that often it’s hard to give others we disagree with their human due, but when you think of St. Nick maybe it won’t be so hard. So if  Thomas Nast’s old fellow doesn’t make you want to smile all year round, nothing will!





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Featured Photo:  “Mr Fezziwig’s Ball” is found here.  Used under CC BY-SA 3.0.  Additional photos: “Dunstan and the Devil” by George Cruikshank, Public Domain, and Thomas Nast’s “Merry Old Santa Claus”, from the January 1, 1881 edition of Harper’s Weekly, Public Domain.





Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.



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