Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Parliament of Whores* Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Parliament of Whores* Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Parliament of Whores* Edition

Fox & Friends’ Griff Jenkins reports on Chief Border Patrol Agent Rudy Karisch’s Senate testimony, before a “Parliament of Whores” about the invasion on our southern border. (Starts at 1:04) If you didn’t know already, our Southern Border is both a catastrophe and a train-wreck-dumpster-fire-cluster-fuck-rape-murder-drug-party. A place where the Narco-Terrorist State of Mexico executes a full frontal assault on the United States using Central American Illegal Aliens as its shock troops.  

It is also Ground Zero for the Democrats’ Voter Drive, the Left’s Final Solution for America. Not to be outdone in corruption, payola-lusting skank Catamite Republicans spread their cheeks and drool over the prospect of being rammed and buggered by an endless conga line of cheap labor at the expense of their own constituencies.







Paladin wonders what exactly each missing, absent member of the committee was doing at the time of the Hearing? Something more important?

Rob Portman, (R) Ohio – despite sponsoring all kinds of measures against sex trafficking over the years was diddling somewhere ELSE. Polishing his credentials. He has a lot of them.

Rand Paul (R) Kentucky – Did Chief Parliament Whore Mitch McTurtle ask you to stay away as a personal favor between K’tucky butt-buddies?  No excuse for being absent, Senator Rand Puta. None. Zero.

James Paul Lankford (R) Oklahoma – “Where the wavin’ wheat, Can sure smell sweet,” – Hey, Junior Sen, jus’ because you got an A Rating from the NRA doesn’t mean you can sit this one out. Were you absent on orders from His Majesty’s Majority Leader’s Office? Was a General Stand Down ordered? What’s your excuse? Baptist Muffin Prayer Breakfast?

Mike Enzi (R) Wyoming – Elected in 2014 with 75% of the vote, he doesn’t take orders from anyone – this United States Federales says, “Hearings? Hearings? We don’t need to go to no stinkin’ Hearings.”  BTW, Parliamentary Whore from the Equality State, that’s a nice fish you got in your office. Nice suit too.  Bet you didn’t get it in Wyoming.

Mitt Romney (Douche Nozzle) Utah – Utahans pray harder. You created the next John McCain. And like McCain and the Bourbons after Napoleon, “They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” That’s Romney. Is it a Mormon Loyalty Thing?

Rick Scott (R) FLA – USN Petty Officer Third Class – again, an A Rating from the NRA doesn’t entitle you to go MIA-AWOL on this. You know better. Act like it. Paladin would like to take you off the Parliament of Whores Roster.

Josh Hawley (Twerp) MO – look Boy, y’know the old saying – the art of politics is “getting the wrong guy to do the right things”? Doesn’t mean the “right guy” shouldn’t do the right things too! Does Mitch McTurtle have your home telephone number scrawled on the wall of his private privee?  For a good time call . . .  What was your excuse for failing to appear? Don’t bother answering. It’s too late.  

No point in talking about the Libs on the committee. Paladin isn’t calling out the Democrat Parliamentary Whores – BECAUSE NO REPUBLICAN ON THE COMMITTEE BOTHERED TO.  If Conservatives can’t even hold themselves to account, no one should expect them to hold our National Socialists to account either. Somehow, our guys never fail in that regard. Way to Go, Mitch.

Chairman Johnson, my sympathies, Sir.  Your committee membership is a disgrace.



*Hat Tip to P.J. O’Rourke who coined the phrase “Parliament of Whores”  in his book of the same name and which has not been improved on since 1991.  

Featured Photo is Public Domain from the New York Public Library Digital Collections.



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  • Skillyboo says:

    Whores, appropriate name for them. Candace Owens has more balls than the entire lot of these slimy bastards. We’re doomed if we do not hold pissants like these accountable. Each one should have their proverbial asses reamed by their constituents and make it clearly known that the only drummer they should march to is them not Mitch.

  • Paladin says:

    Skilly, Paladin couldn’t agree more. Some serious bitch-slappin’ needs doing here. This ruling class (yeah, even our guys) take us for granted and treat us like peasants. We need a reckoning.

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