Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Eloi and Morlock Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Eloi and Morlock Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Eloi and Morlock Edition

If you don’t recognize the reference to HG Wells’ The Time Machine stop reading now. You’re probably either an elite, useless Eloi or a knuckle-scraping, troglodyte Morlock. And that’s where our world is headed, unless we unabashedly revere unadorned manhood once again. Otherwise we’ll just be a bunch of Jussie Smolletts speaking though our attorneys at all the horrible, racist, homophobic, transcrap, global-warming-noose-bleachings.

What’s missing is King Leonidas who led 300 Spartans against a Persian Horde. What’s missing is THIS:



Check out these pansies from the UK. Are these the guys who stormed Mt. Suribachi? Destroyed the Luftwaffe over the Cliffs of Dover? Choppered into the Ia Drang Valley? Found Saddam in a spider hole? Prevailed over Afghani Dung Beetles in Kandahar? Stood their ground at Thermopylae?  Don’t hold your breath.

Can you trust them with your back?  Trust they won’t fold when outfought, outgunned and outnumbered?

The article asks . . . ‘Why are men still so resistant to ideas of facial decoration? “Well, they’re told to be,” says Glen Jankowski, (insert pejorative . . .Quotation Catamite) lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at Leeds Beckett University. “Despite claims of increasing metrosexuality, gender norms for men are still strong. Analyses of toys marketed to boys, for example, show that the messages are still to be strong, brave and uninvested in your appearance.”’

Right.  Violent Toys. The real problem. Why be “strong, brave and uninvested in your appearance”, when there are so many better limp-wristed alternatives?  Personally, whether you wear make-up, camo paint, or a 1770’s Macaroni Wig —



—I really want you uninvested in your appearance when defending your life, your loved ones and putting a Morlock to spearpoint. When the time comes to skull-crush a hairy-palmed Mr. Hyde, there really isn’t enough time for a sea-weed wrap. Unless you’re strangling him with it.

No, clearly the BBC’s winsome painted lads couldn’t butter their own bread.  Paladin, like the Frenchman in Monty Python and the Holy Grail farts in their general direction, but relies on sterner measures.

These UK Bois are Eloi, passively eating the food provided for them by a race of humans who have nothing but blood, cannibalism and mayhem on their minds. In NYC the Morlocks hunt their prey.  Now, thanks to ever-present street cams—that watch everything but do nothing to interfere (how Eloi is that??)—you can see the gang chase and hunt down a fleeing victim. The Vic might be Morlock himself but ran afoul of tribal law. The only thing missing is the kill shot. Guess there was no camera present.

But maybe it wouldn’t help if there was a camera. The gelded catamites of the Chicago Police Department had all the video in the world and couldn’t bust a butt-boy on their best day, and actually bring him to trial. Fact is, the CPD can’t seem to solve more than 17% of Chicago’s murders.  And who the hell’s fault is that?  Not Jussie Smollett. But the elite, exalted Eloi who think they rule those below them.



Featured photo is The Time Machine by Paul Lowe.  Additional photos are from Wikipedia, CC License and Alpha, Nrol39.



Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies
as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.    

  • Scott says:

    Dammit, against my better judgement, I clicked one of the links above, and now I need eye bleach!

  • parker says:

    This is silly. Yes there are legions of beta/beto boys. But so what? ITSHTF what will they do? They will hide in closets and whimper. Color me neither eloi or morlock, just an American male.

    • Paladin says:

      Point taken. But remember, when SHTF — a lot of these betas can’t decide which way to flip the toggle switch as all the red lights come on across the board. Way, way too many of them are in jobs that effect others. Their contempt for us “just Americans” has morphed into the DMV of our existence.

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