Our Government Leaders Are Killing Us

Our Government Leaders Are Killing Us

Our Government Leaders Are Killing Us

Yesterday a crazy man was shot and killed after he tried to breach the Cincinati FBI field office and then fled the scene.  As I wrote, JUST LAST MONTH, our political discourse has become so overwrought as to drive us crazy, literally.  And in response to the craziness they’ve driven us to, they shoot us.  So yes, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say our government leaders are killing us.  

I have been quick over the years to avoid blaming politicians for the murderous actions of crazy people, but reading yesterday’s headlines about the Ohio man has me re-thinking things.  My first thought upon reading the article was “This blood is on Merrick Garland’s hands…”  From USA Today:

“An armed man was fatally shot by law enforcement after he attempted to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati office and then fled the scene Thursday morning, authorities said.


The suspect attempted to breach the visitor screening facility at around 9 a.m. at the bureau’s field office in Cincinnati, the FBI said in a tweet. Officials said the man was wearing body armor. After an alarm went off and special agents responded, the man fled north onto Interstate 71, where he was pursued by Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers.

The man was armed with a nail gun and AR-15, law enforcement sources told NBC and CNN.”

Of course, all the Usual Suspects are scrambling all over themselves to link the man to the incursion at the White House.  Their readers lap it up and the click bait creates further divisions between us:

A WaPo reader un-ironically claims the REPUBLICANS need to stop their anti-law enforcement rhetoric.  Umm, what??

We spent the entire year of 2020, amid COVID lockdowns, being told by the far-left, that policemen and law enforcement agents are systemically racist and need to be defunded, but somehow this is a right-wing agenda?  I don’t think so and neither does the rest of America.  The actions of politicians in Chicago, Seattle, NYC, Minnesota, etc… are killing their citizens right, left, and center.  As Reason Magazine points out, Democrats don’t trust the police,’ but they do trust the FBI, provided it is targeting Donald Trump:

“Trump and his supporters, who see the Russia investigation as a politically inspired “witch hunt,” like to note the bias illustrated by communications between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, his girlfriend at the time. Yet even Strzok, who called Trump an “idiot” and rooted against him in 2016, was skeptical of the Russian collusion allegations. “I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big ‘there’ there,” he told Page.

It turned out that Strzok’s gut was right, and that experience colored how Trump’s supporters perceived all subsequent allegations against him, even when they were much better-grounded. As Reason‘s Elizabeth Nolan Brown notes, blind loyalty to Trump transforms Republicans from staunch defenders of law enforcement into harsh critics. Meanwhile, Democrats, who historically were more inclined to question the tactics of agencies like the FBI, swallow those doubts when it looks like Trump might finally get the comeuppance they think he richly deserves.”

As a Trump supporter (though, not blindly) I know I am fully done with the FBI.  There is not one shred of “evidence” they can produce out of Mar-a-Lago that won’t be tainted in my eyes.  They have proven themselves to be a fully political arm of the DNC.  Watch as Dan Bongino lays out why this raid might be the last rake they step on.  Oh, who am I kidding, we have years left of this nonsense.  At least until 2024.


I’ll be the first to admit that I blame Merrick Garland for this poor Ohio man’s death.  Yes, the suspect deserved to be shot.  He did all the wrong things.  But I understand his crazy.  I just about lost my mind upon hearing about the raid on Trump’s home on Monday.  The raid was set up not only to find reasons to keep The Donald from running in 2024, but they desperately want us to lose our minds and do crazy $#!%.  They want us to go full insurrection before the 2022 election cycle so that the beleaguered Democrat politicians can run on “saving our democracy” instead of defending their crap policy agenda.

But, as our own Toni Williams, wrote on Wednesday, 2024 is a long way away and we need to keep out powder dry.  Too bad Ricky Shiffer, the Cincinati man who is now dead, didn’t read her piece.  Maybe he’d be alive.  Instead, he fumed at Merrick Garland and felt compelled to make a statement, giving the police cause for killing him.


Featured image: Merrick Garland in 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped, public domain


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  • Dietrich says:

    A Repub Congress-critter should put forth a “Defund the FBI” bill just to force the “Defund the Police” bunch to stand against it.


    If only I believed our republican congress had the stones to do so. Can you say Mitch McConnell??

  • GWB says:

    The man was armed with a nail gun and AR-15
    So, a normal loadout… WAIT, WHUT?! He had a NAIL GUN?
    I guess he wanted a tack driver….

    blind loyalty to Trump
    HUH?! The writer just admitted the Russian collusion thing was bogus, but there’s BLIND loyalty to Trump? I think there’s a blindness here, but it isn’t as much among Trump supporters as it is this writer.

    Democrats, who historically were more inclined to question the tactics of agencies like the FBI
    Really? You mean like during the 0bama years, when the FBI tried every dirty trick in its book to ensure somebody paid for Michael Brown’s death and that it better be a white man? Or during the trials of the policemen in Floyd’s death, where they basically promised civil rights prosecution regardless of what the local jury found? That sort of questioning?

    And I agree with Dietrich: Please, someone with a pair of gonads, put forth a Defund The FBI bill!
    (A similar one would be to remove a lot of somewhat unconstitutional stuff from the FBI, reducing their power. We could call it ‘De-F the FBI’?)

  • CallieCat says:

    A guest on ABC (can’t find his name) said that people who criticize Merritt Garland are anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis, and are only criticizing him because he’s a Jew. Honestly, I had no idea that Garland is Jewish. I don’t remember that ever being mentioned before.

  • Bruce says:


    Someone else has noticed the systematic PROVOCATION that has been going on at LEAST since the days of Janet Reno and Slick Willie.


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