Orrin Hatch Shuts Down Sherrod Brown Original Gangsta Style

Orrin Hatch Shuts Down Sherrod Brown Original Gangsta Style

Orrin Hatch Shuts Down Sherrod Brown Original Gangsta Style

There was a disturbance in the Force that is the United States Senate yesterday. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) raised his voice and used ungentlemanly language. I, for one, have never been a fan of the Senior Senator from the great state of Utah. When one is thinking smashmouth politics, when one is thinking verbal pugilism, one does not think Orrin Hatch. That is, until last night. Last night, that pimple on the backside of humanity, Sherrod Brown (Swampslime-OH) pushed the courtly Hatch to his breaking point over taxes and Hatch responded, “Bullcrap.” Dayum, dude.

Sherrod Brown, Senator from Ohio and Pimple on the Backside of Humanity

I was awakened this morning by this soundbite on Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh (Peace be upon him) featured it on his radio program. In case you have not heard or seen it yet, behold the beauty of Orrin unleashed:

Yeah, I didn’t watch the whole thing either. Brian Williams and Eugene Robinson are enough to make one scrape out one’s brain with a grapefruit spoon. Orrin Hatch made me weep tears of joy. Suddenly, I am an Orrin Hatch fangirl.

Senator Orrin Hatch discovered his spine and became dreamy. Original Gangster.
Me, the fangirl, after watching Orrin Hatch.

All of a sudden the 83 year old Hatch became virile and dreamy over taxes. The above-it-all air of the Senators and the reach-across-the-aisle thing never really worked for me. Orrin Hatch was bff’s with Ted Kennedy. The Senate has fits of terror because Judge Roy Moore had a thing for teenager girls decades ago. Ted Kennedy allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to drown and that is just peachy keen, cool and groovy with his fellow Senators.

But last night, Orrin got his groove. Perhaps, Orrin got his groove for the first time. Perhaps, it was the nasty snide little smirk on the face of the PITA Brown. Sherrod Brown has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in Russian Studies. He has degrees in education and public administration, as well as a law degree. I would venture a guess that he doesn’t have a background in economics. Brown clearly has no (0) understanding of basic economics and, worse than that, according to his biography, he is “committed to social and economic justice.” Oh, and his biography has lots of “fought for,” “fighting for,” and “working for” in it. Side note to all elected officials: Please stop fighting and working for the people, you are really mucking it up, badly.

Now, I don’t know whether the tax bill is good or bad. I suspect it sucks, because it was written by lawyers and raises taxes on the wealthy (farmers, business owners, job creators). Sucks, by the way, is a technical financial term.

I am as sick to death, as Orrin Hatch, of Democrats like Sherrod Brown bellowing that Republicans want to hurt the poor and help the rich. I am especially sick to death of those who have such hatred in their hearts as Mr. Brown and are ignorant of basic laws of economics.

Last night, Orrin Hatch gave an “oops, upside the head” of Sherrod Brown and scored one for all of us in America who do not feel our voices are being heard. Senator Orrin Hatch, Original Gangster.

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  • Brian Swisher says:

    What is a Sherrod Brown? I have heard of an Orrin Hatch. He was a Senator decades ago, during my youth. Is he still a thing?

  • californio says:

    Sen. Brown would of course support taxing the huge Yale endowment.

  • mac says:

    Brown deserves horsewhipping followed by hot tar and feathers. Few Dems don’t.

  • Theo Moore says:

    I question that Teddy Kennedy ‘allowed’ Mary Jo to die. The turnoff is quite abrupt and the suspicion in my mind is that it may have been deliberate. As in: “Teddy, what would you do if I told you I was pregnant?” Teddy: “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

    Mary Jo was pregnant when she died.

    • John Olson says:

      You claim she was pregnant at death. Unless you can provide some evidence for this, you’re just supposing something you can’t possibly know.

  • Tom Bowler says:

    The deep partisan split in our country is the fruit of identity politics. When Sherrod Brown accused Orin Hatch of supporting tax policy that favors the rich, he was actually attacking Hatch personally, and Hatch responded appropriately. Brown was accusing Hatch of being disingenuous, of having ulterior motives, of being callous towards the poor, and finally of allowing personal greed to dictate his politics.

    All Democrat hot button issues are selected, even structured, to provide occasion for making such personal attacks. Republicans opposed to open borders are xenophobic and racist. Fearful of terrorists attack? You’re an Islamophobe. Anyone who disagrees with Democrats is racist, sexist, homophobe, you name it.

    It’s encouraging that some Republicans, besides Trump, are beginning to get it.

  • C T says:

    Hatch is one of the most humble politicians I’ve ever met. I was very rude to him once, and he responded with more grace than I’ve seen since in anyone. If he said, “Bullcrap,” then it was.

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