Omarosa Cries Crocodile Tears On “Celebrity Big Brother” [VIDEOS]

Omarosa Cries Crocodile Tears On “Celebrity Big Brother” [VIDEOS]

Omarosa Cries Crocodile Tears On “Celebrity Big Brother” [VIDEOS]

Omarosa has jumped the shark a number of times at this point in her life, but I honestly did not expect her to top her expletive-laden removal from the White House late last year. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was incorrect! On Celebrity Big Brother’s first episode of the season, Omarosa broke down into crocodile tears while describing her time in the Trump Administration.

She described her time in the White House to her housemate Ross Matthews while breaking into tears.  She claimed she was “haunted by Tweets” during her tenure in the Administration and cried while explaining how “bad” everything is. Check out the video below and decide for yourself whether she is worthy of sympathy.


Personally, I think that the only thing that is “so bad” here is Mrs Manigault Newman’s acting. This is a woman who has been after fame since the first time she met Donald Trump on the first season of his reality show The Apprentice in 2004. She rose to reality television notoriety as “the woman everyone loved to hate” for her shrewd, backstabbing tactics on the show. Even then Omarosa whined that producers on the show edited it to make her look more like a villain. She was fired in the ninth week of the show.

Omarosa resurfaced in 2008 when she was invited back to appear on Celebrity Apprentice, where she led a project on a team that suffered what Trump described as “the biggest slaughter in the history of The Apprentice“. Trump and Omarosa collaborated on and off from 2008-2013 on various television projects. Thankfully after 2013, she faded from public life oh so briefly.


Then in July of 2016 Trump tapped her to be the Director of African-American Outreach for his Presidential campaign. In November of 2016, just after the election, she appeared on ABC News and told us all that we would be “bowing down to President Trump”. Seems her view has changed in light of her more recent experiences. Omarosa has a long past of being fired it seems. Not only was she fired three times on the Apprentice, she had been fired by a prior Administration from yet another White House position. From a 2004 blog post on

“At her first White House gig, answering invitations received by Vice President Al Gore, “she didn’t do her job, and it got everybody in trouble,” says a former Gore staffer.”

After being dismissed from the Clinton White House, she moved on and ended up going to the Commerce Department, where she was also fired.


Well, as White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah explained in the clip above, now she has been fired by Trump a fourth time. So, when we see her crying on Matthew’s shoulder on Celebrity Big Brother we can take her tears in context. This is a woman who frankly, we should pity. She has shown herself to be unable to rise to the occasion and fulfil a role more meaningful than media favourite. She is shallow and, as President Trump would say, #Sad. Finally, I would like to echo ABC anchor Robin Robert’s sentiment as she signed off from an interview with Omarosa late last year: #ByeFelicia

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  • Blackgriffin says:

    I don’t understand why she was working for his administration to begin with. Trump needs to seriously re-think his criteria for selecting administrative staff. The executive branch of the federal government is not a reality show and it’s not a business, it’s running a country. A whole other set of standards should be used.

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