Noname Does Not Want To Perform For White Crowds

Noname Does Not Want To Perform For White Crowds

Noname Does Not Want To Perform For White Crowds

Hip Hop and Rap is everywhere in our culture. Now, there is one less female rapper taking a break from the game. Noname has made the announcement that she will be taking a break from performing shows and making music. Why? Because she feels her audience is too white.

Because all white people are racist, or something:

Not only does she not want white people at her performances or purchasing her albums, she also wants to abolish Capitalism:

And just for your information, this is what white (wanna-be) rappers and some of our kids listen to. Behold, Noname’s creative musings:

Do you hear me man?
Do you understand? I am Black
I’m a nigga, do you understand me?
I was born black, I live black,
and I’mma die probably because I’m black,
because some cracker that knows
I’m black better than you, nigga,
is probably gonna put a bullet in the back of my head”-Noname, Blaxploitation

Noname, born Fatimah Nyeema Warner in Chicago, and seems to think white people have an unrealistic fear of black people. she has now put her foot down and claims that she “does not want to dance on stage for white people anymore”. Noname also seems to be a bit envious of her rapper counterparts, citing that they have less white people at their shows than she does. She does not like this “inequality”.

I mean, life is so unfair. Noname as a young girl, was raised by her grandparents and grew up on the streets of Chicago. She was recognized as a talented poet who made the acquaintances of a few popular Chicago rap artists and got thrown into the rap game to only see-GASP-white people-in the crowds at her shows! The absolute horror! White people paying for album downloads and concert tickets is equated to “$hitting on her”. Hey, if I could have people “$hitting” on me by throwing a few Benjamins my way to watch me from a few f bombs and dance on stage, sign me up!

Instead of looking at perhaps why the streets of Chicago are so violent, Noname, the “poet” (I personally love some of these self-proclaimed, pretentious writers of “poetry”), is tired of formulating acts and albums to only find a large number of white people in her audiences. She is oppressed, you see. She will do her “two shows on the books” and then look for a more “fulfilling” career. She sees her move as a brave one, stating that most black performers are also uncomfortable playing for white crowds but will do it out of allegiance to the almighty dollar. So, she is basically calling out her counterparts on their “hypocrisy”. She also stated that she was tired of whites getting her work “for free”. But, she’s anti-Capitalist at the same time.

This tale goes on to illustrate the growing divide. Instead of Americans being free to enjoy whatever music they choose to turn up, they are now being told that their musical preferences should correspond to the race to which they belong. At least this is the world according to Noname. As a white girl, I apparently am no longer allowed to lift weights at my gym whilst (censored) versions of Missy Elliott and Lizzo blare on the stereo system. Must let the white-girl coaches at my establishment know this. White music only. Really? Where would the rappers of today (like Noname) be if it weren’t for the Blues, Do-wop and the Motown Sound? Do you think these artists cared and counted the black members of their audiences versus the white attendees? Sadly, segregation may have been a part of these audiences back in the day but do you think they cared about who bought their albums? Does Noname think that at some point in time, perhaps the sales of their albums to white people helped these artists and members of their communities?

Instead of being thankful for a platform and that perhaps white people are listening, Noname gives allegiance to anti-capitalism and segregation. Be careful what you wish for, Fatimah.

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  • Scott says:

    She is sadly a perfect example of an uneducated inner city black. They’ve been lied to for so long be democrats that they actually believe this tripe. Add in the “raised by her grandparents”, I’m betting that she sends fathers day cards addressed to entire neighborhoods, since she (along with her mom) likely have no clue who her dad is, and obviously her mother was unfit to raise a child and / or decided she had better things to do.. Seems she is emblematic of the problems created by leftists…

  • Anchovy says:

    My white 74 year old male self is devastated if I can not listen to her rap songs. Guess I will go wash my BMW in frustration.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Sad. Music desegregated fairly early, because musicians cared less about someone’s skin color and more about their chops.
    It’s also sad that some black folks are desiring a better funded version of Jim Crow.

    • Clyde H Stanley says:

      Give the lady what she wants…dump her ugliness and return to the beauty, brains, and creativity of classic Motown, Stax, and Blues.

  • Rdm says:

    I am sure we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement where you don’t ‘perform’ for me and I don’t listen to you, ‘lady’.

  • GWB says:

    who would rather shit on me
    There’s a kink for that………

    All my fellow average americans
    As George Carlin once said, “The average person you meet is a moron, and half of all people are dumber than that.” (from memory)

    I’mma die probably because I’m black
    Well, actually, you’re going to die (no “probably”) because you’re alive. No racism here, just life.

    She was recognized as a talented poet
    Sadly, today, “poet” has a very broooooooooooooad definition nowadays.

    then look for a more “fulfilling” career
    Well, that actually IS a brave move. It means she might have to actually work for a living.

    she was tired of whites getting her work “for free”
    How much you want to bet that she’s downloaded plenty of “free” music that was bootlegged?

    they are now being told…
    That everything is political. Everything is racial.
    THIS is why we can’t have nice things.

    segregation may have been a part of these audiences back in the day
    Yes, there was. It’s why Holliday went to Europe.
    But, as Scott points out, people wanting to hear great music and see great dancers (and other performers) helped to propagate the first cracks in the segregation system. (Along with the military.)

    Look, miss Noname (btw, is that “no name” or “no-nah-may”?), you’re welcome to be as racist as you wanna be. Be a “nigga” if you like. But don’t look at me and claim racism is why you’re not succeeding or why people look down on you. No, it’s entirely your adopted thug culture. It’s not racism that has people saying “Pull your damn pants up”; it’s the fact that civilized people don’t wave their underwear in everyone’s faces (I’m looking at you, too, Madonna). We’re all more than happy to let you go your way. Just don’t go loudly, please.

  • SFC D says:

    Never heard of her. Never heard her. And now I never will hear her. Strange, but I have absolutely no feeling of loss. Just another “famous” person sacrificing themselves on the altar of “woke”. What say you, Kaepernick?

  • Mark Jaeger says:

    Noname? Nobrains & Notalent.

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