NO, Vice President Pence’s National Anthem Walkout Was NOT A Stunt [VIDEO]

NO, Vice President Pence’s National Anthem Walkout Was NOT A Stunt [VIDEO]

NO, Vice President Pence’s National Anthem Walkout Was NOT A Stunt [VIDEO]

We are moving into Week 5 of the NFL letting players virtue signal by kneeling or pumping fists in the air during our National Anthem in blatant disrespect of all this Republic stands for.

Yesterday Vice President and Mrs. Pence attended the Indianapolis Colt’s game, but then walked out after a bunch of San Francisco 49’ers took a knee during the National Anthem. Deanna wrote about the immediate reaction here.

The media wonks went into hysterics about the cost for this little detour and are convinced that this was nothing more than a stunt. Patterico, a blogger I’ve followed for a very long time, had this to say.

This was nothing more than a stunt. A premeditated and incredibly cynical stunt. I was going to call it a “cheap stunt” — but that would be wildly inaccurate, because it actually cost the taxpayers quite a lot of money. Consider: Pence had just been in Las Vegas, and his next stop was Los Angeles, a short plane flight west — but he instead flew all the back to Indianapolis for this photo op, taking his entourage and his security detail with him. The streets doubtless had to be blocked off for his motorcade. I’m quite sure special security precautions were taken for the Vice President of the United States. And all along, he planned to engage in a tawdry, pre-planned sham performance — with all the expense that entails — just to get people embroiled in a cynical culture war.

No. I disagree. You see, at halftime of the Colt’s game, a very special ceremony was planned. That ceremony was the retirement of Peyton Manning’s No. 18 jersey, and his induction into the Ring of Honor. For those who don’t know, Peyton Manning IS the Indianapolis Colts, is Tennessee, and is the Denver Broncos. He is CLASS through and through. 

So, it’s understandable that Vice President and Mrs. Pence are huge fans. They’ve been to many games, including several during last year’s hectic campaign schedule, and attended the Super Bowl.

They were at yesterday’s game because they too wanted to cheer on one of their favorite players!

Given the fact that NFL fans are making their displeasure known in regards to the NLF PLAYERS disrespectful stunts, one would hope that the players would’ve decided it’s classier to stand in honor of their country instead of kneeling. BUT NOOOOO…they just had to add to their stupidity. Thus, the Vice President had no choice but to leave.

Was this a stunt? Was this a zing on the taxpayers as a way to get people embroiled in a cynical culture war? NOPE. Want to compare notes on who cost taxpayers how much to attend pro sports events? We could go into the weeds about Biden, Obama, and others all damn day! Ok, so it wasn’t the taxpayer cost, it was systemic oppression??!!

Sorry Eric Reid and Patterico, the only stunts that happened yesterday were the childish stunts enacted by NFL players.

By the way, this game has been on the Vice President’s schedule for WEEKS. Why? Peyton Manning’s jersey retirement!!

He had been planning since at least early September to attend the Colts game and see Manning’s number retired at half time. The Associated Press regularly updates his schedule and earlier this weekend they posted it yet again.

Having been in a stadium where Peyton Manning has led his team to victory, I can completely understand wanting to be there for such a special occasion.

I can also understand the hope that class, honor, and respect would win out over virtue signaling stunts from NFL players. But that didn’t happen.

Because certain NFL players couldn’t put aside their childish games, this is what Vice President and Mrs. Pence missed.

They also didn’t get to see this bit of fun.

Nor this:

Vice President and Mrs. Pence did the right thing by leaving. If they had stayed, far too many would’ve assumed that Vice President and Mrs. Pence believe kneeling against our Anthem and this Republic is ok, when it isn’t and never will be. The only “STUNTS” that took place yesterday were on the San Francisco 49er sidelines.

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  • wyldkat says:

    “Peyton Manning IS the Indianapolis Colts, is Tennessee, and is the Denver Broncos. He is CLASS through and through.”

    Yes, he is. I envy you have been able to see him play in person. I have only followed him from UT to Denver via broadcast games.

  • Amanda Green says:

    Funny how the media completely ignored the real reason why he was there.

  • Dawn says:

    Mrs. Pence was wearing a Manning jersey, too. VP Pence made the right decision to leave the venue. Cannot begin to imagine the smuggness of the media had they stayed. MAGA!

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