NJ Mayor Candidate Caught on Tape Making Racist Remarks: Thank God the Left Taught Me How to Handle This

NJ Mayor Candidate Caught on Tape Making Racist Remarks: Thank God the Left Taught Me How to Handle This

This is what I call serendipitous: A voicemail recording, made some time back, that caught a New Jersey city councilwoman and mayoral candidate yelling racial remarks in the background has suddenly been made public.

Marie Strumolo-Burke, a Democrat, was heard yelling in the background of the voicemail (left on Councilman Kevin Kennedy’s answering machine) that “This is terrible!  This is terrible! This is gonna be a f—-g nigger town!”  Strumolo-Burke denied that the voice heard was hers, but a Michigan forensics lab, paid for by concerned citizens, performed an analysis and reported that there was an 85% chance that the voice was, in fact, Strumolo-Burke.

I call this serendipitous not because I think it’s great when obese women with big hair use the N-word but because I’m glad that the standard has just been set for this sort of thing.  Because of Donald Sterling, I now know how these types of situations are supposed to be handled.  Having a conversation recorded without your knowledge, in which you say racist-type things, is worth a lifetime banning from whatever it is you do for a living.  Therefore, I fully expect that the Left will storm en masse outside her office.  I expect people from all over to come out publicly condemning her remarks.  I expect the President to comment on it while he is spreading his agenda in foreign lands.  I expect liberals to band together in their unanimous outrage for this woman, who said far worse than anything Donald Sterling ever did—and did so while acting in a public office.  She should naturally be banned for life from politics, right?  She should be run out on a rail.  Tarred and feathered.  Maybe even burned at the stake.

Should I hold my breath?  Make popcorn?  Obviously the Left, who stands for racial and social justice, would never tolerate this kind of behavior.  Right?

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  • Xavier says:

    Dems have to pass rigorous net worth qualifications before being considered for persecution by the BGI.

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