The New York Times is Imploding on Itself And It’s More Delicious Than Leftover Turkey

The New York Times is Imploding on Itself And It’s More Delicious Than Leftover Turkey

The New York Times is Imploding on Itself And It’s More Delicious Than Leftover Turkey

Between normalizing “the nazi next door” and ten year-old boys wearing makeup, I am beginning to think the editors and journalists at The New York Times are eating way too many holiday disco biscuits. First, NYT profiles Ohio native, Tony Hovater, in their piece “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland” in which Hovater, a self-proclaimed Nazi-sympathizer, talked about married life and having a family whilst eating wings at Applebee’s and making “casually approving remarks” about Adolf Hitler. Then, they provide an “edgy” view on boys in makeup. Darleen highlighted this piece here. But that wasn’t all. The NYT issued yet another gem in their Opinion section this weekend entitled, “The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido”.

Subscriptions were canceled even though this was not the first time The New York Times made mention of Hitler:

And, apparently, this ten year-old boy is taking Instagram by storm (and his mother is where?!):

But the Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido?! This was the Cool Whip to my pecan pie today (and further proof that the folks at the New York Times are off their rockers).

“A healthy sexual existence requires a continuing education, and men have the opposite. There is sex education for boys, but once you leave school the traditional demands on masculinity return: show no vulnerability, solve your own problems. Men deal with their nature alone, and apart. Ignorance and misprision are the norms.

Which is how we wind up where we are today: having a public conversation about male sexual misbehavior, while barely touching on the nature of men and sex. The (very few) prominent men who are speaking up now basically just insist that men need to be better feminists — as if the past few weeks have not amply demonstrated that the ideologies of men are irrelevant.”-Stephen Marche, The New York Times

You can read the whole piece here.

Men need to be better feminists?! Is this guy for real? And, seriously, has he sat around and chewed the cud with a bunch of “feminists” as of late? I would love to be a fly on the wall when those conversations go down!

In light of the sexual misbehavior that Marche claims to be the product of a “lack of continuing education” when kids leave schools and men being “bad feminists”, I would beg to differ that there are other reasons why we are at this juncture today. For one, there’s a little thing called respect that is taken completely out of the sexual equation. Sure, boys have sex education and girls do, too. But once these kids leave school, boys in this case, they are not left in the woods to fend for themselves, “alone and apart”, as Marche claims. They go on to their families and either their families discuss sexual norms with them and what this all means or they refrain and these kids are left to their own devices on the Internet, television, music that refers to women as “bitches” or “hoes” and video games that allow them to steal cars and solicit prostitutes at the same time. Perhaps a young man’s father watches porn and a child gets a hold of his collection. Perhaps the male in the household is disrespectful to the mother figure on a daily basis. All of these behaviors are far more instrumental in dictating an unhealthy sexual existence and a man’s propensity to sexually violate a woman. Marche has this wrong. It is not the school’s responsibility to educate boys. Nor is it the government’s job to do so. This molding, this shaping, ultimately takes place in the home and there are decent men out there who don’t want their kids to turn out to be scumbags like Harvey Weinstein.

“If you want to be a civilized man, you have to consider what you are. Pretending to be something else, some fiction you would prefer to be, cannot help. It is not morality but culture — accepting our monstrosity, reckoning with it — that can save us. If anything can.”-Stephen Marche

Hear that, guys? You are all monsters. You pretend to be caretakers, breadwinners, protectors, devoted husbands and fathers, responsible, hard-working human beings but this is all fiction to make yourselves feel better. Check that libido at the door!

There you have it, folks. The New York Times. Equating nazi sympathizers with Conservative, blue-collar, middle America because Conservative, blue-collar America equates with hate and therefore anybody can be a nazi (yeah, we caught that), normalizing little boys in make-up (which, of course, would not appeal to any readers who may be in their pedophile demographic) and offering tips on male castration. Who-eee! They really need to lay off the spiked Eggnog over there.

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  • Timmy says:

    There has been war on men for 50 years.

  • Dana says:

    The article on Tony Hovater managed to upset the readers to no end, because they portrayed him as a human being, and didn’t depict him with horns and cloven hooves. The left like to think of their political opponents as something other than human — kind of like der Führer once did — and that upsets the leftist meme.

  • David says:

    Accepting the monstrosity of men is only reasonable if we also accept the monstrosity of women. We are all sinners and accepting that is the first step toward redemption. But claiming that one sex has the mark of Cain and the other is without a trace of original sin is, in itself, monstrous. More than that, it is a lie, which is far worse.

  • Jonathan says:

    Well, it goes to show what I have feared for years:
    Men are guilty until proven feminist.

  • Uncle Bad Word says:

    Breathtaking thought patterns beaming out from the NYT – rocks you back on your heels and sends you back to basics. Let’s see:

    The assertion of female rights into the polity in the early part of the 20th century paralleled the rise of the totalitarian state, that at its best functions as a strict schoolmarm that will throw the misbegotten into detention at the slightest deviation from absolute, abiding order. Check

    In contrast, the previous millennia of female subservience to the male was marked by chronic warfare that reached its catharsis in the mega-death of WWI and after which all hope of advancing western civilization went forever into amber. Check.

    Now comes the final solution, courtesy of the NYT thought masters in a grand mal stroke of insight. It serves up also a frisson of Hitlerian nostalgia, oh yes, You see, the logical conclusion, the formed reality of NYT dot connecting, must be, and of course it is: mass suicide.

    Let’s go, monsters. If you’re not part of the grave, you’re part of the problem – ah but first, play for me one last time that sentimental tune by Metallica…Kill ’em all….that’s it. Ah. Anyone else for death by enema?

  • Callawyn says:

    “Opinion: If you let boys be boys, they will murder their fathers and sleep with their mothers”

    Beyond Parody.

    If you were a writer for The Onion, how would you make fun of that?? Its far crazier than any parody that you could possibly come up with.

  • Brian says:

    Marche is one of my kind – a Canadian. He has long been addicted to groupthink. No inanity is too grotesque for his nimble mind.

  • cgage says:

    If you want to be a civilized man, you have to consider what you are. Pretending to be something else, some fiction you would prefer to be, cannot help. It is not morality but culture — accepting our monstrosity, reckoning with it — that can save us.

    Unless you want to pretend to be a woman.

  • A couple of months ago, some other commentator opined that the Times and other organs of the Legacy Media had decided, since their scope had ceased to expand, to fortify their grip on the subscribers and readers still loyal to them. It seemed plausible at the time…but these recent emissions from the Times compel me to ask: Just who do they think their loyal subscribers and readers ARE?

  • SDN says:

    The NYT drooled over Nazis and gave Walter Duranty a Pulitzer for covering up Stalin’s murders. Never let it be said they didn’t support all forms of Socialism.

  • TxDan says:

    Quantum philosophical duality. Rousseau was right and wrong at the same time, because shut up xhe explained.

  • werewife says:

    Oh, for the Love of Life Orchestra, we’ve heard this song for years. Men are dysfunctional in as far as they do not resemble women. As my late grandmother would exclaim, “Genug!”

  • Tom22ndState says:

    Great post Ms Carr, I enjoyed your ridicule of this word mush which is all too typical. All these beta male liberals were all too happy to embrace the sexual revolution. Now that men and women were equal the betas (who had no honor, chivalry, or balls) could run amok disrespecting and otherwise degrading the experience for all.

    Add to that dysfunctional mess the scourge of 3rd wave feminism. Wemenz that didn’t need or want gentlemen to court, they meant to take advantage of men much as they had imagined they had been used.

    Interesting times we live in.

  • Bandit says:

    Hey it’s a private commercial enterprise. I support their right to publish all the insane and inane stories and opinions they want. They just won’t be getting nickel from me.

  • Ankylus says:

    Actually, many of the social norms and mores that the left has spent years stomping into oblivion were precisely aimed at checking the male libido within a cultural and civilizational context.This is actually all on the political left.

  • T. Hazlewood says:

    Well, you can’t justify the camps unless the opposition is untermenschen. No doubt the NYT will be identifying those unworthy by their ‘dance of the low-sloping foreheads’. Oh, wait, they’ve already done that!

  • Larry says:

    Men are not monsters, but we are all sinners. There is the possibility to do evil in all of us. That is what must be restrained and/or sublimated.

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