New York City Using Drones To Monitor Labor Day Festivities

New York City Using Drones To Monitor Labor Day Festivities

New York City Using Drones To Monitor Labor Day Festivities

New York City,  you might be on camera if you are outside during this three-day weekend enjoying local festivities. The New York City Police Department will use drones to monitor Labor Day festivities. So, if you are outside, be sure to look up and smile; you may be on camera!

If you plan any party or do what freedom-loving American citizens usually do on a three-day weekend in closing out summertime with a blowout, keep an eye on the sky because a drone might be visiting you.

Especially in Brooklyn and especially if you participate in the West Indian American Day celebrations.

New York City’s Labor Day revelry will have a new noise this year as the Police Department plans to deploy the remote-controlled, camera-equipped aircraft to monitor large gatherings — even backyard parties — connected to West Indian American Day celebrations in Brooklyn. – The New York Times

Well, I guess desperate times call or desperate measures? No, this is just wrong. People will argue, “Well, if you’re not doing anything wrong, then you won’t have anything to worry about.” And that type of mentality is ridiculous-think. You might ask Robert Julian-Borchak Williams what a faulty system looks and feels like.

While the NYPD says their drones do not have facial recognition, they will have a message for you if you are too loud. They say the drones will be used to disburse or quiet down noisy crowds with a recorded message blaring from the drone.

The New York City police department plans to pilot the unmanned aircrafts in response to complaints about large gatherings, including private events, over Labor Day weekend, officials announced Thursday. – NBC New York

This is not exactly a new approach from the NYPD. They have used these privacy-invasive tactics for 4 – 5 years during large parades or events like New Year’s Eve or 4th of July, anywhere or type of event where large crowds will gather.

And, of course, Mayor Adams says your concerns are overblown. Authorities and experts tell us that they’ve always used some sort of aviation observation, like helicopters that can be very expensive to deploy. And with the shortage of police officers on foot, deploying drones can be cheaper and quicker.

You Paranoid Q-Anon Buffoon!

Mayor Adam insists you are being stupid for thinking the NYPD is spying on you!

“We have to push back on the sci-fi aspects of drones,” Mayor Eric Adams said in a news conference Friday. “No one’s going to be monitoring what you’re talking about, your conversation.” NYT

Don’t you see how paranoid you are for thinking law enforcement might be violating your privacy? And if you are for this type of surveillance, considering this is not a big deal? Shame on you.

People who think this is no big deal are why we are where we are today. Keep giving up those liberties so you won’t be afraid anymore. People will give up their rights when they are scared, and our federal and state governments know this fact now, especially after 2020.

Keep giving an inch and see where you are in a few years.

Feature Image: Marco Verch Professional Photographer/Flickr/Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Hate_me says:

    Grab your kids, take a quick trip to the local electronics store, and teach them how to build a signal jammer – you protect your privacy and educate your children in both STEM and civics in a way modern schools no longer can. Also, teach them about the legal ramifications and civil disobedience.

    • Lt.MikeEdwards says:

      That’s illegal, and could cause harmful interference to legitimate services.

      However, a bunch of clear helium filled balloons on long lines made of monofilament fishing line….

      We could call them Brooklyn Barrage Balloons.

      • Hate_me says:

        Illegal, yes; still better than allowing a surveillance state.

        The risks to legitimate services are there and should be considered – but those risks can be mitigated.

      • Hate_me says:

        I like the monofilament balloons idea – but I would be very surprised if NYC doesn’t already have myriad laws that would be applied against such an item.

    • Cameron says:

      Shouldn’t that already be taught? After all, that’s the sign of a good parent.

      • Hate_me says:

        The requisite skillset/knowledge should be taught, but rarely is.

        More, this offers a real-world practical exercise of the ethical application of such.

  • therealguyfaux says:

    In the immediate area of the West Indian Parade, held in Brooklyn every Labor Day, there usually are reports of violence, sometimes fatal. So, within at least a few blocks of the parade route, starting a couple of hours before the start and ending a couple of hours afterwards, it might make sense to employ drones. But the way it’s been reported, that there will be drones looking for loud backyard parties all over the city all weekend, is what the hullabaloo is all about.

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