New Venezuelan Migrant Policy is a Gimmick

New Venezuelan Migrant Policy is a Gimmick

New Venezuelan Migrant Policy is a Gimmick

Who saw this coming? The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that they will expel thousands of Venezuelan migrants back to Mexico. Kind of like what Trump did with his “Remain in Mexico” policy, right?

Hold on, you might say. Isn’t this the same president who has refused to secure the border, and who ended the Remain in Mexico policy? Yes, indeed. Not only that, but the administration is also enforcing Title 42, a Trump-era pandemic policy, even though the “pandemic is over,” as Biden recently told a reporter. So why the sudden change, even if it’s only for Venezuelans?


Changes For Venezuelan Migrants

Up until this point, most of the migrants coming from Venezuela who have arrived in the US have not been sent back. Instead, they’ve been screened, released in the country, and expected to appear in immigration court. They also are supposed to apply for asylum.

Bill Melugin, Fox News’s man-at-the border, tweeted this:

So now the administration is enforcing the following rules for Venezuelan migrants:

  • They must have people in the United States that will guarantee financial and other support;
  • They must pass national security vetting;
  • And, they must complete vaccinations and other health requirements.

They also established criteria that would make migrants ineligible for entry, such as prior removal from the US, or crossing illegally after the announcement of the new policy.

With these new restrictions, the Biden administration is limiting the number of Venezuelans to a maximum of 24,000. They also hope that these people will apply remotely and fly into the US, rather than trek to the border.

However, this sudden DHS announcement might not have the effect the Biden administration is anticipating. Instead, illegals may just work harder to evade capture, with cartels and traffickers more than happy to oblige.


Venezuelan Migrant Policy is a Hail Mary

This new policy may be a huge shift in the way the administration is handling illegal migrants, but don’t believe for a second that they’ve seen the error of their ways. Instead this is a Hail Mary pass.

Biden and the Democrats know that the midterm elections are upon them. They know that Americans, by a strong majority, think that the country is headed in the wrong direction. They also know that Joe Biden has dismal job approval ratings with his handling of immigration.

Not only that, but American parents worry about their kids dying from the fentanyl flowing across the southern border. And now, with Halloween approaching, they also fear the rainbow fentanyl pills that could end up in their children’s hands. Experts from the Drug Enforcement Agency insist that it’s not really a threat; however, recently 15000 of these rainbow pills were found inside a Lego box.

Whether rainbow fentanyl is a true threat or not doesn’t matter. What matters are the optics, and if parents believe that their kids are in danger from drugs flowing across the border, that’s what counts. Americans will blame the danger on Joe Biden and his administration.

So out of desperation for Democrat survival in the midterms, the administration created a new policy to restrict some migrants. Hey look, we’re doing something! 


The DHS Hopes You Don’t See This

But there’s more behind this recent change of heart by Joe Biden and Co. They’re also hoping you don’t learn the ugly truth about the DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the border guard hoax from last year.

You’ll recall the sensational tale from last year when Mayorkas accused Border Patrol agents of “whipping” Haitian illegals who were trying to cross into the United States. He appeared before a Senate committee promising to get to the bottom of the incident. It was horrible and unacceptable, he intoned.

Not only that, but Joe Biden commented, too, telling reporters:

“It was horrible what you see, what you saw — to see people treated like they did, with horses nearly running them over and people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay.”

However, the day after this kerfuffle broke, the photographer said he never saw border agents whip anyone. They were swinging their reins to control their horses.

So four days later, Mayorkas backed off, claiming that “I made the statements without having seen the images.”

And that was another lie. Because hours before the DHS released their new migrant restriction policy on Wednesday, an email was revealed which showed that Mayorkas did indeed know that the border patrols didn’t whip anyone. Yet he continued with the fiction during a press conference some two and one-half hours later.

Once again, Bill Melugin brought the receipts.

Venezuelan migrants/screenshot

Screenshot: @BillFOXLA/Twitter.

Melugin further explained about the email, which the Heritage Foundation obtained through a FOIA request:

“The email was sent to Mayorkas and other DHS officials by Marsha Espinosa, assistant secretary of public affairs for DHS. It was sent hours after President Biden falsely accused the agents of “strapping” migrants and promised they would “pay”, and hours before Mayorkas’ presser.”

As a result, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said that Mayorkas could be impeached for his lies about the border patrol agents, adding that “Those agents should be exonerated immediately.”

No wonder the Biden administration has changed their border policy, starting with Venezuelan illegals. Americans find Joe Biden’s open borders gig to be a failure. They see that his DHS secretary is a liar. So the administration is pushing a new gimmick, hoping you’ll give the Democrats a pass when you vote in the midterms.


Featured image: qbac07/flickr/cropped/CC BY-NC 2.0.


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