Nancy Pelosi Repeats the ‘Crumbs’ Comment, Here’s Why

Nancy Pelosi Repeats the ‘Crumbs’ Comment, Here’s Why

Nancy Pelosi Repeats the ‘Crumbs’ Comment, Here’s Why

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been, for years, a tone deaf partisan hack. Mrs. Pelosi says absurd things and uses odd hand gestures that often don’t match her body language. San Fran Nan is an odd duck. Her face is too tightly pulled (not botox, I know, trust me) from overdone plastic surgery andshe looks more like the headmistress of a posh girls’ finishing school than the cut throat politician that she is. None of this explains her repetition of the highly offensive “crumbs” comment regarding the bonuses workers are receiving thanks to the Republican-only passed tax reform. Why is she repeating “crumbs”?

Even her explanations seem odd and bury her even further. So, why?

Nancy Pelosi at age 20 with President John F. Kennedy at his Inaugural Ball.

Nancy Pelosi’s father was an old-fashioned Democrat politician and mayor of Baltimore. According to U.S. News and World Report:

Pelosi learned the art of politics from her father, a practitioner of old-school politics. To practice her penmanship, “Little Nancy” was in charge of the book in which her New Deal father kept track of favors done and owed.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is a San Francisco real estate developer, financier, and businessman. While Nancy Pelosi is only the 15th richest member of Congress, she and her husband are worth 29.3 million dollars.

Now that you know that background, let me explain why I think she keeps repeating “crumbs.”

I was purging my closet today and listening to a discussion on television about Nancy Pelosi and “crumbs.” The panel was discussing the fact that Mrs. Pelosi is wealthy and out of touch. And I thought, no that just doesn’t quite explain it. I know wealthy people who pinch pennies until Lincoln screams. There are rich people out there who value their money because they had to work hard for it. The value of their money represents time spent working hard, flying all over the world, maybe missing family events. Rich doesn’t explain why anyone would think $1000 is crumbs.

Her explanation of the middle class as mice and the wealthy as fat cats ready to pounce gives us clues, but what was I missing?

Then, it hit me. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) doesn’t respect money. That’s important. She doesn’t respect money.

Representative Pelosi learned as a child, from her father, about favors. Trading favors. She kept the book for her dad. The book of “favors done and favors owed.” Baltimore politics is not fought according to the Marquess of Queensbury rules. Baltimore politics is bare-knuckle, last man standing brawling. That is what “Little Nancy” values.

Nancy Pelosi is known as a prolific fund raiser. The money she raises is probably meaningless to her. What she sees is a room full of “favors done and favors owed.”

The “crumbs” of a thousand dollars can change someone’s life. She doesn’t see that because she doesn’t respect money. Which makes it all the more cruel and horrifying that this woman is holding the Federal Checkbook. While she is no longer on the Appropriations Committee where the Federal budget starts, Headmistress Nancy keeps a tight hold on every member of her party. Trading favors is what she knows.

Respect for money has nothing to do with being rich or poor. Respect for money comes from an understanding of its value in a person’s life. What money can do and what money cannot do. The values of working hard for the money that is earned. The budget process and learning to be mature about how limited financial resources are used are lost on this woman.

This helps to explain why our Nation is in such a financial mess. The budget is in the hands of people like Nancy Pelosi who have no respect for money.

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  • Scott says:

    No respect for money, or for people, especially American citizens..

    • Jim says:

      “No respect for money, or for people, especially American citizens..”

      Perhaps, when talking about the attitude of the self-proclaimed ‘elites’ of the socialist Left about ‘citizens’ one should substitute ‘ignorant peasants’ for citizens? This attitude seems to apply all around the world.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Only crumbs, eh? But damned if she and her miserable party fight tooth and nail every single time to prevent people from getting those measly crumbs.People are going to DIEEEEEEEEE if crumbs are dispensed!

  • CaptDMO says:

    I’m prepared to opine that “no respect for money” is merely ONE symptom of Ms. Pelosi’s (et alia), AND her enabler’s, “condition”.
    Marie:” I don’t care about losing all the money. It’s losing all the stuff”-The Jerk

  • michael says:

    You’re off a little, or out of date on Pelosi’s net worth … about $70,000,000 off. Latest filings show she’s now 6th Richest at $101,000,000. net. So those bonuses she denigrates isn’t even as much as the change on her dresser.

  • Lance says:

    Huh. Would explain how the ‘deficit’ under Bush’s last Republican Congress was $141 billion and then promptly ballooned to over $1.6 tril after this country stupidly gave her the purse.

  • Robbins Mitchell says:

    She doesn’t know any better because she’s lived her entire life in a greaseball $h!tpot

  • Cato Renasci says:

    The ‘favors done and owed’ point, and the lack of respect for money, lead down a nasty – but true – path. What she respects is POWER. And her world view is tribal – it’s all about who you know. This is the mentality of the gangster, of the machine politician. One wonders whether her father had mob ties in Baltimore.

  • “Nancy Pelosi’s father was an old-fashioned Democrat politician and mayor of Baltimore.”

    This just confirms my observation that the only good things that ever came out of Baltimore are Edgar Allen Poe and Old Bay seasoning.

  • bflat879 says:

    Mark Steyn had the best line, which sort of melts into this one. $1,000 is a night on the town, in San Francisco, for Pelosi and her husband. Why would you have respect for that little bit of money.

    One more clue about her was taking the Democrat caucus out to a fancy restaurant while the government was shut down. Holding up paychecks for people while the “Democrat Fatcats” dine in luxury. Good optics for someone who doesn’t really have a clue.

  • DC Bruce says:

    Your hypothesis may be entirely correct, but I have another explanation. For people in Pelosi’s financial milieu, $1,000 is lunch money, literally. So, there’s that . . . kind of like George H. W. Bush’s reaction to a checkout scanner in a grocery store (What’s this?). Also, there are 3 ways to get money: (1) to earn it, (2) to marry it and (3) to inherit it. Of those 3, only #1 has the potential to educate you in what the money represents. Even among the “earners” there is a substantial portion of people who simply had a windfall — the Internet rich and the cellphone rich, like Senator Warner; and, possibly, some movie actors. It seems like those people, along with the group 2 and group 3 people (e.g. the seemingly never-ending generations of Kennedys) comprise the bulk of the “you didn’t build that, so the rest of us are entitled to a big piece of it” crowd in politics and government.

    • Toni Williams says:

      George H.W. Bush was not perplexed by the grocery store scanner. It was the fact that it was upgraded technology.

  • Charles Tips says:

    An important Nancy reminder:

    “160 million Americans will continue to receive their payroll tax cut — nearly $40 per paycheck in the pockets of the average family. I salute the work of the unified House Democratic caucus on behalf of the American people,” Pelosi said of the tax cut in a 2011 statement.

    The wealthy California lawmaker called legislation extending a $40 payroll tax cut in 2011 a “victory for all Americans” and attributed the accomplishment to “Obama’s leadership.”

  • Lloyd says:

    I thought she said it again because she had already forgotten she had said it. Like she can’t remember the name of the current President, or the last one, and keeps saying “Bush.”

  • Steve Sherman says:

    Because it’s just a knee jerk reaction and she can’t come up with another objection?? Amirite?? Amirite??

  • Mike says:

    Nancy Pelosi aged as well as a container of expired cottage cheese. The favors owed and given thing is Italian mafia. When one says , “I owe you one.” you best bet he or she is expecting a favor in return at anytime it is asked for.

  • Jeff says:

    I agree with you, Toni. But I see her disregard for the value of crumbs as part of a larger context:

    Big government liberals want people to believe that Government = Society. They don’t want people to believe in a civil society and a free market economy that does BETTER the more that government stays out of it. It’s why liberal intellectual elites don’t give much to private or religious charities — they feel that high taxes confiscated by government and spent on comprehensive social justice projects are the superior way to make people “help” other people. They don’t care about productivity, just about the redistribution of the results of production.

    Given that’s one of her/their over-arching principles, she feels desperately compelled to denegrate the bonuses and pay raises being given to employees by their employers out since corporate taxes were lowered. But, as you say, she’s tone deaf and doesn’t know how to relate to common people’s instinctive respect for the value of money. So she simply doesn’t know how to articulate any valid criticism. But she can’t stand to be silent about it either.

    She also doesn’t relate to the wonderful trait of human nature that EARNING one’s living is a noble accomplishment. For us non-elites, human dignity means supporting oneself with an honest job and an unspoken agreement to not burden others with our existence except in cases of disaster or tragedy — and even then the burden can be met within local communities. What in the world would someone like Nancy Pelosi understand about that concept? Zilch.

    – Jeff

  • Rosemary Tucker says:

    Does anyone remember when Pelosi said the government should take our paychecks and give us an allowance?

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