Drunk and Desperate Explains Nancy’s Logic

Drunk and Desperate Explains Nancy’s Logic

Drunk and Desperate Explains Nancy’s Logic

Hanging on to the podium for dear life, SanFranGran Nancy barely managed her dentures and false eyelashes, while ranting incoherently about fake trials and disbarring President Trump’s lawyers. Drunk? Is that a glass of vodka? Gin? We snark, you decide.

I mean, COME ON

The harridan is cornered and she lashes out in the most outrageous ways.

“He will not be acquitted,” Pelosi insisted during her weekly news conference, according to Politico. “You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial. You don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation and all of that. Does the president know right from wrong? I don’t think so.” …

“I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status, in the comments that they’re making,” Pelosi told reporters, according to The Hill. “I don’t think they made the case. I think they disgraced themselves terribly in terms of their violation of what our Constitution is about and what a president’s behavior should be.”

If you’ve been following Victory Girls’ Impeachment Coverage, you realize what weird drunk logic Pelosi is trying to peddle here. After the Mueller debacle ended the fake Russian Collusion charges for good, House Democrats were desperate to file Impeachment articles on anything prior to Christmas — two articles that were not by any stretch of reasonable imagination High Crimes and Misdemenors. Then Frisco’s favorite walking cadaver stuffed the paperwork inside her coat, put her thumb to her nose, wiggled her fingers at Mitch McConnell saying “Neener neener neener” and held them until January 10. Very serious person, our Nancy.

Not to mention that Professor Alan Dershowitz’s law-school-style lecture on “The Constitution for Democrat Dummies” caused more swooning among Pelosi’s political kin than seen in 100 Youtube videos of fainting goats. Once recovered it was about Big Lies – about the only manufacturing Democrats put any effort into.

Deep State Democrats, including ostensible civil servants in the FBI and NSC/CIA, have been working overtime to Get Trump By Any Means Necessary since November 9, 2016. As the Pelosi-Schiff Circus folds its tent and slinks off into the sunset, will they have learned their lesson?

Sorry, I’m not that confident. This was just the latest battle in a larger war. Trump upset the Left’s long march to fundamentally changing America into a Euro-socialist, Beltway Command and Control not-America. They are still furiuously working the Cancel Culture in the private and social sector. Drunk Nancy’s demands that Trump’s lawyers be disbarred for defending him is part and parcel of destroying people based on their beliefs and associations. Somewhere in hell Mao smiles.

Be vigilant. Be prepared.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    It appears that even the GOPe squishes have learned that the Democrats have no plans to leave them in their traditional cushy roles as the Token Bipartisan Opposition.
    And this is something even they will fight for.

    • Micha Elyi says:

      You talk “fight” and sneer at “squishes” but when was the last time you got out in public organizing a rally to visibly be more than “Token Bipartisan Opposition” yourself, Joe?

      Your talk is cheap. Don’t be cheap.

      The weekend is here. Make good use of it. Then report back to tell everyone else what you’re accomplishing. Don’t be one of the “squishes” as the #LazyTrumpists are. Don’t blame your lack of action on your invented “the GOPe” boogie-monster that in your fevered imagination lives under your bed or in your closet.

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  • Da Bear says:

    Weekend shopping list. Everything listed below has already been bought previously. This weekend’s purchases are to deepen and broaden my emergency inventories.
    5.56 NATO
    200 porta-potty liner bags
    AA, AAA, and three sizes of watch batteries
    Case of strike-anywhere matches
    Survivor Filters water filters
    Ever Ready First Aid Meditac Tactical Trauma IFAK Kit with Trauma Pack Quickclot and Israeli Bandage in Molle Pouch (Updated Version Featuring SWAT-T) with Tactical LED Flashlight (Every houshold should have at least 3 or four of these kits, Be sure to purchase tourniquets too. And LEARN how to use these kits before the SHTF !)

    In order of importance in basic emergency prep…… Water and water purification, food, heat and shelter, things that go bang, sanitation, and communitication. Or as the they used to say, “Beans, Boots and Bullets.”

    Keep your powder dry.

    • GWB says:

      And LEARN how to use these kits before the SHTF !
      Heck, learn to use them before you come upon an ugly car wreck! Trauma kits are useful outside of the SHTF scenarios. (If you’re the one on site when a robber shoots someone or a car gets t-boned at 80mph, it’s your own personal SHTF situation.)

  • Bevo says:

    I have a similar list. I encourage all to buy your guns and ammo while you can. When you lose the right to have your guns you have become a slave.

    The leftist idiots seeking power to make all “citizens” slaves are NOT going away.

  • Tim says:

    Over the last few weeks Ms Pelosi screeched that Trump would always and forever have been impeached. The same is true of Bill Clinton, is it not? I think that, from now on, every time someone mentions William Jefferson Clinton he should be referred to as “that president who was impeached”. Every. Single. Time. Sauce for the goose, no?

  • GWB says:

    You don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation and all of that.
    Well, then, why didn’t you gather them?! Why didn’t you do what you were supposed to do and actually subpoena witnesses and documentation? That’s YOUR F*ING JOB, Nancy!

    I don’t think they made the case.
    It’s not THEIR job to make the case! It’s YOURS.

    As to Constitutionality…. Well, that’s a bit rich coming from the likes of you and your caucus.

    Critics have an obligation to respond to what I said, not to create straw men to attack.
    Not when they’re Democrats, they don’t! Straw, torches, win!

    slinks off into the sunset
    Oh, I think you misunderestimate their perseverance!

    Somewhere in hell Mao smiles.
    Yep. The progs will destroy our society in order to build their Great Utopia.

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