My Butt’s Been Wiped – The Great Debate

My Butt’s Been Wiped – The Great Debate

My Butt’s Been Wiped – The Great Debate

Have you heard about the great “My butt’s been wiped.” debate? Joe Biden got off of Marine One on Sunday night and appeared to answer a reporter’s question by saying, “My butt’s been wiped”. The electronic universe has gone gonzo debating his words.

You know it, I know it, most of the sentient world knows that Joe’s brain functions are not as high as they once were. Now, I am not saying that that was ever a high bar, but he is mostly gone. Well, I do have one BLM friend who says it’s just his stuttering problem. I’m not kidding. Our Kim wrote the post on Biden’s Cincinnati Town Hall. You can read her full post here, but below is an excerpt:

The pandemic, of course, figured prominently into the evening. Someone asked a question about kids under 12 getting Covid vaccines, and Biden answered her. Oh, lordy, his answer! His mental freight train, chugging down its cognitive tracks, jumped track and took a dirt road:

“And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where are why can’t the the the experts say we know that this virus is in fact it’s going to be or excuse we we we know why the all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved and but permanently approved, that’s underway too, I expect that to occur quickly.”

Most everyone has seen the video of Joe wandering around in the wrong part of a Cornwall restaurant at the G7. If you haven’t you can watched the video, it’s here.

Anyone who is being honest knows that it is not that far fetched that Joe Biden would bark out, “My butt’s been wiped”. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Thank you, Tim Young, for the video with two different angles.

It does sound like, “My butt’s been wiped.” I could argue that he said, “Must what be what” because he couldn’t hear the reporter’s question over the rotor wash of Marine One, but it doesn’t sound like he’s asking a question.

CNN reporter and Presidential fact-checker Daniel Dale fact-checked the claim of Joe Biden saying, “My butt’s been wiped” and claimed he didn’t say it:

Two years ago, we had the Great Sneaker Debate. Were the sneakers pink and white or teal and gray? The year before that we had the Great Yanni or Laurel Debate. The year before that was the Great Dress Color Debate. Last Summer, the only debate we had was, “Who’s killing Grandma?”. That wasn’t fun.

Joe’s not funny. What Joe is doing to the country is not funny. “My butt’s been wiped” is hilarious.

I am going to tip the scale in favor of “My butt’s been wiped.” Listen to the giggles of the reporters after Biden’s loud bark. I think they were giggling about the fact that the supposed Leader of the Free World said that his butt has been wiped.

I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Featured Image: Donkey Hotey/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • I have a “test subject” for these things – the wife, who doesn’t follow the day to day news at all. She hadn’t heard the tape, she has not seen or heard any of the interpreters. Also is completely unbiased (hates all politicians equally).

    Played this for her, cold.

    “Why the hell would he say that!?”

    “What did he say, dear?”

    “He said his butt’s been wiped!”

  • Jake says:

    Consider that you have seen more pictures of biden in sunglasses, more than any president ever. He seems to wear them even when it is not that bright out as evidenced by the lack of everyone around him wearing them.

    Psychostimulants such a ritalin are often used off label for dementia and alzheimer’s. They also dilate your pupils making it seem like the light is brighter than it is. It can even be painful.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The earlier guess was “My butt’s been wet.”
    No one made a peep when Obama said, “My butt is white.”

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