Mueller’s Nothingburger Russia Investigation Has A $17 Million Price Tag [VIDEO]

Mueller’s Nothingburger Russia Investigation Has A $17 Million Price Tag [VIDEO]

Mueller’s Nothingburger Russia Investigation Has A $17 Million Price Tag [VIDEO]

Where are we thus far with Independant Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump Russia probe? Lots and lots of innuendo and very little factual evidence to support the case. All of which, within just a year, has a hefty price tag.

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation cost the government about $16.7 million in its first 10 1/2  months, new documents show, a not insignificant price tag that is sure to be used by President Trump and his allies to attack the probe.

From the beginning of October through the end of March, Mueller’s tab increased by about $10 million, counting what he spent on personnel and other costs and what his investigation caused other Justice Department components to spend, the documents show. Mueller had previously reported a cost of about $6.7 million for his first 4 1/2 months in office.

My goodness gracious! That’s quite a chunk of taxpayer pocket change wouldn’t you say? Why yes, yes it is.

Seriously, Mueller himself spent $6.7 million in less than five months! That’s quite a blank check wouldn’t you say? And for what?

Mueller has made significant progress since he was appointed a little more than a year ago to investigate whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. He has charged 19 people and three companies. Five people have pleaded guilty to various charges, including former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, former deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates and former campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos.

Oh ok. People are guilty!! Except … not a single one of those guilty can point definitively to anyone or anything proving a Trump campaign/Russia collusion. Not. A. Single. One.

How much of a nothingburger is this investigation? Check out Kimberly Strassel’s report on former Australian Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Downer. He, a seasoned politician, didn’t use the correct channels to report his encounter with Trump Russia! collusion. Yet the Mueller team ran with that info. To no avail.

Meanwhile, Twitter reacted and well… see for yourself.

A bargain? A bargain usually means results of one kind or another. Yet no collusion, so is it a bargain or a banana? Yes, CNN, I’m looking at you.

I find that last tweet supremely funny. Think about it, if a Republican led government showed up in the news with this kind of information regarding an investigation, the world (media, democrats, the left, liberals) would go nuclear.

But you see, this is Trump! So let’s spend taxpayer dollars chasing after rainbows and unicorns of wishful thinking!

Seems to me that Mueller and the entire merry band of liberal democrat/media whiners are stuck on Election Night 2016 and just can’t deal.

In a little less than a year, the Mueller investigation spent $17 million in taxpayer funds and counting on an investigation that is going nowhere.

I don’t know about you, but I want my money back and Mueller kicked to the curb.

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