Mueller Protest March Is A Resistance Embarrassment

Mueller Protest March Is A Resistance Embarrassment

Mueller Protest March Is A Resistance Embarrassment

Remember how the anti-Trump left was mobilizing for a big protest march yesterday? You didn’t remember? Well, I’m pretty sure the marchers wish that you’d forget it, too.

This was not exactly the cailber of historic marches against injustice. This didn’t even rise to the level of any of the Women’s Marches of years past. This was an exercise in pathetic futility.

Oh, you think this looks bad? It sounds even worse.

I apologize. My eyeballs started vomiting while reading the lyrics, and then my ears joined in at the actual sound of the crazy.
Los Angeles had a small list of protests going as well, along with several other cities, which I will assume were all equally cringeworthy. But all is well, because Rachel Maddow has activated her spin machine once more!

So now the Resistance, having failed to induce Barr and Mueller to speed up the release of the report on their terms, is hanging their hat on House Democrats voting to subpoena Barr, despite the fact that both Barr and Mueller have been clear about the redactions that must happen first. And Brian Stelter is getting TESTY, people!!!

Well, if the march and the subpoena didn’t already have Barr and Mueller shaking in their boots, I’m sure that having CNN’s Brian Stelter threatening a countdown clock on cable news is going to do it.

And while media outlets are blaming Barr for the summary and the delays, they seem to have missed this bit of information from Byron York:

Veteran attorney John Dowd was President Trump’s lawyer for a critical period of the Trump-Russia investigation, from June 2017 until March 2018. In a new podcast, Dowd offered an unusually frank inside look at what was going on between the president and the prosecutor.”

In our earlier talk, Dowd stressed that the Trump White House fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigation, and that on more than one occasion Trump instructed Dowd to inform Mueller that the president respected the prosecutor’s work. But how could one say Trump fully cooperated when the president was, at the same time, loudly denouncing the probe as a “witch hunt” and a “hoax,” and bashing Mueller’s prosecutors as “17 angry Democrats”?

The answer lay in Trump’s longtime habit of operating on two levels. On the surface, Trump sets off controversies, often using Twitter to say something outrageous that sets the media agenda and leaves some commentators with their hair on fire. At the same time, below the surface, Trump is actually taking steps to get a particular job done.”

That was true with the Russia probe. For public consumption, Trump was denouncing Mueller and trashing his team. Behind the scenes, Trump was cooperating and making sure his staff did the same. The Trump White House offered everyone (except, of course, the president himself) to be interviewed, and reams and reams of documents that other White Houses might have withheld on the grounds of executive or other privilege. So Trump simultaneously attacked and cooperated.”

Asked about the attacks, Dowd said Mueller understood that Trump had to mount a political defense on the Russia issue. “Bob understood this, it was political,” Dowd said. ” [Trump] had to handle the political side, and that was his way of doing it with his tweets and his comments … Bob was a big boy about the political side of it. He understood the president had to address the politics of it. He couldn’t just say nothing. People were pounding him about this thing every day, both privately and publicly, and he had to take [Mueller] on.”

You mean that there was full cooperation and then Trump’s team were *gasp* POSTURING about it???
The full article and the podcast are worth checking out, as there’s quite a bit of behind-the-scenes detail about the investigation itself and the level of cooperation that the Trump administration apparently willingly gave to the Mueller team.

In short, these fools out marching and singing are nothing more than pathetic pawns, the House Democrats are posturing and voting for their own Resistance cred, and Barr and Mueller will release the report after they are done complying with the letter of the law.

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  • Dietrich says:

    D-Rat congress critters knowingly, willingly, happily, daily break the law and cannot understand why Messieurs Mueller and Barr refuse to just to satisfy them.

  • GWB says:

    these fools out marching and singing are nothing more than pathetic pawns
    Technically, Deanna, the phrase is “useful idiots”. At least that’s what Putin called them back when he was in the KGB. But “pathetic pawns” is equally correct, and is nice and alliterative, too.

  • Skillyboo says:

    If you didn’t have pictures I’d say you’re making this crap up because i wouldn’t think anyone could be that stupid.

  • Suburbanbanshee says:

    The quality of the parody lyrics was not bad, but the songwriter/s went uncredited — which is weird, unless they were stealing parody lyrics and reprinting them without permission or payment.

    Also, the newest songs parodied were Seventies and Eighties songs, so it was a songbook for middle-aged or old protestors.

  • Suburbanshee says:

    Okay… I guess the last names of the parodists are provided on the songsheets. But it is nobody I ever heard of, so I must consult the Interwebs.

    Oookay… Apparently there is a group called Gays Against Guns. And they have a parody music group called the GAG Reflex. And all these Mueller songs were written and performed by members of the group.

    But they are not young persons, no.

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