Mueller to Manafort: I Can’t Quit You

Mueller to Manafort: I Can’t Quit You

Mueller to Manafort: I Can’t Quit You

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly contemplating prosecuting Paul Manafort, again. Mueller asserts Manafort lied, violating his plea deal. Mueller’s team says that means that crimes that were originally dropped due to mistrial are back on the table, as are new crimes of obstruction of justice.

Manafort denies these new charges, but will have to wait until December 7, 2018, to see what they actually are. Then he will have until January to answer, or perhaps to capitulate.

All the experts agree, this new move accusing Manafort of lying, without accompanying evidence of the same, seems to point to just a bad investigation by Mueller’s team.

[Andrew McCarthy] said if Mueller had a “real case,” he would have evidence the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to hack and release emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“They don’t have that. What they have is: ‘Somebody has unsavory information about our opponent and we’re going to try to put it out at a time that is maximal as far as the campaign is concerned,'” McCarthy said, adding Mueller has only charged people for making false statements because of underlying weakness in the case.

Manafort remains in jail awaiting sentencing. And now perhaps a second trial.

Mueller is certainly turning the screws on Paul Manafort. No one can say Mueller hasn’t been a zealous advocate for his client, the Democrat party. As for the loyalty he is supposed to be showing for American justice, he has never demonstrated that it is of interest to him. Mueller has been happy to hide behind the ridiculous Russian conspiracy theory while he carries out his political investigation. The farce of this investigation, that seems to have no end, has allowed the public to continue to believe lies about how Trump won.

America is living a surreal existence, with Robert Mueller being one of the major contributors to this Democrat fantasy. Instead of contemplating unconstitutional bills to protect Mueller (yeah, like that wouldn’t backfire in a few months’ time) Congressional Republicans ought to be leaning on him to finish up this boondoggle and get out of town. Instead they are continuing to play along, like nice little cowboys. Draining the swamp is a much more monumental task than many dreamed it would be. Let’s hope there are still some people left in Washington willing to do this righteous work.

Featured photo: Reuters, Yuri Gripas

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