Mr. Scaramucci disclosing public disclosures is not a felony

Mr. Scaramucci disclosing public disclosures is not a felony

Mr. Scaramucci disclosing public disclosures is not a felony

Public Disclosures are exactly what they sound like folks. They are documents or information that is available for the public to view and discuss because we do that. And using these disclosures is not illegal.  No data mining, dumpster diving or phishing is done.  These are public records. Politico discusses Mr. Scaramucci’s actions here

White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Wednesday he will contact federal agencies over the “leak” of his financial disclosures, which he called a “felony,” despite the forms being publicly accessible.

Public access means we get to read these forms. These are used by people like journalists, students, fraternities, potential employees and would be employers. All the time. There is a reason people are careful what they post Facebook and avoid Twitter. Drunk Facebook and shenanigans do not impress many of the above much.

As for Scaramucci’s “felony”, there is a problem.  The information was not hacked but found in public records.  The tweet was deleted and amended but the internet is forever.

The above tweet followed POLITICO’s publication of Scaramucci’s financial disclosures filed in the course of his employment with the Export-Import Bank. The documents are publicly available on request.

Public disclosures buddy. Director of communications.  Again, the internet is forever. What you say and tweet matters.

The newly appointed White House communications director has made cracking down on White House leaks a staple of his early tenure. On Tuesday, Scaramucci threatened “to fire everybody” to stop the flow of leaks to the press, which have fueled numerous damaging reports about the administration.

A very important project indeed.  And the Department of Justice had a few things to say about actual leaks and felonious disclosures.

A spokesperson for the DOJ responded to Scaramucci’s comments on Fox by denouncing the “staggering number of leaks” occurring under President Donald Trump’s first six months on office.

It seems that the DOJ and Scaramucci are talking About wry different things right now.  DOJ is talking about national security and  Scaramucci according to twitchy was upset after an event mentioned here:

It appears that what set Scaramucci off was Ryan Lizza from the New Yorker reporting last night on a dinner in the White House that included Sean Hannity, Bill Shine, President Trump and Melania:

Not national security.

This is what the society page does.  On the other hand, the DOJ is talking about a real problem and real leaks.

“We have seen an astonishing increase in the number of leaks of classified national security information in recent months,” spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores told POLITICO. “We agree with Anthony that these staggering number of leaks are undermining the ability of our government to function and to protect this country.

Leaking confidential information is a crime.  A felony inn fact.  To anyone stupid enough to try, please look up Miss Reality Winner’s pending case for a cautionary tale.

She added: “Like the Attorney General has said, ‘whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail,’ and we will aggressively pursue leak cases wherever they may lead.”

This is the felony, not reporting of public disclosures. And walk away from the Twitter Mr. Scaramucci. Please.

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