Moms Demand Action Freaks Out Over Lollipops

Moms Demand Action Freaks Out Over Lollipops

If the group Moms Demand Action wants to be taken seriously, then they need to rethink how much of a fuss they are making over small things not related to gun control. Like lollipops.
The group’s latest hysterical moment had to do with the concept of “lockdown lollipops.”

The concept, which is not new, is to provide the kids a little bit of a special treat during lockdown drills. Elementary schools run these drills every so often, so when the moment comes, as with a fire drill or an earthquake drill, there is no panic among the kids if a lockdown goes into effect. What gets me is Moms Demand Action’s automatic assumption that if a lockdown is called, it is ONLY because of guns. And guess what? It’s not. You know what has triggered more lockdowns in the greater Puget Sound area (where I live) than anything else? Bears. Including a lockdown at one of my kids’ schools, four years ago.

And last I checked, the bears were not carrying any guns.

So, while we wait for animal control to make sure the area is clear of bears, maybe we could have a lollipop without Moms Demand Action having a fainting fit? Thanks.

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