He’s Out: Lindsey Graham Suspends Presidential Campaign

He’s Out: Lindsey Graham Suspends Presidential Campaign

He’s Out: Lindsey Graham Suspends Presidential Campaign

Senator Lindsey Graham, who had some of the most notable one-liners in last week’s GOP debate, has suspended his campaign for the presidency. Senator Graham released this video this morning:

Now if the majority of the remaining candidates would just follow suit.

Still, many appreciate Graham’s aggressive stance on ISIS. Here’s a snippet from last week’s undercard debate:

Of course Lindsey’s biggest cheerleader, John McCain, weighed in on Graham’s departure:

And some of his fellow candidates offered well-wishes to the departing Graham:

Senator Graham never had a snowball’s chance. Millions of conservatives across the nation see him as not a part of the solution for the nation’s ills, but a part of the problem. One of his most recent votes was in favor of the horrid Omnibus Bill stuffed with waste and irresponsibility, the very tone-deafness that epitomizes D.C., and fuels nationwide anger. And in the wake of the Charleston shooting, Graham asserted that he’s “‘open-minded’ to the modification of current gun laws.” For those of us who stand resolute in the defense of our freedoms, that’s just one more nail in his already-sealed coffin.

Nevertheless, whatever your feelings on Lindsey Graham, he put himself out there, and stepped up to the plate in a nation desperate for leadership. And for that he deserves thanks.

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