#Milwaukee: National Guard Activated As More Details Emerge [VIDEO]

#Milwaukee: National Guard Activated As More Details Emerge [VIDEO]

#Milwaukee: National Guard Activated As More Details Emerge [VIDEO]

As Milwaukee recovered all day Sunday from a night of rioting and arson, more details began to emerge about the actual incident. Here’s what we know right now, after an extremely revealing press conference. Let’s just say that the narrative got wrecked. A lot.

Milwaukee police say both the man whose fatal shooting sparked violent protests in the city and the police officer who shot him are black.

Chief Edward Flynn made the disclosure at a news conference Sunday. Flynn identified the man killed Saturday as 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith, and says Smith had a “lengthy arrest record.”

Mayor Tom Barrett says a still image pulled from the officer’s body camera shows “without question” that Smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot.

Police earlier said Smith fled from a traffic stop. Flynn said he wasn’t sure what prompted the stop, but said Smith’s car was “behaving suspiciously.”

And then Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who has gained a reputation in conservative circles for his stand against Black Lives Matter, announced that he was asking Governor Scott Walker to activate the National Guard, while pulling no punches about why this is happening.

Sheriff David Clark at the Sunday evening press conference, August 14, 2016
Sheriff David Clark at the Sunday evening press conference, August 14, 2016

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says a repeat of the violence that plagued the city Saturday night cannot be allowed to happen.

Clarke says the violence will not be allowed to get out of hand, citing Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore where rioting broke out after black men died during incidents there involving police.

Clarke says he talked with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker earlier Sunday and requested help should it be needed to keep the peace. Walker has ordered the National Guard to be ready to help if needed.

Governor Walker was prompt in activating the National Guard.

And while the sister of Sylville Smith demanded charges against the officer who shot her brother at a vigil on Sunday evening…

Twenty-four-year-old Kimberly Neal was speaking to The Associated Press at a vigil Sunday evening on the spot where Sylville Smith was killed Saturday afternoon. Supporters surrounded her as she held a bouquet of blue balloons.

She asked the crowd for donations for his burial. She says that she just hopes her family gets justice and wants prosecutors to file charges against the officer.

Asked about the violence on Saturday night, Neal said: “People stuck together and they are trying to stand up,” for their rights.

… Smith’s father had some very different comments.

FOX6’s AJ Bayatpour spoke with Smith’s father, Patrick Smith Sunday — who blamed himself for his son’s death.

“They`re looking at their dad like, ‘he`s doing all these things.’ I just got out of jail probably two months ago, but I`ve been going back-and-forth in jail and they see these things — so I`d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get,” Patrick Smith said.

I wonder if Patrick Smith’s words will be heard over the protesting, because they certainly deserve to be. But since his comments drop a nuclear bomb on the narrative, they will never be repeated or pondered. He’ll never get a speaking gig at the Democratic National Convention by blaming himself. The narrative demands that someone else must be blamed. Like this guy said!
Meanwhile, the Milwaukee police reported that one protester was shot last night, and they had to go in to rescue the victim.

They also reported that the National Guard did not participate in Sunday night’s policing.

And because the narrative has been well and truly smashed up, President Obama isn’t going to stick his neck out for this one.

If he can’t get any political mileage out of it, Milwaukee can burn.

Governor Walker has called for the body camera footage to be released to the public as soon as possible, for “transparency” purposes. I doubt it will satisfy the professional rioters. They will simply move on from Milwaukee, after all the damage done, and wait for the next possible instance to cause chaos without having to think about consequences.

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  • GWB says:

    Behold what progressivism hath wrought!
    Weep and tremble, ye freedmen – ye shall reap what the post-modernist hath sown.

  • J walter says:

    Racist black cop shoot’s black man…wait, what?

  • Tony says:

    Little known yet important fact: Last Republican mayor of Milwaukee was in 1908, yes kids that’s over 100 years ago. In fact, Milwaukee has even elected not one, not two, yes three Socialist mayors in the years since 1908.
    Of course we all know the spin will be it’s Scott Walker’s fault… because he’s Republican..

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