Migrant Kids Get Kamala Superhero Book While She Visits New Hampshire

Migrant Kids Get Kamala Superhero Book While She Visits New Hampshire

Migrant Kids Get Kamala Superhero Book While She Visits New Hampshire

While unaccompanied, minor, migrant kids were surging across the border, putative Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, was in New Hampshire pimping Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal. Since infrastructure is whatever the current string-pullers say it is, migrant kids could be infrastructure. Although Kamala was nearly 2400 miles from the Mexican border in Texas, she could have been working hard on Southern border infrastructure. You believe that, I have some rusting wall construction components to sell you.

Early April, our Darleen wrote a post “Where in the world is Carmen…er…Kamala Harris?” All the 80’s kids out there just sang along when they read that title. Well, two weeks later, Kamala Harris can add New Hampshire to the map of places she has been that aren’t the Southern border. Dementia Joe tried to toss her that hot potato and she has no intention of going anywhere near it.

Cackling Kamala had a surprise waiting for her in New Hampshire:

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday was greeted by protesters in New Hampshire who urged her to visit the US-Mexico border in her role as the Biden administration’s migration czar.

A handful of protesters brandished signs near Plymouth, NH, including one that read “Mexico —2,254 mi,” according to a pool report.

Another sign said, “Hey Kamala / Stop the illegal invasion / Go visit Mexico.” Yet another sign said, “Impeach Biden-Harris.”

Not that these people (the Harris/Biden Administration) give a fat rat’s backside what the American people think. Nor, do they give a hoot or honk what the migrant kids being tossed over walls at the Southern border think. Those children wrapped in their burrito blankets in overcrowded facilities are just collateral damage to the Democrat dream of unlimited cheap labor. The migrant kids are possibly useful to the Dems in future as “Dreamers” who need to come out of the shadow, but that is in the near distant future.

Fear not though, Kamala is providing inspiration for those migrant kids. Kids brought to a facility in Long Beach, California are provided a copy of Kamala’s children’s book in their welcome packages. What you say, Kammy wrote a children’s book. Gloriosity, yes. She wrote an inspirational book titled “Superheroes Are Everywhere”.

Cast your eyes to the video below as a super casual, barefoot Kamala reads her book. Keep your hurl bucket close:

Now, I wouldn’t blame you, my friends, if you don’t have the stomach for that, um, inspirational book reading. Here is a summary from Common Sense Media:

In SUPERHEROES ARE EVERYWHERE, Sen. Kamala Harris spotlights the people in her life who were superheroes in their own way because, like superheroes in stories, they made her feel special (mom), were people she could count on (sister), made her feel brave (dad), stood up for what’s right (grandparents), made her feel safe (friends), helped show her the world and chase her dreams (teachers), were kind (neighbor), helped her explore (aunts and uncles), worked hard (mom, uncle, aunt), protected people (lawyers who were her role models), and made a difference. She ends the book with “The Hero Code,” which you can swear to uphold and be a superhero too, by promising “to be the very best me I can be!” The book also includes a timeline of Harris’ life from birth to when she was sworn in as a senator in January 2017.

Gag me with a spoon. With the exception of the border patrol agents who found them in the desert or loaded them on the bus to go to the holding facility while the kids are processed, I am sure these kids cannot identify with any of Kammie’s superheroes. And, interestingly, the friendly neighborhood cop is not in her list of superheroes.

How about a demotivational book,”Supervillains Are Everywhere”. For instance:

“Mom and Dad” – Mom and Dad who sold me for the third time to a single, male adult who wanted to cross the Southern Border.

“The Single Male Adult” – The man who dragged me across rough roads and didn’t feed me or give me water. He abandoned me while I was asleep.

“The Coyotes” – Another time, a man paid The Coyotes to bring us across. The man drowned in the big river. The Coyote brought me to a place and told me to stay there. Some men with badges and guns came and sent me back to my parents.

“Jose Biden” – Finally, this last time I was brought across the border. I was cleaned and the lice were removed from my hair. I don’t who Jose Biden is, but I was given new clothes and a colorful book that is in a language I don’t understand.

The End.

Do you think what I wrote was cruel. Too bad, so sad. It’s more honest about the experience these migrant kids have because of the fecklessness of Cackling Kamala and Dementia Joe. Kammy isn’t going to go anywhere near the border, not now, not ever.

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  • Jack says:

    In the excerpt from Kamala’s children’s book only two professions were highlighted as heroes: Teachers and Lawyers.

    Teachers who are hiding in their homes terrified of a virus that is not transmitted by children. This while receiving full salaries paid by taxpayers while poor kids languish in empty government housing while their mothers slave away cleaning houses and waitressing.

    And lawyers who cook up ever increasing mountains of regulations that strangle the small businesses that are shuttered by the lawyers turned politicians.

  • Cameron says:

    Is there a character in her book whose superpower is sucking the dimples off a golf ball? Asking for a friend.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Those immigrant children might be better served with youth Survival Guides in urban America… “Sneetches Get Steetches” by Dr. Seuss or “Ted and Sally Have a Gun Named Glock” by Gates Huber Salisbury or “The Bobbsey Twins Practice Deadly Pressure Points” by Laura Lee Hope.

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