Midterms 2022: North Carolina Senate Race

Midterms 2022: North Carolina Senate Race

Midterms 2022: North Carolina Senate Race

Wake up North Carolina! Early voting has started in the North Carolina Senate Race. While Republican candidate Ted Budd has a lead against Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley, let’s not rest on our laurels shall we?

Cheri Beasley, the Democratic candidate is a former public defender and the first Black woman to serve as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Her website, at first glance, appears to be cosmetically distancing the candidate from the far left. But, we’ve seen that before haven’t we? Don’t be fooled again.

The front page of her website may be glistening with seemingly middle-ground topics but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover she found the BLM riots to be helpful, she’s been known to be on the side of criminals, and also finds it troubling that taxpayers won’t pay for puberty blockers for kids.

With recent headlines like: “Race to Replace Sen Richard Burr’s U.S. Senate seat is close to a tie, three polls find,” it doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy about a confident win for Ted Budd.

No surprise that the race is tightening when Beasley gets big endorsement names like Obama along with the Editorial Board from the Charlotte Observer.

The Carolina Journal reports that Ted Budd is leading Beasley 47% to her 43%.


However, we still have 14-more days to go until midterms and like a 2:00 warning in a football game, time seems to stretch itself out quite a bit. So, a lot can still happen. Remember the Chris Christie Obama bro-hug?

The endorsement page of Ted Budd has an all-star lineup. You would think this would be an easy winnable race for the Small Business Owner.

Someone once told me that they would rather have someone who has run something like a business in office rather than a lifelong politician who cannot relate to the every day American. I’d have to agree. And I hope North Carolinians do as well.

In another poll, it shows Beasley slightly behind Budd 43% to 45% in a five poll average.

When Cheri Beasley isn’t sympathizing with rioters and obeying the trans movement, she is proclaiming men have no right to be in the room regarding abortion. She wants to make Roe V Wade the law of the land.

On the minds of North Carolinians

So is the race going to come down to healthcare, abortion rights and the concerns of inflation and the economy? Is North Carolina divided on those issues?

North Carolina State Line & Marker

Education, Taxes, Crime, and Inflation are on the top of the list that are concerning North Carolinians. Abortion was one of the least researched topics for voters of the Tar Heel State.

In case you missed their debate back in early October, you can watch it here.

In North Carolina, early voting is already underway. And just because early voting has started, doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off.

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