Microwave Strikes: Real Spy Novel Stuff in Cuba and China [VIDEO]

Microwave Strikes: Real Spy Novel Stuff in Cuba and China [VIDEO]

Microwave Strikes: Real Spy Novel Stuff in Cuba and China [VIDEO]

The stories seemed like the stuff from a Cold War spy novel — Americans at embassies in Communist nations hear weird sounds and become incredibly ill. However, it was no fiction — what happened was all too real for our diplomats in China and Cuba. But we now know the likely culprit: microwave strikes.

Microwave strikes have nothing to do with the kitchen appliances we use to heat food. They are, however, weaponized versions of those same rays which can cause the brain to hear bizarre ringing or buzzing noises, which workers at our embassies in China and Cuba complained about. Unfortunately, they ultimately experienced vertigo, hearing loss, and other ailments. Sadly, doctors fear that some may have sustained brain injury.

Here’s how scientists think those microwave attacks worked:

And if you’re wondering what they may have sounded like, have a listen:

So how did all this happen?

It all began in 2016, when about three dozen American diplomats in Cuba and family members began complaining about “baffling symptoms and ailments.” In fact, it got so bad that there was a “diplomatic rupture” between the US and Cuba.

microwave strikes cuban embassy
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No one could figure it out. At first investigators suspected a “sophisticated sonic weapon,” or “sonic wave machine.” Last year the AP reported this:

“The recordings from Havana have been sent for analysis to the U.S. Navy, which has advanced capabilities for analyzing acoustic signals, and to the intelligence services, the AP has learned. But the recordings have not significantly advanced U.S. knowledge about what is harming diplomats.”

Then, earlier this summer, the same phenomenon happened to at least two US diplomats in China. They also began hearing strange noises, and then experienced headaches, nausea, hearing loss, and even cognitive problems. The State Department even issued a health warning for all US citizens in China.

But now we know that the “sonic waves” are most likely microwave strikes, thanks in part to Allan Frey, the scientist who identified them. He added that the goal may be to undermine a nation’s growing ties with the United States. “In dictatorships, you often have factions that think nothing of going against the general policy if it suits their needs. I think that’s a perfectly viable explanation,” said Frey.

Or, more likely, instead of factions it’s Communist nations doing what they always do — try to undermine the United States. It’s an idea as old as, well, the Cold War of the 1950’s.

So tell me again how playing nice with Cuba was such a good idea. And while you’re at it, tell me how we’re supposed to be concerned about “Russian collusion,” when China basically tortured our diplomats. Isn’t that a form of bio-warfare?

Now no loyal American should think that Putin and Company should be our BFF’s, but China is really our biggest threat. Those microwave strikes just add more evidence that this is precisely the case.


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  • GWB says:

    Sadly, doctors fear that some may have sustained brain injury.
    Umm, yeah. Because despite what you said, they have *everything* to do with the same radio waves that cook your food. They had their brains baked. That’s going to cause problems.

    Communists wanting to undermine the United States. It’s an idea as old as, well, the Cold War of the 1950’s Woodrow Wilson administration.

    Isn’t that a form of bio-warfare?
    And I don’t have a problem declaring that a state of war now exists between us and them. Let them figure out how to get out of that.
    (BTW, I wouldn’t opt for kinetic strikes right away. Maybe just blockade Cuba and stop all trade with China or its partners. And maybe tell North Korea to ask its big buddy to get its act together. A little diplomatic role reversal.)

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