Media Desperate for Violence by Trump Supporters

Media Desperate for Violence by Trump Supporters

Media Desperate for Violence by Trump Supporters

The media is desperate in pushing misleading conspiracy theories — hypothesizing that Trump supporters will bring violence to this week’s protest at the National Capital. After spending all summer ignoring actual destruction by BLM/ANTIFA, do they even know how to recognize a peaceful protest?

The purveyors of innuendo, unfounded “facts”, and outright lies are crafting a whopper of a conspiracy theory — Trump supporters are violent and will bring mayhem to DC.

USA TODAY headlines,

Nation’s capital braces for violence as extremist groups converge to protest Donald Trump’s election loss”

Let’s unpack this trash, shall we?

At any point during any #stopthesteal protest did Trump supporters, or participants cause mass destruction?


Did they riot and disobey police orders, requiring riot police to descend upon their groups?


Did they do much beyond sing off key, and wave American flags?

Again, no.

But yet, the DC mayor is considering a curfew, National Guard support, and preventative measures, per USA TODAY,

In preparation for the protests, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department has stepped up precautions, including erecting signs stating that open carry of guns is illegal in the capital. National Guard troops will support local police officers and Mayor Muriel Bowser warned residents to avoid the downtown area during the protests. She said she is evaluating whether a curfew is necessary to quell violence, according to local media reports.”

All this is to protect the District from Trump supporters?

Absolutely, No.

She’s bringing these measures because BLM and ANTIFA are going to respond with their normal thuggery and destruction. But she won’t say this, and the media sure as heck isn’t going to portray their snarling dogs as anything but happy Labradors (Black, non-gendered/neutered ones at that).

So, in the ultimate act of victim shaming, the media are laying the groundwork to blame Trump supporters, and connect them with anyone they can deem “unsavory.” Better still if the group is on a list by the SPLC and FBI.

Desperate to slander everyone, the media digs deep into Newspeak

The Hill is going so far as to support the conspiracy theory that Proud Boys are going to pretend to be ANTIFA, and cause mayhem. Because ANTIFA needs pretenders to do this for them?

No. See Seattle, Portland, DC, and Senator Josh Hawley’s house tonight. Where ANTIFA tried to break down the door with his wife and child inside. Let that sink in. The media is crafting potential violence from Trump supporters, implying they will storm the halls of government, while minimizing a group that literally tried to break into a United States Senator’s private home.

The Hillunbiasedly reports,

Both the Proud Boys and some violent sects of counterprotest groups known as antifa have been at odds in recent months during public political events, often engaging in physical conflict due to ideological differences.”

Excuse me?! “Some”, “sects”, “counter protest groups”… I think you mean, “most”, “the entire organization”, and “violent marxist instigators”, yes? “Known as antifa”… as if they’re ambiguous, and it’s unknown who these domestic terrorists are? That’s like saying, “Jeffrey Dahmer occasionally licked people, but was known as a good cook”! It’s so far removed from facts that it’s practically Orwellian fiction.

If only Orwell was still fiction.

The leader of the Proud Boys was arrested today in DC, and the media wasted NO time in pumping out the headlines tying him to the Trump supporters. His crime? Tearing down a BLM flag from a church — last month. Why a non-partisan, tax exempt church has a political flag… well that’s a different post.

Some of the many ginned up headlines from the arrest:

CNNProud Boys leader arrested for allegedly burning Black Lives Matter banner at DC church

ABCLeader of Proud Boys arrested ahead of DC protests

NYTLeader of Proud Boys, a Far-Right Group, Is Arrested as D.C. Braces for Protests

Each headline is more inflammatory and incendiary than the one before it, and all link back to the planned Trump supporters protest in DC. The NYT,

The protests by the Proud Boys and other groups are expected to occur on Tuesday and Wednesday in support of Mr. Trump and his false claims that he was re-elected.”

It is interesting that when reporting on the alleged “crime”, not a single news outlet has stated that Enrique Tarrio is black. Granted, he’s “black like Kamala Harris”, in that he’s not African-American, but Afro-Cuban. Multi-hyphenate BS aside, the dude is black.

But then again, this is the same media purporting the Proud Boys are a white nationalist group, headed by a black man. Obviously the reporters really embraced the film “Black Klansman”, and just want everyone to overlook the complete lack of logic in their reporting.

It goes like this,

Disregard facts and believe us when we tell you, “A white nationalist group, led by a black man, will pretend to be a group known for violence, in order to commit violence and besmirch the reputation of the real group. And Trump is responsible for all of it, and his supporters are responsible for the rest! DC is under lockdown because a group comprised mostly of law abiding citizens is going to bring firearms into the city, where they are illegal and take over the congress. Also, Donald Trump is evil.”

My brain hurts trying to make sense of the overt fabrication of facts and events. Is this what it feels like after taking “The Matrix” Red Pill while reading “1984” and watching “The Fountainhead”? Everyday we wake up to more illogical made up “news” than happened when we went to bed the night before. This level of media BS is what happens when the townsfolk repeatedly believe the boy who cries wolf, while ignoring the damage from rampaging hippos in the town square.

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  • Sparkle Spangles says:

    Enrique Tarrio, leader of The Proud Boys, stole $1.2 million of diabetes test strips and then tried to sell them. He served time in prison for his crime. He was around 29 years old when he committed his crime so he wasn’t some teenager whose thinking hadn’t fully developed yet. He was ordered to pay $1.2 million as part of his sentence. Maybe the writer of this article can do some investigative journalism and see if Tarrio has paid off his $1.2 million. He sounds like just as much of an upstanding American as Antifa members.

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