Mayors Go Chicken Little Over Federal Officers

Mayors Go Chicken Little Over Federal Officers

Mayors Go Chicken Little Over Federal Officers

Mayors of Chicago and Albuquerque are running around inciting panic, yelling, “the Feds are coming! The Feds are coming!”. Deflecting responsibility for increased violent crimes, they blame federal intervention on sexism, and politics. All the while proudly wearing their tin foil “TDS Secret Police” hats.
President Trump announced plans to deploy federal law enforcement officers to Chicago and Albuquerque in an effort to help resolve the increasing incidents of crime both cities are experiencing.

But judging by their responses, one would surmise that these mayors were running crime free utopias about to be invaded by Gestapo forces.

Getting buried in “Mud City”

Chicago has an appalling murder rate, and frankly, I’m surprised they don’t need to borrow the unused COVID mobile morgues. When the best response to be found is, “Well, New Orleans is higher!” – you have a problem. The addition of violent, non-homicide crimes entrenches Chicago’s spot on “most dangerous cities” lists.

According to NPR’s, “Chicago’s Dismal Murder Solve Rate Even Worse When Victims Are Black” (10/9/19)

Among the nation’s largest cities, Chicago stands out for both its high murder rate and for the number of its murders that go unsolved. In recent years the police have been solving about 4 of every 10 murders in the city, but police data show the rate is even worse when the victim is African American.”

The President is sending federal law enforcement to assist the Chicago Police Department’s  murder investigations, and reduce crime that disproportionately impacts blacks (remarkable action for a “racist” president… hmmm). What does Mayor Lightfoot reference in her press conference? Federal law enforcement action in Portland, Oregon — where they are responding to attacks on a Federal Courthouse (not chasing down innocent citizens). Ironically, Portland under siege is still safer than Chicago. reports Mayor Lightfoot’s response,

We don’t need federal troops. We don’t need unnamed, secret federal agents roaming around the streets of Chicago, taking residents without cause and violating their basic constitutional rights,”

In the same press conference Lightfoot conditioned accepting law enforcement grants to protecting illegal immigrants,

Unfortunately, this administration has tried to condition law enforcement resources in terms of grants on abandoning our role as a sanctuary city. We will never ever, ever, ever retreat from the fact that we are a welcoming sanctuary city.”

Voters of Chicago, your mayor has prioritized sanctuary status above your safety and potentially solving crimes in black neighborhoods. Ready to move to Portland? You may be after reading VG Amanda Green’s post highlighting the cost you’re paying for Lightfoot’s “TDS”.

But of course the “racist”, “sexist”, President is tar brushing cities ruledruined… represented by Democratic female mayors. Just sit back for 1/300th of a second and Mayor Lightfoot will tell you all about it!

Albuquerque – “at least we aren’t Chicago!”

After hearing Mayor Lightfoot focus solely on Democratic female mayors, Albuquerque’s Mayor, Tim Keller, might be feeling left out. Fortunately for him, President Trump doesn’t focus on gender, but on fixing problems. And, wow, does Mayor Keller have some problems.

In a recent NPR interview (7/22/20) with Ari Shaprio, Mayor Keller acknowledges that,

Well, I think for us, it’s important to note that we do have a serious violent crime problem. There’s no doubt. We’ve had that for a long time.”

According to an October 2019 article from US News and World Report,

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico had the nation’s second highest violent crime rate and its highest property crime rate in 2018, despite the state’s largest city reporting slight decreases in both categories for the first time in years, according to recent federal data.

Being the good democrat that he is, Mayor Keller is toting the party line about, “… this becomes sort of a secret police situation like Portland.”

Again with the “secret police” Portland rhetoric. “The Feds are coming! Arggg, PORTLAAAAND!” With all of their cries of secret police and unmarked cars whisking away innocent bystanders rioters… these mayors better start buying their tinfoil in bulk.

Exactly how many Federal officers are landing in the Alburquastan? An estimated 35 agents. Yeah, 35 Feds will be on the ground to help solve crimes.

Sounds like an invasion for sure.

When Mayor Keller finally calmed down and cleared his eyes of tinfoil splinters, he realized that there are already Federal officers working in his city!

He said in the NPR interview,

You know, we actually work with federal partners literally every day on all sorts of different task forces. And so certainly if it fits, you know, within our value set, we would do it. And that’s pretty routine here.”

So what’s unsettling about Trump’s announcement? Well, that he announced it! Seriously. Mayor Keller continues from the above statement,

But what’s not routine is the president actually talking about it. And so I think in this context, that makes it even more suspect.”

Is marijuana legal in New Mexico? Because this guy must be high. He’s worried about a federalized “secret police” force, that will come about after the President has announced it…. Uh. Okaaaay. He doesn’t understand  “secret police force”, because those are not announced from a White House lectern.

Mayor Keller needs clarity, and maybe a dictionary.

What Chicago and Albuquerque need is help. And as President Trump said in his speech today,

…. we must remember that the job of policing a neighborhood falls on the shoulders of local elected leadership… never forget that when they abdicate their duty the results are catastrophic… we will use federal law enforcement to vigorously charge federal crimes and support these besieged communities”

I have no doubt that the innocent citizens, who are besieged by criminals, and their surviving family members agree.

Featured Image: Loren Javier  License: CC BY-ND 2.0 Image Cropped: 400×400

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  • GWB says:

    We don’t need unnamed, secret federal agents…
    “Heck, that’s OUR job!”

    on abandoning our role as a sanctuary city of abandoning law and order
    FIFY, Lori.

    your mayor has prioritized sanctuary status above your safety and potentially solving crimes in black neighborhoods
    She has prioritized the comfort of illegal residents from other countries over the safety of Chicago’s actual black citizens.

    Shouldn’t that be “Portlandia“?

    Because this guy must be high.
    No, but he must make the proper obeisance to the idols in the temple, or the Cult of Woke will come for him.

    He doesn’t understand “secret police force”
    Well, there’s a LOT of words the Wokerati don’t understand. Most of the English language, as a matter of fact….

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