Mayor Pete Asks Al Sharpton Racist Question

Mayor Pete Asks Al Sharpton Racist Question

Mayor Pete Asks Al Sharpton Racist Question

Mayor Pete Buttigieg met with Al Sharpton for lunch on Monday at Sylvia’s Soul Food in New York City. After all, it’s what you do when you want to suck up to the nation’s premiere race hustler in order to court the black vote.

While he was there, Mayor Pete asked Sharpton a burning question that all white folks have been dying to know, supposedly.

He asked Sharpton if it was okay to eat fried chicken with his hands. Yes, he went there. Could you imagine the response if a Republican had asked that?

And notice the hot sauce on the table, too. Hillary Clinton is probably spitting nails at this stunt.

Not only that, but Sharpton also told Buttigieg that he was the only candidate this cycle to pray before eating. Take that, Mike Pence!

And Mayor Pete also chowed down on collard greens and mac’n cheese while enjoying that fried chicken. Wow, can you say cultural appropriation? Which would certainly be the accusation if a conservative did that.

Mayor Pete

Credit: Isaac Wedin @ flickr. CC by 2.0.

But it’s okay if Buttigieg grovels before the Ultimate Race Pimp, since he’s a Democrat and all.

Plus, he also appeared at Sharpton’s National Action Network earlier in April, saying that he’s all about exploring reparations for blacks.

But Mayor Pete shouldn’t be counting on the endorsement of hustler Sharpton just yet. That’s because during the 2016 election cycle, Sharpton ate with Bernie Sanders at the same restaurant. Not only that, but it was at the same friggin’ table, right in front of the window. And a bottle of hot sauce was there, too!

In addition, Mayor Pete innocently said he didn’t know that reporters were going to be present, broadcasting their conversation live.

“It would have nice to know that I was on the record, but I try not to ever say anything that I would be embarrassed to have repeated, so I guess we’re going to be all right.” 

Sure, he didn’t know. And if you believe that, this white girl has a plate of fried chicken and collard greens on the table just waiting for you.

But Mayor Pete is only starting his Suck-Up Tour. Next month he plans to visit Charleston, South Carolina, and visit South Carolina State University, a historically black school. Already several Democrat contenders have visited there, so he’s next in line.

No word, however, if the university’s cafeteria plans to serve him fried chicken and collard greens. With hot sauce on the side.


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