Massachusetts Congressman Warns Republicans About Chickens

Massachusetts Congressman Warns Republicans About Chickens

Massachusetts Congressman Warns Republicans About Chickens

Massachusetts is a special place. Men seem to come out of there full of arrogance, but lacking a substantial soundness. C.S. Lewis called them men without chests. “Men without chests”:

In his book, The Abolition of Man, Lewis was prophetic in pointing out that relativism—the idea that there are no absolute truths—would lead to the decay of morality and a lack of virtue within society. Without a belief in and the teaching of universal moral laws, we fail to educate the heart and are left with intelligent men who behave like animals or as Lewis puts it, “Men without Chests.”

Jake Auchincloss seems to me to be one of those men.

Mr. Auchincloss (D) is in his first term representing the Fourth District of Massachusetts. He was previously a Republican and an Independent. Mr. Auchincloss is a Marine Major in the Individual Ready Reserve now, but during his active duty days, he deployed to Afghanistan and Panama. He graduated from Harvard and the Massachussets Institute of Technology. The Auchicloss family is prominent in the state and he is also related to McGeorge Bundy.

One might think someone with that resume would be substantial. One would be way wrong. By the way, his father is Deputy Director for Anthony Fauci. Yep. That explains so much.

A couple days after he was sworn as a Congressweenie it was January 6 and Auchincloss was able to show what a brave man he is:

Just six months later, Auchincloss helped facilitate his own security breach in the Capitol when he and his staff allowed Stephen Colbert’s staff to wander around and reconnoiter the campus. Kim wrote that and you can read it here.

He was on Fox News Channel with Griff Jenkins and had warnings for Republicans about inciting violence and not counting chickens before they are hatched. He started out saying that Speaker Pelosi and her family have now been attacked at work and at home. Spare me. All of the Marines in my life have honor. The Fedsurrection of January 6 was horrible, but Nancy should have protected the Capitol. That’s part of her job. And, she and Paul are wealthy enough to have super-security at their homes. If Paul’s “friend” broke in and was confused that is not a political attack.

Auchincloss then said that on election night there will be a lot of disappointed GOP candidates and they should watch their words because there are a lot of disturbed individuals in this country. Griff Jenkins pointed out there has been violence on both sides and Auchincloss said to forget about the whataboutism, that there is a clear trend of GOP politicians inciting violence on the Far Right. What a slimy weaselboy. But it got worse, he called out Glenn Youngkin for political violence for saying “we are going to send Nancy home” to California to take care of her husband. Gawd, these people. Joe Biden has threatened Republicans and Auchincloss calls this a threat.

Here is the full video:

It’s very rich for someone like Jake Auchincloss to poo-poo whataboutism and warn the GOP about not counting chickens before they are hatched. Jake is going to owe us all an apology very soon. I know this guy is not a General Issue Marine. And, heck Massachusetts. Surely, you have some substantial men. Some men with chests. Chickens indeed.

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  • Now, Toni, I do know quite a few “men with chests” in Massachusetts. Looking at the map, though, none of them reside in the Fourth Congressional District.

    (Come to think of it, I know several women there too that would fall into the meaning – but using the same description would be horribly misconstrued… Not being up on my Lewis as well as I should be – did he have an equivalent for their female counterparts?)

    • Toni Williams says:

      Sorry, I am not a fan of Massachusetts, the entire state. I especially don’t like Boston and Cape Cod. When we lived in Connecticut, the neighbors were always trying to convince me, ugh. I do LOVE Newport, Ri. I am sure there are men with chests, I just never made their acquaintance.

      The CS Lewis now says people with chests, if that’s any help.

      • Taylor says:

        I like the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for sightseeing Colonial and early American history but I do not care for New England ‘Yankees’ at all. Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Edward Markey, Elizabeth Warren, Barney Frank – what is it with that State?

  • Cameron says:

    Crud. We have to claim him as one of ours. Off to drink that shame away.

  • Chris says:

    He maybe correct.
    The state has already been set for another steal

    There are alot of “Republican” weasels, traitors and Plants.
    Most know little to nothing about the Republic and it’s founding….
    And many don’t seem to want too.,

    There path is Personal Enrichment and Apeasement to other politicians that hold sway over them.

    It’s really a Uni-Party.,
    There is really very little difference between “The Parties”..

    Voting…is not going to fix any of this.

    If ya dont see this…well..
    Too bad for ya

    • Red Right Returning says:

      Don’t bother to vote. Just throw up your hands because resistance is futile. Hmmm, wonder who that would help…

    • NoMoreRinos says:

      So true.
      When Dems control congress and President they pass the most damaging bills imaginable.
      Reps are super aggressive in repealing everything as long as they know that Senate/House or President can stop it
      When Reps control congress and President they grow quite and start making excuse after excuse why they can’t keep their promises to limit government or repeal the laws that destroy our freedom
      Just look at 2016 election. Reps went overboard on what they were going to do because they thought Hillery would be president and bail them out.
      Ahh the backtracking in 2017 – 2019 that happened after Trump won….

    • Taylor says:

      If you think there are no differences between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp, Kristi Noem and Kathy Hochul, Kari Lake or Katie Hobbs – then I do not think that there is anything that can be done to help you. You might possibly be a Democratic troll who wants to discourage conservatives form voting.

  • Russ Tibbitts says:

    We have a couple of them here in Utah, one who’s a Senator and one who aspires to be one.

  • John says:

    Thank you, Sir, for your service to my country

    • Nate Redshill says:

      That’s just the problem: Auchincloss thinks his being a veteran gives him protection to then go and do and say anything. I’ve read of too many vets who became criminals. I’ve read too much about how Uncle Joe Stalin was the Russian Franklin Roosevelt. I saw re-election signs for sleazy politicians that said “Democrat—Veteran”. But I do know of the immense meaning of sacrifice.
      My live-in girlfriend in the 1990’s (I lived with her) had lost her favorite uncle at age eight seven weeks into the Normandy Invasion. She was uncomfortably bothered by all the media hype in 1994 with the 50th of the Normandy Invasion. She told me of how she was playing outside in late July 1944 and her mother came out and told her to fetch her younger sister and come inside. Upon doing that her mother then told the two of them that the War Department had just informed her grandfather than his son Sam had been killed in combat in Normandy.
      Uncle Sam is buried in Normandy.
      I solve this by being neutral. I don’t fawn over veterans like most people. The “love me love my dog” problem I call it. I don’t like the idea that the reason I’ve never “done time” is that I never served. Maybe the experience would have been good and useful–but I fear the idea that I would have come home and later gunned down a liquor store clerk. Bad enough to come home and be a pro-Communist Leftist and Progressive or an alcoholic.

  • Nate Redshill says:

    Glad I’m not in his district. How on earth do you pronounce his aristocratic name? AW-kin-kloss? Whatever. He’s related to the Auchincloss (turns out the name is aristocratic Scottish) that wrote abstruse novels (“The Embezzler”, “The Rector of Justyn” etc.) back in the Sixties that were Very Popular with The Book of the Month Club set. A would-be Dike Upjohn. My father tried to read one–my Dad lived to be 102 but I don’t think he ever finished it just like over fifty years ago I quit The Hobbit around page 50 and have NEVER resumed. Back to AuchinWhatever–he’s related to Jackie Kennedy which is supposed to make him important somehow. I’m sorry, but I’ve met too many veterans who are like Auchincloss the Congressman–they think their being a veteran can cover any and all ills and consequences of any bad ideas the have or do. As an observer of life and living I would say to A—–: “Look in a mirror—you are what you are decrying. Just be thankful Teddy didn’t take you for a ride in his mother’s Oldsmobile!” Now, is Au—– a vegetarian? He does write like a Boston Globe reader. ENOUGH! At least I have Katherine Clark as a Congresscritter–he staff still hasn’t responded to questions I gave them 15 years ago!

  • H says:

    C.s. Lewis?interesting
    Many middle aged women do seem infatuated with him
    Perhaps because as a teen ager he fell in love with a woman 26 years his senior.
    Is that relevant to you?

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