Masculinity: The Exalted Obama Lecture

Masculinity: The Exalted Obama Lecture

Masculinity: The Exalted Obama Lecture

At least GW Bush took up painting for a post-presidency hobby. The Obamas are determined to remain firmly in politics and culture. Barack has taken a few moments away from running his third term through the Bidenbeard to weigh in on masculinity. Something he knows so much about. Heh.

Now Barry, ever the celestial egotist singing in the one note of ME!ME!ME! approached the topic by making it about his fatherly talk with his daughters about … (drumroll)Toxic Masculinity™.

“I talk to my daughters’ friends about boys growing up and, so much of popular culture tells [boys] that the only clear, defining thing about being a man, being masculine, is you excel in sports and sexual conquest,” Obama said during a recent episode of the new podcast he co-hosts with singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen (snip)

“There is a bunch of stuff in there that we did not reckon with, and now you’re seeing with Me Too part of what we’re dealing with in terms of women still seeking equal pay, part of what we’re still dealing with in terms of domestic abuse and violence. … There was never a full reckoning of who our dads were, what they had in them … How we have to understand that and talk about that. What lessons we should learn from it. All that kind of got buried.”

Wait, what, huh? Oh dear. We are reminded again that Obama without his teleprompter is incapable of speaking in thoughtful, coherent sentences. “Bunch of stuff”? “Kind of got buried”?

Sure, daddy-oh, sure …

Unfortunately, the whole focus over the last several years on Toxic Masculinity™ has been little more than a promotion of Leftist ideology than an honest discussion of masculinity. And certainly Barry never mentions if during his dad-talk with his daughters it included Toxic Femininity. No, no, Barry shows his shallowness by never following up on his popular culture tells framing.

Because conscientious parents teach their children how to be strong enough to reject the toxic aspects of popular culture. It can either be how rap music’s toxic masculinity is about using as many females as possible as sexual objects or its female toxic femininity that is about empowering women by making themselves as sexually available to anyone as possible. If we could take a peek at Malia or Sasha’s playlist, would we find CardiB’s Wet-Ass Pussy on it?

Epic fail there, Barry.

Our society needs, no, requires masculine men and feminine women. The sexes are different but complimentary and not fungible. Each brings something unique to the table. However, those powerful attributes, like all things, can easily lead to excesses unless under the control of the individual. Both men and women have to control and channel their natures while learning from each other. We need to pay attention to the log in our own eye before condemning the speck in our neighbor’s — no more evident than that men and masculinity are consistently held up for public scrutiny and condemnation, but women and femininity rarely are. Indeed, some of the most toxic attributes of femininity such as excessive emotionalism and public whining about victimhood isn’t just tolerated, but whole websites are dedicated to celebrating it.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Jordan Peterson.

“A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.”

Too bad Barry never had a good father to teach him these things.

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  • Cameron says:

    I’ll give his viewpoint on masculinity the same amount of respect I give Rachel Maddow’s view on heterosexuality.

  • Lloyd Barnhart says:

    I’m not sure Obama should be commenting on masculinity. He seems to get his “man strength” from the hulk he is married to. I would rather listen to the “guys at the end of the bar”

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Hey Miss Priss, did you ever check out the different camera angles from Biden’s “staged event” interaction on the South Lawn? It was quite a feat to do accomplish those different camera angles using a green screen. Maybe you can team up with Alex Jones and hawk male virility supplements because, as you know, we need masculine men!

  • Wang Wei Lin says:

    I am an old guy and my world has never been like this.

    Obamas world is one of leftists, liberals and Hollywood where all manner of vileness is promoted yet he picks out men. His definition of men is different than mine. My parents raised me to respect all people and to behave in a civil manner.

  • Must have been quite the podcast. Should have been titled “Lectures From Sissies”.

  • Bruce M Metcalf says:

    No nasty toxic masculinity here:

  • David Longfellow says:

    The problem isn’t Obama. He’s just an empty suit.
    The problem is the mass of idiot democrats who actually think his thoughts are somehow profound.

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