The Manhunt For Terrorists Continue As Death Toll Rises To 14 In Spain [VIDEO]

The Manhunt For Terrorists Continue As Death Toll Rises To 14 In Spain [VIDEO]

The Manhunt For Terrorists Continue As Death Toll Rises To 14 In Spain [VIDEO]

While the media and political pundits continue their over-the-top reaction to monuments, Spain is dealing with the aftermath of a terror attack. Deanna wrote about it here and provided multiple updates in her post.

Today we find out that the death toll has risen to 14, well over 100 are injured and a third suspect has been arrested. 

Police have tied the attack in Barcelona to a house in Alcanar that blew up on Wednesday night.

One person was killed and six were injured after a house, which contained more than 20 butane gas canisters, blew up in Alcanar, Catalonia at about 11.15pm on Wednesday night.

A second explosion took place after emergency services rushed to the scene, injuring six police officers and two firefighters as they sifted through rubble.

A police source said it is believed the residents in the house were preparing explosives using gas cylinders. [Emphasis Added]

Uhhhh guys? 20 butane gas canisters??!! 

Stop and think for a minute as to what they were going to do with those? The possibilities are terrifying to contemplate!

Authorities have been moving swiftly to identify and arrest suspects in the attack. As Deanna had reported, initial identification of the suspects was confusing, but now it’s been clarified.

Moussa Oukabir, pictured above, is an 18 year old who used his older brother’s ID to rent the Fiat van he used in the attack. Two years ago it seems that he proclaimed that if he was ruler of the world, he would kill all infidels and “only allow Muslims to continue the religion.” Driss Oukabir, Moussa’s older brother whose ID was used to rent the van, is under arrest as well.

Late Thursday there was a second attack in Cambrils. Yet again a vehicle was used to ram into pedestrians at the seaside resort. Police engaged in a shootout with the five suspects.

As the authorities continue to track down suspects, this story via The Telegraph is interesting to say the least.

The CIA told Los Mossos, the Catalonian regional police force, that Barcelona was a top target for jihadist terrorists as recently as June this year, El Peridoco, a local paper, reported on Friday.

“Two months ago the Central Intelligence Agency passed a notice to the Catalan autonomous police,” the paper said. “It even warned of the risk to Las Ramblas,” the pedestrian thoroughfare hit by an attack on Thursday.

Catalonia has been designated a high-risk area for years. So, the information above concerning a possible attack so soon after similar vehicle terrorist attacks in London, Nice, Berlin, and Stockholm is disturbing on multiple levels.

However, CNN’s Wolf Blizter and Jim Sciutto had a different take on the Barcelona attack.

Did you catch that??!! Here’s the direct quote:

“There will be questions about copycats,” Blitzer said. “There will be questions if what happened in Barcelona was at all a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Even though there may be different characters, different political ambitions, they used the same killing device: a vehicle going at high speed into a group, a large group of pedestrians.”

If that gave you a concussion from a massive head desk collision, I apologize. But there’s more:

And this:

What Wolf and Jim refuse to consider is that the jackass in Charlottesville WAS the copycat! Car ramming is one of the major calling cards of ISIS! It’s not the other way around you idiots!  To suggest that the terrorists in Barcelona decided to COPY the Charlottesville attack is not only stupid it is dangerously irresponsible!

Authorities in Spain have identified at least 12 suspects involved in planning or carrying out the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Moussa Oukabir is still at large as are some of the others.

But questions remain. Barcelona, as beautiful as the region is, has long been a hub of jihadist activity. The massive influx of refugees into Europe has only exacerbated the problems of terrorism, and as authorities try to find the remainder of this current group of terrorists, I fear things will get worse before they get better.

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  • GWB says:

    20 butane gas canisters

    I think this might be one of those places where America and Europe are different. Here, “butane canisters” would generally be pretty small devices for refilling lighters. I’m guessing they’re more like propane tanks here.

    wore fake bomb belts

    I wonder if they were supposed to be recipients of real bombs from the Alcanar house? But, you know…. as long as they ended up dead without taking others with them, I’m willing for them to be “doing it wrong”.

    Barcelona, as beautiful as the region is, has long been a hub of jihadist activity.

    Yeah, being directly across from Morocco has led to a lot of issues. The Brits have kept them out of Gibraltar, it seems.

    I hope the Spanish chase the guilty folks down and give them what they deserve – 72 leperous, syphilitic virgins in the deepest pit of the hottest corner of hell.

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