Man of Sikh Faith Attacked By Apparent White Supremacists

Man of Sikh Faith Attacked By Apparent White Supremacists

Man of Sikh Faith Attacked By Apparent White Supremacists

From the dawn of time, people have done ugly things to each other. That’s a sad but true fact. It’s also true that there will always be people who hate you for your race, color, creed, side of town you live on or just the cut of your jib. At about the same time the Antifa are tearing up a Marine Corps Recruiting Center in Berkeley, California, a man of the Sikh Faith was beaten up and told to “go back to your own country”.

This is how CBS Sacramento reported it:

A well-known member of the Stanislaus County community was brutally beaten while placing campaign signs, and police are investigating it as a hate crime.

It was Tuesday night in Keyes and 50-year-old Surjit Malhi had just placed his last sign at the corner of Foote and Keyes when he came upon two men waiting for him as returned to his truck.

And then:

“As soon as I saw them they threw sand in my eyes,” Malhi said.

“And I cleared my eyes and I saw them,” Malhi said.

Blue eyes peeking through black hoodies is what he saw. And as the beating continued his attackers shouted, “Go back to your country!”

The same message, along with hate symbols such as the white supremacist version of the Celtic Cross, were spray painted on his truck. The version painted on the side of his truck has the cross mostly wrapped in a circle. It’s featured in the logo for Stormfront, a prominent white supremacist site.

Mr. Malhi sat for an interview with CBS Sacramento and it moved me to tears.

Amen, my American brother. Remember when I wrote about the Statue of Liberty climber? If not, then you can read it here. On the one hand, you have Mr. Malhi beaten by subhuman cretins while engaging in Free Speech political activity. On the other hand, you have Outhouse Rat Okoumou, disrupting the Fourth of July and verbally assaulting the people who gave her respite from the Congo.

If we ever elect real patriots to be our Representatives and Senators and they address immigration (yeah, that’s gonna happen.), we need many more Mr. Malhis and no more Okoumous. Extreme vetting, indeed.

Now, we will dispense with the cowardly filth alleged to be with the white supremacist group “Stormfront”. First of all, when the authorities find you, you will be prosecuted. You will be found despite your cowardly face covering. You will be charged with a hate crime. While I am not in favor of the general idea of “hate crimes”, I believe there are cases that deserve extreme justice. (I don’t care for the term “hate crimes” because an ordinary smash and grab crime isn’t exactly friendly.)

The is how the Anti-Defamation League describes the Stormfront logo:

Stormfront, created in 1995 by Florida-based white supremacist Don Black, is the oldest and largest white supremacist website on the Internet. Its logo consists of a squarish Celtic Cross encircled by the phrase “White Pride World Wide.” This image is so universal among white supremacists that now it has also become popular as a generic hate symbol divorced of any specific connection to Stormfront.

Talk about cultural appropriation. How dare you adapt the Celtic Cross for your sick group. The Celtic Cross is a symbol of Christian faith and strength. Not one of you would know anything about either. Get a new logo. You are not decent men and women. I know that it’s weak and pathetic of me to only say that, but I don’t get how you have the nerve to be so ugly in your hearts.

I don’t care what your race, religion or country of origin is. In this country, we welcome all who believe in the American ideals, have an American dream and love the Founding Documents of this Country. The few people of the Sikh faith that I have met have fulfilled all these requirements.

It takes so many people like Mr. Malhi to override the ugly of the people of Antifa and Stormfront and people like Okoumou. As a Nation, we must come together.

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  • Andrew X says:

    WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!

    It has been prominently reported that this man was attacked in the act of his placing campaign signs for a Republican candidate!

    Now, from that fact we can posit that it had to be pretty obvious to the attackers just what he was doing. Now, right here it says “Blue eyes peeking through black hoodies is what he saw”. Now, just WHO is out there clad in black hoodies attacking Republicans across the board from coast to coast. The Stormfront logo? Oh, yeah, that’s mighty cute.

    Believe me, I think Stormfront and their ilk are basically @$$wipes, this is not anything close to a defense of them. But a damn serious suspicion about the idea that they are behind this event is what I speak of. If there is more evidence that this cute little logo in play here that I am not aware of, my apologies.

    But I don’t see Stormfront out there deliberately attacking Republican campaigners, in reality or philosophically.

    And I see Antifah out there doing exactly that. Every day.

  • GWB says:

    How do your eyes “peek out of” a hoodie? Did he mean a balaclava or ski mask? ‘Cause if you can see the eyes (unless they’re some sort of demon whose eyes glow) in a hoodie (that is, a hooded sweatshirt), you can see the rest of the face, as well.
    (I blame reporters for this sort of inaccuracy – it’s either an attempt to be dramatic [and thereby fudging the facts] or a failure to clarify what the victim said. Both are reasons journalism is so looked down upon nowadays.)

    And, I concur with Andrew X as to who might have actually committed this, since just about every “right-wing hate incident” in recent history has been eventually shown to be a hoax.
    Oh yes, the ignorant yobs that make up the “white supremacy” movement are quite capable of violence, and they’re ignorant enough to mistake a Sikh for a muslim. But this sounds off somehow.

  • Johnny says:

    I agree those responsible should be found and punished.
    Let’s wait and see who they really are, as opposed to who they pretend to be.

    However, I have trouble with the “hate crime” stuff.
    Freedom of speech arises from freedom of thought.
    If some dirt-bags want to spout hateful stuff, that’s their right/problem.
    They can display their ignorant/stupid/biased ideas for all society to reject and rebut.

    But if ANYONE engages in violence, they should be punished. Period.
    If the person who hits me because I’m black/Asian/white/rich/poor gets more punishment than the one who hits me to steal my wallet, you’re saying that stealing isn’t “as bad” as being prejudiced. WTF?

    Slippery slope, slippery indeed…

    • GWB says:

      you’re saying that stealing isn’t “as bad” as being prejudiced
      Yeah, this drives me nuts, too. It certainly isn’t “equality under the law”.

  • scott says:

    Whoever did this should face the maximum possible from the justice system. The clowns at stormfront do NOT represent American ideals in the least. Those things being said, I strongly agree with both GWB, and Andrew above, this very much appears like a false flag op by antifa (as so many have been since the first election of the “chosen one”, and very much like the “assassination attempt” in Venezuela appears to be), so I would not be surprised at all to find that the left was behind this.

    Here’s wishing a full and speedy recovery to Mr. Malhi

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