Lori Lightfoot: Change Is Hard, But Change Is Necessary

Lori Lightfoot: Change Is Hard, But Change Is Necessary

Lori Lightfoot: Change Is Hard, But Change Is Necessary

As Lori Lightfoot said, “change is hard, but change is necessary”. And, a change for Chicago could not have been more necessary than her feet out the door.

As hopes for being Mayor of Chicago for a second term fade, Lori Lightfoot is still delusional about how much she and her leadership have done for the city of Chicago:

Significant progress building a safer city, Lori? Tell us how Chicago became safer, exactly, during your four years in office? And, as far as a “more equitable” city, Ms. Lightfoot? The only people the city has been “more equitable” towards has been the criminals.

There are some crazies that are actually thanking Lori Lightfoot for her service. Really? For making Chicago the absolute hellhole that it is today? As our very own Kim pointed out, major crime was up 104 percent over the past two years. Car theft was up 151 percent this year alone. Theft is up 33 percent. Sexual assaults were up 23 percent. And while murder may be a bit down, a higher percentage of murders have occurred overall since Lightfoot took office. Trust us, Lightfoot’s abysmal record in office is nothing to dance in the streets about, even though she thought it was:

I’d say Chicagoans have earned the right to dance in the streets after last night. Hell, the streets may even be safer! Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson will face off in the April mayoral runoff election. Vallas, who served as an adviser for the Fraternal Order of Police, has already promised to crack down on crime and “take the handcuffs off of police“. Johnson is taking a more progressive approach and is backed by the Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU). Oh, the joy. Yeah, the same people who said re-opening schools was rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny in 2020.

Vallas promised to put more cops on the street; Johnson was the only mayoral candidate who has not vowed to do so. While Johnson said he would bolster neighborhood schools and limit selective enrollment schools, Vallas outlined plans to expand selective enrollment and promote school choice.”-Noah Asimov, Block Club Chicago

It has not just been the crime and the school lockdowns that have made Lori Lightfoot’s term as mayor of Chicago a complete failure. Let’s talk about the COVID restrictions. Lightfoot made anyone over the age of five provide proof of vaccination. She showed up at WNBA games unmasked while requiring Chicagoans to be masked wherever they went and their kids to get a shot. She got her hair did while telling everyone else to stay home because “she’s a public figure” (she needed her hair did). She was called the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Hypocrite because of her response to Texas governor Greg Abbott’s busloads of immigrants sent to Chicago (a sanctuary city) while she sent the immigrants to a Republican suburb. Perhaps she meant she was helping to build a “more equitable” suburb?

Lightfoot has made history, in a way. She is the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election. She’s THAT bad. Could it be, even the Democrats are tired of living in filth and in fear of crime? Could it be only Lori Lightfoot saw that Chicago was (cough) safer and “more equitable”? Could it be that they even saw through her lies to see outright incompetence?

In a city that has seen enormous upheaval in the last few years, the runoff promises, at the minimum, to be an incredibly charged affair.”-Ross Barkan, Intelligencer

Change is hard and yes, change is necessary. And, heh, heh. He said enormous. Time will tell who will be the next mayor of Chi-town. We know (and can rejoice) that it will not be Lori Lightfoot.

Excuse me while I go Jersey-Italian here. Hey, Lori? Change is SO HARD. And this is, indeed ENORMOUS for Chicagoans. Who has the biggest d*ck now?

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  • Scott says:

    “The only people the city has been “more equitable” towards has been the criminals.” Not completely true Lisa.. she has definitely expanded the opportunities for Shitcago residents to be victims of crime too…

    “She showed up at WNBA games unmasked while requiring Chicagoans to be masked wherever they went “.. Well, in her defense, being as it was a WNBA game, there was probably more people on the court than in the stands, so not really that much risk…

  • liz says:

    She didn’t just lose. She lost by such a wide margin that the massive level of grift and fraud could not compensate for how unpopular the officially anointed candidate of TPTB in Chicago is.
    Who knows what the actual count was in real human votes, but it must’ve been spectacular.
    This gives me hope.

  • Dale says:

    Still ain’t gonna visit.

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