Lockheed Martin And Struggle Sessions For White Men

Lockheed Martin And Struggle Sessions For White Men

Lockheed Martin And Struggle Sessions For White Men

Lockheed Martin is conducting diversity and inclusion training for white, male executives in the company. Conducted by Zoom for now, the struggle sessions would make Mao Zedong proud.

Lockheed Martin is the largest defense contractor in the United States. According to CNBC, the company gets about $37.7 billion from the U.S. government each year. Ladies and gentlemen, remember that the government has no money. The company gets $37.7 billion dollars of your hard-earned paycheck.

Your hard-earned coinage is going to pay the cost struggle session for white men at this company. Mao Zedong introduced struggle sessions before and during his establishment of the Chinese Communist Party and during the Cultural Revolution. From the Wall Street Journal:

Mao unleashed university and high school students to weed out enemies and hold them to account. The students became the paramilitary Red Guards. They were instructed by the party to “clear away the evil habits of the old society” and extinguish what came to be known as “the four olds”—old ideas and customs, old habits and culture. “Sweep Away All Monsters and Demons,” the state newspaper instructed them.

With a vengeance they did.

In the struggle sessions the accused, often teachers suspected of lacking proletarian feeling, were paraded through streets and campuses, sometimes stadiums. It was important always to have a jeering crowd; it was important that the electric feeling that comes with the possibility of murder be present. Dunce caps, sometimes wastebaskets, were placed on the victims’ heads, and placards stipulating their crimes hung from their necks.

Now, we have to clear away the four olds of ideas, customs, culture and white men.

To aid Lockheed Martin in this cleansing of sins, the company has hired “White Men As Full Diversity Partners”. One of the founders claims that he started holding these groupthink panels because he noticed that white men were not participating in diversity and inclusion in companies. I remember those days. White men were NOT wanted. Human Resources hired minorities to do equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion and white men were not welcome. They were specifically not included because they were white men. To say that I think the brain trust who runs this company are a bunch of dolts is an understatement.

These ritual humiliation panels are not new to Lockheed Martin, but Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) just got wind of it and sent a letter demanding answers:

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) wrote a letter to James Taiclet, President and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation, demanding information regarding a three-day diversity training reportedly held for white male executives in June 2020.

In part, Cotton wrote, “Facilitators allegedly encouraged Lockheed executives to ‘free associate’ stereotypes about various groups. The stereotypes allegedly generated by your executives include that white men are ‘racist,’ ‘privileged,’ ‘set in their ways,’ and ‘KKK.’”

“This training, if it occurred, appears to violate the principle of equal treatment that is the bedrock of American law, including civil-rights law,”Cotton continued.

The CEO of this special company answered Senator Cotton’s letter by doubling down on the racism.

The session in question consisted of 13 masochists featuring:

The Lockheed execs who took part reportedly included director of global supply chain operations Aaron Huckaby; retired Air Force Lt. Col. David Starr, director of Lockheed’s Hercules C-130 military transport program; and retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield, vice president of sustainment operations.

Lockheed Martin pays well, but not well enough for a moral person to ritually flagellate themselves. So, we know what kind of men these are. A human with a healthy sense of self and a lack of Liberal guilt would walk his happy backside out of the room, throw his I.D. card on the desk of the H.R. manager, and boot scoot out of the building forever.

The following video is a great cynical look at this racial piety exercise:

Isn’t it the height of racism to say that women and people of color don’t work hard, have principles and character, or golf? Repeating and internalizing 168 white male and heterosexual statements? Mao is grinning in Hades. Men’s earning potential is 15 to 33% higher than women’s because many women make a different choice. Women who make the same choice make the same money.

Before the military hired diversity and inclusion wankers, six years ago, a Captain was completing a 12 mile march, boots, utes and pack, in under three hours. She struggled with just a 100 or so yards to go. Take a look at all the people around her:

Critical Race Theory has infested every aspect of our culture. That guilt porn queen, Robin DiAngelo, is pushing “White Fragility” on suburban white women. Our schools are adopting it for our youngest and most vulnerable. Now, Lockheed Martin is conducting reeducation camps for old white men.

America, it’s time to yell Hale No to the elephant excrement.

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  • Hate_me says:

    From the video, it doesn’t look like the ruck she’s wearing weighs much. Granted, I’m only seeing a short clip, but it definitely looks like that pack is full of pillows. It seems she’s struggling with the distance, and the weight of the rifle – not the weight on her back. I could be wrong.

    Good for her for powering through. I’m not trying to take away from that. Grit matters and should be encouraged. Maybe I’m reading her balance wrong, or perhaps the requirement was 10% of body weight or 15# or something small and my criticism is entirely unfounded, but 12 miles at an approach load should never be a struggle for any soldier outside of IET/ROTC.

    • Hate_me says:

      I am glad she didn’t bounce her face off the muzzle. Was worried a few times.

      • Toni Williams says:

        Well, she should be carrying whatever weight ruck the men are carrying in the program. To me, it looked like her right hip flexor went out. A frequent problem for women in the military. My point in using the video is that most of the people pushing her to finish were (gasp) white men.

  • JAW3 says:

    “White Men As Full Diversity Partners”. I ducked them up and I’ll say with certainty that there is a lot of money in that baloney. Check out their team. It goes way down the page. We’ll never get back to the moon with this bunch leading the way.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Highly profitable. We;ll be lucky to get tp to the grocery store. The moon? Forget about it.

  • Sam L. says:

    I won’t buy Lockheed stock.

  • Russ Wood says:

    There was a book in the 1960’s about managing IT people. One example from that which sticks is the story of a bunch of programmers who had to take an assessment test. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough copies of the test to go around, so the testers split the paper and gave the first half, while more copies of the second half were being made. When the group were about to go for the second half, one programmer asked “Should we be the same personality as we used in the first half?” Smart people WILL tailor their answers to fit whatever the ‘testers’ want to hear.

  • Cameron says:

    I used to work for Lockheed as a .gov contractor. If I’d been forced to take this kind of drivel, my firing would have been legendary even in Hell.

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