Live Woke or Die: New Hampshire Too White

Live Woke or Die: New Hampshire Too White

Live Woke or Die: New Hampshire Too White

Once upon a time, back in 1984, there was a Italian-American girl with a VERY Italian last name who moved to a small New Hampshire town. The crowd gathered around to see the new kid and find out what was up with her last name and asked the stereotypical question:

“Is your father in the mob?”

The young girl from New Jersey in this case was me. It wasn’t until later on in my college years that I realized my grandfather had ties to the mob back in the day so I told inquiring minds that day that we had no mob ties, that my last name was Italian…”like from Italy” and that was all. As a young teenage girl who was bullied quite a bit back in Dirty Jersey by girls who have probably become like Theresa Guidice on Real Housewives of New Jersey, I *may* have followed up the answer to their inquiry with a few expletives and a middle finger. After all, my attitude had to accompany my half-shaved head that was then purple, the tons of eyeliner on my eyelids and the safety pins I stuck in my earlobes in protest of wearing a school uniform for years.

Cut to 2018 and this from the New York Times:

New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.

GASP! Say it isn’t so.

The State of New Hampshire, Economic Development Director, Will Arvelo and Paula Parnagian, the diversity and inclusion manager for Eversource, the energy company that provides power for New Hampshire homes, are both behind this initiative. More background:

New Hampshire, according to NYT, is 94% white, followed by Vermont and Maine live with the disease of being 95% white.

Don’t look now, but other states having similar workforce problems have business, and sometimes governments, looking beyond U.S. borders for workers. Without some sensible regulations as to who gets in, New Hampshire and the nation are going to face more of the problems that are troubling and dividing Europe.

New Hampshire is a welcoming state. Promoting that fact is fine. But businesses expecting to solve their hiring problems are better off looking for more local solutions, such as the focus on keeping young people here and addressing education costs. And they and the taxpayer had better keep an eye on where the money for these efforts is coming.-The New Hampshire Union Leader

The premise behind this argument for “more inclusion” stems from New Hampshire’s current demographics…but let’s break this down for a moment. My family and I left New Hampshire after three years. Our departure was over 21 years ago. Why? Besides the fact that my parents got tired of shoveling snow in the winter, the reason was purely an economic one. New Hampshire is truly a beautiful state. My parents fell in love with it on a vacation one year and they bought a modest single-wide trailer as a “vacation home” that we eventually came to live in after my parents had enough with commuting into New York City. I remember having some great times there on Lake Winnipesaukee in the summer and skiing in the White Mountains in the winter. It was a playground for us but there was no promise of growth. High school kids were dropping out of school on their 16th birthdays, the girls were subsequently getting pregnant because there was nothing else to do in our small town. I got a job at a local McDonald’s to get away from that noise, immersing myself in punk rock and crushing on rock stars, was active in band, drama, Ski Club and spent Saturday nights at the roller rink. The small town I (partially) grew up in had a prep school on the hill, a downtown area so small, you blink your eyes and you’re through it and a few quaint bed and breakfast establishments that catered to, no doubt, the affluent (white) families who sent their kids off to prep school and the (mostly white) city-dwellers who wanted a dose of peace and quiet from the daily hustle. For my family, it became increasingly difficult to partake of the playground when wages were so low and property taxes were so high. There was stagnation and yes, a bit of cronyism. Despite living in New Hampshire for some time and contributing to the local economy, we were still “outsiders” and we ARE white! What did we do? We chalked our experience up to not researching the economic climate enough and moved the heck on!

For the most part, I am willing to venture that New Hampshire is still highly dependent on seasonal tourism. The cottages on Lake Winnipesaukee close down for the winter and really, there’s not much of a reason to be hanging out on Weirs Beach in January. It’s butt-cold. The Gunstock ski jumps close down for the summer. Most locals hold different jobs in different seasons. A snow-plow operator in the winter may operate a fishing charter in the Lakes Region in the summer and may still barely make ends meet. Forced diversity doesn’t do much to remedy this dynamic which is the nature of living in northern New England. But, for some reason, The New York Times feels the need to push this agenda. The very WHITE New York Times, may I add. Perhaps we should run a breakdown of diversity and demographics of the individuals on their (highly-paid) editorial staff? Anyone? Anyone? Isn’t it so cute when large media organizations do this kind of thing?

So, cast aside the white, sharp cheddar cheese and hot apple pie because it looks like the state of New Hampshire had better make some change. Let’s start with the name of their most beloved mountain range, the White Mountains. And while they’re at it, they had better reconsider renaming the town of Whitefield. So racist. And…all of the white snow that accumulates on Mt. Washington in the cold winters with some of the most brutal conditions recorded on Earth? The SJW brainiacs had better rethink this, too.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    We’ll build a glorious tower of Babel and it will be like a Benetton ad with all the races holding hands and singing hymns of praise to mommygov as we all ride off on our unicorns after a spell at the magic chocolate fountain.
    Reality has a funny way of slapping fairy tale believers right across the face.

  • Scott says:

    Lisa, Unless i’m mistaken, you’re asking for SJZ (Social justice zealots) howler monkeys to use logic and rational thought. You’re even asking them to include facts in their decision making process… surely you know better than that!!!

  • GWB says:

    the diversity and inclusion manager for Eversource
    This means the people of New Hampshire are being defrauded in their energy bills, since there is absolutely no relevance whatsoever of “diversity and inclusion” to producing electricity and delivering it to the homes and businesses of New Hampshire. You people should sue or protest or something.

    a bit of cronyism
    Yeah, a bit. Where I lived in northern Maine, there were about four families. Everyone there was related, unless the base brought you in. The vast majority of those were absolutely fantastic people. (I loved my landlord family and the folks in my church and lots of others.) But there was a consistent problem of if-you-know-someone-you’re-hired.

    If they want diversity, then they have to give a reason to live there. Well, other than “We’re so incredibly woke! Mostly. Sorta.” And manufacturing doesn’t want to be up there because of supply delivery costs. Tech companies don’t want to go because of infrastructure costs (and convincing their people to relocate). And skiing is white privilege, so that industry can’t help. (yes, j/k)

  • Skid Marx says:

    It isn’t easy being a poor white trash hilljack from wayback but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything because damn it feels good to be deplorable.
    Grammaw says I have worn out my welcome and must return to the root cellar in the garage.
    Have a better one VGB and keep on rocking in what’s left of the free world.

  • the hairy ape says:

    There is lots of white privilege in Appalachia. The eastern Kentucky coal mine country is also chock full of white privilege.

  • mtnforge says:

    Genocide in NH.
    Its like shooting fish in a barrel.
    You dont have enough ammo.
    The Fabian’s have a long institutional memory. They know the majority of Patriot, effective small unit infantry, read Captain Stark, and Rodgers Rangers, revolutionaries, came from NH and Massachusetts, born out of the French Indian Wars, who aside from realizing the 5000 Year Leap of the actual birth of liberty, the dirt people of Mass and NH, the Marxists are literally attempting to stop such warriors from rising again in the 2nd American Revolution.
    Too White is Marxian racist code for White Men and Women who will rise up and again defeat evil.
    Believe me when I say, the White Christian Men of The West are not only feared more than any threat to the Marxist “Long March”, we are the only existential threat to them. It is an understatement in profound terms Men of The West must be genocided, before the human extinction movement can come to fruition in their agenda to destroy The West and the culture of Christian Grecco/Roman civilization. Both go hand in hand, we are seeing in real time the final penultimate effort to realize their one world order.

    Mr, I believe they vastly underestimate the audacity and motive power of “Too White”. If for no other reason, if we where not an existential threat to the sonofabitches, then why the hemisphere spanning effort of genocide of us White People of The West?

    And certainly, NH is a most suitable place to carry out that agenda of White genocide.

    Me, I know in my bones, they are going to create a meat grinder of resistance at a certain point. And when we begin to fight back, we will not stop till it is them who experience genocide.
    Nothing is as indomitable, as ferocious, merciless, as White Christian People of The West, we don’t stop untill we decide to stop. Its that special thing runs in our blood, we are born with it. Woe to those who cause it to be unleashed. We are the most tolerant patient people imaginable untill we aren’t.

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