LIVE: Resident Biden’s Remarks on Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

LIVE: Resident Biden’s Remarks on Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

LIVE: Resident Biden’s Remarks on Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

There were no remarks from Biden last night as Russian troops moved into Ukraine and explosions were heard in Kyiv. He was probably already in his winter onesie with hot milk and cookies. But, allegedly, he’ll be making a statement at 9:30 am PST. We’ll be watching and adding our remarks below. Let’s just say our expectations for anything meaningful beyond some classic febrile Biden posturing is pretty low. Check back and follow along.

It’s a hard job, but someone has got to do it. Scroll DOWN for latest additions

9am: while we wait … this has certainly aged well —

9:15: ::::snort::::

9:26: ARGHHHH!! Time to start has been changed AGAIN. Now 10:30 am PST. VG Deanna: “they gotta wait until the meds kick in.”

9:38: Well, this is great news … NOT

9:52: Still waiting. Meanwhile, whether Putin sincerely believes it or not, part of his rationale in invading Ukraine is he claim that the Ukraine isn’t a legitimate country but always part of Russia. You know, how China claims Taiwan or Hamas/Hezbollah/Palestinians/American Left considers Israel.

10:20: So far, it looks like, yes, that remarks may occur in ten minutes.

10:34: DEAR LORD, is it too much to ask that the alleged POTUS begin a speech ON TIME? This is just embarrassing.

10:44: here we go

10:45: Biden is doing teleprompter recitation and still can’t help stumbling … he’s trying to timeline the recent past.

10:50: There it is, Biden “more severe sanctions” to “maximize the effect on Russia”.

“This isn’t just America doing this”. Sure, hon.

Biden talks about the Russian stock market hit a low today. Has he looked at OURS lately?

Biden to freeze Russian assets in US – corporate and individuals.

Question as Biden makes claims on how this will all squeeze Russia — does he thing Putin didn’t already put his in his calculations on what would happen in the wake of the Ukraine invasion?

10:51: Biden putting troops in NATO but is trying to assure our troops won’t fight Russian troops. Putin may have other plans, eh?

Another question:

10:53: Biden says he is going to release more oil from reserves. NOTHING ABOUT increasing our gas/oil production. FJB

10:55: Biden says “Freedom” like a weird talisman when you know he has no belief in it.

Biden now trying more rhetoric — who wrote those words? — and voice is now tired and small.

10:57 remark from VG Deanna “Nations take what they want by force” Because they ALL SAW YOU WALK AWAY FROM AFGHANISTAN

Now questions (scripted) from Pravda media

Biden “NATO more united than ever and I won’t talk to Biden”. <—-prepared remark

Q: “Sanctions haven’t worked, will these work and what about Russian nukes”

Biden: “No one expected sanctions to make (Putin) stand down” REALLY????

11:01 Biden says maybe he did underestimate Putin. — Well, DUH!

Q: will sanctions be as effective as tanks, bullets, etc.
A: Yes


Biden now reverses and says sanctions will NOT stop invasion but make “weak” Putin to be overthrown by his own people.

What was in his meds this morning?

Q: Why not sanction SWIFT?
A: My sanctions are actually harsher than SWIFT?

And Biden won’t comment on China. ::snort::

11:05 Biden says if we don’t do these sanctions now, Putin will be “emboldened”. Hey, Brandon, that ship sailed long ago.

11:06: And Biden turns his back and walks off.

So, 14 minutes of prepared remarks and barely 10 of questions. Which boils down to – We are going to 1) put more sanctions on Russia 2) Promise to protect NATO allies and 3) Ukraine is toast, oh well

Well, at least there are no more mean tweets. #FJB


The Hangover:

NOTE: Biden’s “let’s see how sanctions squeeze Russia from the inside” is assuming that the average Russian citizen has any political power to force Putin to resign. And Brandon is assuming that American citizens will buy that reasoning.

Feckless Biden’s Administration is trying to play both sides at the same time. This sums it up

Thanks for reading along.

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