Lipinski and the Democrats and why this election matters

Lipinski and the Democrats and why this election matters

Lipinski and the Democrats and why this election matters

Dan Lipinski is a blue dog democrat. That means he is a pro-life fiscally kind of conservative who was targeted by the pro death hard left portion of his party.

Dan Lipinski is also the leader of the Blue Dog coalition. As you can guess, blue dogs are not liked by the hard left wing of the democrat party. In this election, Lipinski was targeted by his own party for being a pro-lifer. Because pro-choice does not really mean pro-choice. But he won his election.

Lawmakers from the progressive and conservative wings of the party insisted on Wednesday there are no hard feelings after Lipinski’s narrow triumph over his liberal challenger, Marie Newman.

But it’s clear that some of the residual feelings about Lipinski’s politics — as an anti-abortion Democrat who has opposed marriage equality and Obamacare, he’s one of the most conservative members of the caucus — still linger.

And the Proggies do not quite get how important being inclusive is. How ironic is that? Victory Girl Deanna talked about that rather stupid tendency here. Because their one note johnny pro death stance is all the hard left dems care about.

Newman supporters insist that Lipinski’s victory, “by the hair of his chiny chin chin,” is proof that he’s “definitely not the future of the Democratic Party,” said Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Gee doesn’t that just make you wanna run out and vote Democrat?

Why does that matter? Here are my top three reasons this is important in no particular order.

Reason number one: the democrat leadership at the state and national level is just dumb. Hillary lost the now purple Midwest in 2016 because her people on the ground did not know the average voter in these states nor did they care. Hillary was a hard sell and her staff’s arrogance was detailed here.

Several theories have been proffered to explain just what went wrong for the Clinton campaign in an election that virtually everyone expected the Democratic nominee to win. But lost in the discussion is a simple explanation, one that was re-emphasized to HuffPost in interviews with several high-ranking officials and state-based organizers: The Clinton campaign was harmed by its own neglect.

Indeed. And it is a rot on a national level.

Then there is reason number two: The progs put agenda over party not principles. Because the IL Dems and the progressive wing has no principles other than murdering the unborn it seems.

The progs really need to stop calling themselves pro-choice. This proves they are abortion driven. Hint to the GOP: how about talking job training, sustaining small businesses and being aware of your voting baase and what motivates them. As we have seen, the Democrats could care less.

Last is reason number three: He is running against an actual Illinois nazi. Pro-life vs Pro-death on a much larger scale. And unlike the lovely (sarcasm fully intended) Ms. Newman, Lipinski appeals to crossover voters.

Two of last night’s big stories in Illinois’s primary elections were the survival of pro-life Democrat Dan Lipinski against a vigorous primary challenge from the left in Illinois’s third congressional district, and a Holocaust-denying Nazi gadfly taking the Republican nomination to face Lipinski. But contrary to how they were portrayed in the media, these were not two stories; they were one story.

Fortunately, Illinois has open primaries so Republicans could vote their conscience. And they did.

Because Illinois has an open primary system, so Republican voters could cross over into the contested race rather than pull the lever for the Nazi. And a pro-life Democrat with national pro-life groups campaigning for him and prominent national Democrats denouncing him is a candidate that more Republicans could in good conscience support.

What is next?

To the horror of the progs, Pro-life Lipinski was reelected. And the response of the hard left is useful. If they keep going full stupid, they are going to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Again. This means they will continue to lose local and national elections because they are incapable of being a diverse big tent party. I am thankful sort of that they are this myopic. Hillary was and is a detestable human being.

Lipinski is both a symbol of Illinois politics and a warning to the hard left. His district is a safe district for a democrat. It was carved out specially to make sure the party had a lock on the district. Which is why the loss for Ms. Newman and NARAL stings so much. The open primary is another moment of Derp for the dems.

In other words, you don’t represent anything outside your hard left enclaves toots. I do not think the DNC and their abortion funded leftist friends get that this matters. In 2018, 2020 and beyond their strident pro death stand is not going to result in crossover votes. And hopefully they run the full crazy and the GOP gets a clue fast.

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