Ivanka Trump in Lab Coat Triggers Hysteria

Ivanka Trump in Lab Coat Triggers Hysteria

Ivanka Trump in Lab Coat Triggers Hysteria

On Monday, Ivanka Trump visited Iowa. In our world, that would be old news, normally. Given the Austin Bomber, who would think a lab coat would trigger such hysteria on the left. Yes, Ivanka Trump in a lab coat triggered mass hysteria on Planet Progressive that is still circling the drain. The comedy geniuses at the Huffington Post titled their reporting “Ivanka Trump Called Out For ‘Cosplaying’ As A Scientist In Latest Weird Photo Op”. It’s not really even fake news, just mean.

Why was Ivanka in Iowa and why was she wearing a lab coat? HuffPo explains:

vanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, visited Iowa on Monday to promote her father’s stalled infrastructure initiative.

While touring a local education program, the White House adviser donned a lab jacket, goggles and a pair of gloves and conducted a science experiment. She measured the nicotine levels in the “vape juice” used in e-cigarettes, Business Insider reported.

The “Des Moines Register” gives more details:

The visit is part of Trump’s wider efforts to support the White House’s infrastructure plan, which includes measures to expand federal job training programs.

It also aligns with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ focus on expanding workforce development programs and education in high-growth fields like science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. Reynolds, who is running for election to a full term this year, was on hand Monday along with acting Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg.

Known as APEX, the airy, gleaming education complex looks like a Silicon Valley tech HQ, complete with massive asymmetrical windows, a wide-open atrium strewn with eclectic seating options and garage-style overhead doors that open onto classrooms.

And, when you see Ivanka Trump in her lab coat with students from the school, she fits in and the coat makes sense. See what I mean.

Ivanka Trump jokes with STEM students in Iowas. (Des Moines Register photo)

Since the entire Progo Planet is inhabited by 13 year old mean girls, Ivanka Trump joshing with female STEM students doesn’t feed their need. No, Ivanka Trump as a beautiful, gracious and educated woman will never make the Progo burn book. This, from Iowa station KCCI is Ivanka Trump.

Here is a sample from the Planet Progo burn book on the Ivanka Trump Iowa visit:

The mass hysteria emanating from the left is proof positive they are terrified. Terrified of a nice Jewish wife and mother who is supportive of her family and a proponent of education. It must be so horrifying to see 40 years worth of indoctrination being turned on it’s head.

The left may joke about Miss Trump “Cosplaying”, “Kremlin Barbie”, or “Science Barbie”. The jokes tell us far more about the smallness and hysteria on the left than they tell us anything about Ivanka Trump.

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  • Orvan Taurus says:

    Ox need labcoat.

  • GWB says:

    Well, it’s optics. And that’s always silly. (OK, maybe not with GWB [the other one] in a G-suit.)

    Sorry, Orvan, but even a lab coat won’t get you looking like Ivanka. 😉

  • Toni Williams says:

    lolol. both of you

  • Timmy says:

    If you are in a lab you need to have proper PPE. If it was a photo op she wouldn’t have safety glasses. They always forget the safety glasses.

  • harleycowboy says:

    Hey, let’s pass out lab coats to a bunch of people and call them doctors! Never mind. That’s already been done several years ago hasn’t it?

  • David Lentz says:

    Holding a radish in her hand did not make Michelle Obama a gardener, or nutrition authority. Likewise posing with a test tube does not make Ivanka Trump into a scientist. Being a real gardener or scientist is matter of putting in the work, and not one doing a photo-op.

    Now for the bonus round, can Ms Trump or anybody demonstrate why we need more women in STEM?

    • ZZMike says:

      It’s customary to wear a lab coat in a laboratory. Cast your eyes to the students participating: lab coats? And safety glasses.

  • ZZMike says:

    “The mass hysteria emanating from the left….” is all they have to offer.

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