Lena Dunham Compares Jewish Men to Dogs

Lena Dunham Compares Jewish Men to Dogs

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The darling of the Hollywood left has struck again. The liberal media is infatuated with Lena Dunham, despite the fact that she is unattractive, overweight, crass, untalented, and in general, one of the most despicable people in show business today. In addition to admitting to molesting her sister and lying about being raped, Dunham has now struck again with what she apparently believes is a hilarious article in the New Yorker where she compares Jewish men to dogs.

In the “quiz”, Dunham asks, “Do the following statements refer to (a) my dog or (b) my Jewish boyfriend?”, with laugh-out-loud entries like:

3. He’s crazy for cream cheese.

… 7. But he has asthma.

8. I feel that he is judgmental about the food I serve him. When I make something from scratch, he doesn’t want to eat it, but he also rejects most store-bought dinners.

9. This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don’t acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates.

10. As a result of this dynamic, he expects to be waited on hand and foot by the women in his life, and anything less than that makes him whiny and distant.

… 13. He doesn’t tip.

… 17. When I get home from the business trip, he ignores me for hours, sometimes days, forcing me to wonder whether he would be better off with a woman who has a less demanding career. “Why don’t you find some catalogue model who just sits around all day and rubs your back? I bet you’d like that,” I hiss. “I apologize for my many accomplishments. I’m sorry they mean nothing to you.”

18. He respects my father but is intimidated by his Waspy, buttoned-up demeanor, flat cadence, and inability to express physical affection toward other men. The tension between them takes the form of passive-aggressive pissing matches and hostile silences.

… 27. In fact, he has hair all over his body, like most males who share his background.

Isn’t that just, like, so funny? Aren’t you totally LOLing right now? Are you just stunned by Dunham’s wit? Anti-Semitism is hilarious, guys. So, so funny. Jewish men are just like dogs… or they’re hairy, cheap, whiny mama’s boys who are intimidated by successful women. You pick which one you think is more laugh-inducing, because really, it’s hilarious and not at all offensive.

Here’s a question to the geniuses at the New Yorker who thought it was totally cool to run an anti-Semitic hit piece: would they have printed this if she had been talking about, say, black men? Or how about a quiz comparing a Muslim boyfriend to a dog? She could have written little quips about how sometimes he tries to convince her that it’s OK to date eight-year-old girls, or how when he gets mad he threatens an honor killing.

It’s no surprise that Twitter exploded almost immediately over the blatantly offensive piece. The American Defamation League likewise wasn’t amused, issuing a statement slamming the quiz:

Humor is a matter of taste, and people can disagree if it is funny or not. Some will certainly find Lena Dunham’s stereotypes about cheap Jews offensive. Others will take issue with the very idea of comparing a dog and a Jewish boyfriend. The piece is particularly troubling because it evokes memories of the “No Jews or Dogs Allowed signs from our own early history in this country, and also because, in a much more sinister way, many in the Muslim world today hatefully refer to Jews as “dogs.”

We doubt that Ms. Dunham had any intention of evoking such comparisons. While we understand that humor is its own special brand of expression and always try to give leeway to comedians, we wish that she had chosen another, less insensitive way to publicly reflect on her boyfriend’s virtues and vices. We are surprised that the New Yorker chose to print it.

Jordana Horn, at Jewish parenting blog Kveller, likewise was not amused:

I suppose Lena Dunham feels that she has some sort of humor EZ Pass, and The New Yorker has indulged her in that thinking. You know, because apparently Jews are a group you can make fun of and it is deemed kinda intellectual and funny to do so. If you take issue with what I’m saying, then do me a favor and imagine this same essay entitled, “Dog or Black Boyfriend? A Quiz.” Much easier to imagine that essay running in a Ku Klux Klan newsletter than The New Yorker, am I right? But somehow, a piece like this running in The New Yorker in 2015 is supposed to be OK with us.

… When someone compares people of my ethnicity, religion, or “culture” to dogs? THEY ARE BEING AN ASSHOLE. And a bigot. And a huge, huge jerk. And that’s even if they are “cool” and “usually pretty funny” and they “totally love Russ and Daughters and whitefish and Nora Ephron and Woody Allen.” Sorry–none of those things give you a “Get Out Of Being An Asshole Free” card.

To dehumanize people, one of the first steps is to call them non-people or animals. The whole “Jew and Dog” thing, in my mind, is pretty played out. But Lena, you’re not the first one to think that the two should be addressed in the same piece, or equated to one another. You don’t even have to go as far back in time as Nazi Germany to find people equating Jewish people to dogs. I mean, look at this nice café in Belgium just last year that posted a sign saying, “Dogs are allowed in this establishment, but Jews are not, under any circumstances.” Also last year, a Turkish café in Istanbul posted a sign saying “Jew-dogs” are banned from entering. So all around the world, there are not-so-nice people who equate Jews and dogs. Welcome to their ranks, Lena. Are you proud to be there?

According to Dunham, though, this was a “love letter”. No, really:

If this was a love letter, then what on earth would she write if she was actually trying to be offensive? It’s even more mind-boggling considering that Dunham’s mother is Jewish — Dunham may not be a practicing Jew, and she may consider herself to be an atheist, but she would seemingly take care to lay off the anti-Semitism, especially considering that anti-Semitism is believed to be at its highest since World War II.

Meanwhile, liberals are, of course, already defending her. Because dude, dehumanizing Jewish men by comparing them to dogs, and peddling offensive stereotypes of them, is totally cool. Us conservatives just need to lighten up, apparently. Of course, if a conservative had written this, would they still be wondering what the big deal was?

Here’s the reality: She is a disgusting human being, who possesses not even a modicum of talent, yet for some reason, we’re supposed to buy into this hype that she is this brilliant, witty, and wildly talented woman that we should all adore. But really, more than anything, this idiocy begs the question, yet again, of why liberal Hollywood continues to try to force Lena Dunham onto us, and when she is going to go the hell away.

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  • David Byler says:

    Lena Dunham does not amuse me.

  • Merle says:

    My dog has more class than she does – and wouldn’t stoop to piss on her leg!


  • Carol says:

    When is she going to go away? Can’t be soon enough. She’s just gross and tacky.

  • Jodi says:

    What an anti-Semitic, ignorant media whore.

    Why hasn’t the man whose life she tried to ruin not sued her for every dime she’s got?!

  • Miss Ladybug says:

    I agree with everything except the insults related to “unattractive, overweight”. Being overweight myself, I find using that characteristic in a demeaning way to be a completely unnecessary ad hominem that diminishes the rest of the argument, no matter how valid the other arguments are…

    • Cassy Fiano says:

      When you’re talking about a celebrity, it’s certainly relevant, as at least an untalented disgusting slob could be famous for their looks, at the very least. When the untalented disgusting slob is also unattractive and overweight, what reason is there to prop them up as a celebrity?

  • Xavier says:

    Tweet “Do the following statements refer to (a) my dog or (b) my Negro boyfriend?” and grab some popcorn!

  • Steve says:

    Wisconsin Basketball Player Has Embarrassing Moment at Press Conference


  • “But really, more than anything, this idiocy begs the question, yet again, of why liberal Hollywood continues to try to force Lena Dunham onto us, and when she is going to go the hell away.”

    In some ways it is for the same reason Hollywood knuckleheads have a love affair with radical Islam. In many Islamic countries Jews and Christians are imprisoned, raped, tortured and killed. This has a dark, ugly appeal to the Hollywood glitterati who would like to see the same thing in America (anyone can see this just by looking at “Munich” and “The Handmaiden’s Tale” and countless other movies that portray Jews and Christians as pure evil). In short, Hollywood sees radical Islam as an ally.

    Hollywood also sees Lena Dunham as an ally, or – more accurately – as one of their own. Like Hollywood, her meager talent is magnified by relentless self-promotion. Like Hollywood, she has a nuclear-hot hatred of anyone who dares to disagree with her radical left political views. Like Hollywood, she imagines herself as a brave warrior fighting the forces of darkness, when in reality she is just a bully who enjoys punching down at those weaker than her. Like Hollywood, she has a twisted sexuality (in her recent book she bragged about molesting her sister, and her video in 2012 comparing voting for Obama to a beautiful sexual experience is just plain creepy). And, like Hollywood, she is a raging bigot who tries to pass off her bigotry as “edgy comedy”.

    • Dana says:

      Hollywood isn’t forcing Miss Dunham on us: “Girls” gets good enough ratings that HBO hasn’t cancelled it, so someone has to be watching it.

  • pal says:

    It’s not a liberal/conservative issue, you fools. I am a liberal’s liberal, a Jewish feminist. Some of my best anti-Semites are Conservatives. Look, Lena Dunham is a foolish pampered girl who got a stupid anti-Semitic piece published because she is clueless and crass and offensive. That has nothing to do with liberal and conservative politics. I appreciate you speaking out on behalf of Judaism, but your conservatism has nothing to do with it.

    • Cassy Fiano says:

      You obviously need to work on reading comprehension. No, it’s not a conservative/liberal issue. But the people defending Dunham are liberals, as linked, at sites like Bustle and Salon — because for them, their politics DO trump grossly offensive, anti-Semitic remarks. And the point is that if, say, Michelle Malkin had written a similar article, these same liberal sites would likely be outraged. They’re giving Dunham a pass when they shouldn’t be.

  • Kim Quade says:

    If some man had write similarly about his girlfriend (Jewish or not) Dunham would’ve been all over his ass screaming about misogyny.

    I sincerely hope that Jewish boyfriend of hers finds a nice Jewish girl. Whether or not she was ‘joking,’ no one writes so venomously about someone they love and respect.

  • Dana says:

    It’s actually pretty simple: it is still perfectly acceptable to make Jewish jokes, just as it is acceptable to make heterosexual white men, Catholics, blondes, working class men and Asians the but of jokes. It’s only terrible and inappropriate when the butt of the jokes is a member of an Accredited Victim Group.™

  • Prof. Williams says:

    Whining kikes!

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