Lawnmower Frank, Chelsea Manning, Irma and Hillary

Lawnmower Frank, Chelsea Manning, Irma and Hillary

Lawnmower Frank, Chelsea Manning, Irma and Hillary

Remember when that awful piece of human detritus, former Senator John Edwards (Douche-NC) was running for President and lecturing us all in his (fake) folksy down home accent about “Two Americas”. He said there was an America for the rich and an America for the poor. Edwards was right, in a way. There is the America of Lawnmower Frank and an America of Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. There is an America of Irma and there is an America of Hillary. Allow me to elucidate.

This week’s news makers.

It was a week of odd juxtapositions. We watched a young man mow the dickens out of the White House lawn and we watched a traitor pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman emoji whine about its oppression. We watched as a horrible witch destroyed everything she touched and refused to leave the stage and we watched Hurricane Irma.

Frank Giaccio, 11, of Falls Church, Va., holds his arms up in the air after being surprised by President Donald Trump, Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, while mowing the lawn of the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington. The 11-year-old, who wrote the president requesting to mow the lawn at the White House, was so focused on the job at hand the he didn’t notice the president until he was right next to him. At left is Frank’s father, Greg Giaccio. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Frank Giaccio wrote President Donald Trump asking to mow the White House lawn. Frank, age 11 now, has his own lawn mowing business and admires Trump’s business acumen (anti-Trumpers, shut up and sit down). Okay, so imagine you are 11 years old and get to mow the White House lawn, meet the President of the United States of America and chill in the Oval Office. Being 11 years old is just as sucky for boys as it is for girls. Trust. Boy mom here. Imagine you get to go to the White House. Might just change the trajectory of your life. It makes a patriot’s heart swell with pride.

Victory Girls’ own Deanna wrote about Frank’s awesome D.C. adventure and how the loathsome bottom feeders of Twitter jumped ugly with Frank’s mowing because their own lives suck bigly.

Chelsea Bradley Manning can’t even ugly whine right.

Traitor and disgrace to the uniform my son wears, Chelsea Bradley Manning got invited to do something at Harvard and then got to still do it but without honor, which is par for the course for him. Victory Girls’ Nina wrote about it both times, for which she should get a medal. Also, Nina refused to play along with the collective insanity that is modern America. Nina called Bradley “he” because, DNA. By the way, Chelsea Bradley, a little hint, shave closer. Read both of Nina’s posts if you haven’t already….and why not?

Who is going to be happier in life Lawnmower Frank or Chelsea Bradley. I know, I know!

At least this witch finally left the stage.

Hurricane Irma blew into town and, like the stereotypical woman, didn’t know which way to go. I kid. Irma caused a ton of destruction and left filth in the street. Nina weighed in on Irma with a post about how some local nimrods were gonna shoot up into Irma. Darwin awards at the ready. She caused a lot of controversy, but say this about Irma, she finally went away. Unlike…

Hillary Clinton. What happened? She won’t go away.

We are begging. We are pleading. Even some liberal women want Hillary to go away, but no. This week “Crooked” and “Nasty Woman” Hillary continued blaming everyone, but herself for her loss. Deanna started off the week of Hillary excuses, Nina wrote about how a judge has ordered an investigation into Hillary’s attorneys regarding the emails and new Victory Girls’ writer Amanda wrote about Hillary and what happened in Benghazi. Deanna finished up with week in Hillary with the latest target of her ire/scorn/venom – white women.

Hillary finished off her excrement sandwich with calling President Donald Trump and some of his personnel “a clear and present danger” to the country. Hillary, you lost. Go, the heck, away.

Hillary is like the cockroaches. After Sweet Meteor Of Death finally comes, Hillary will still be here blaming, why, Sweet Meteor of Death, of course.

Yup, there are two Americas. I will take Lawnmower Frank and Irma’s America over the whining twins Chelsea Bradley and Hillary any day.

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  • Nina says:

    I’ll take the America that has Lawnmower Frank and those who dealt with Irma in fine style.

    Bradley needs to sit down and shut up.

    Hillary needs to take a walk in the woods and just stay there.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Young Frank will go on to be a productive American. Bradley Manning will remain a darling of the Left until a Muslim crosses his path. And Hillary, poor Hillary, will have a stroke when she realizes the democrat party isn’t returning her calls and spend her remaining days drooling and wetting her Depends in an unairconditioned nursing home.

  • GWB says:

    Irma caused a ton of destruction and left filth in the street.

    IOW, a lot like a prog protest?

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