#LasVegasShooting: Amid Chaos and Terror, Stories of Heroism Emerge

#LasVegasShooting: Amid Chaos and Terror, Stories of Heroism Emerge

#LasVegasShooting: Amid Chaos and Terror, Stories of Heroism Emerge
Flags nationwide where lowered to half-staff following the heinous mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night (Photo Credit: Twitter)
America awoke yesterday morning to yet another horrific mass shooting, with terrifying images leaping from our screens and filling our social media newsfeeds. There were conflicting stories on the shooter himself, theories on his motivation, and vile, glee-filled posts coming from the Far Left, dancing on the bodies of their own fellow citizens. But amid the chaos and terror that literally rained down Sunday night on our fellow Americans doing nothing other than enjoying a night of country music in Sin City, stories of heroism have emerged:

Sonny Melton of Tennessee was a 29-year-old emergency room and intensive care nurse. He gave his life to save his wife, Heather:

There are countless stories of police officers and other first responders, including those who were off-duty, who shielded concertgoers with their own bodies, and rendered aid to those in need:

And stories of everyday Americans doing whatever they could to help, including using their own personal vehicles to transport the injured to area hospitals:

Many were helping the wounded, who were being carted away on gurneys, stretchers and pieces of the red metal fence used at the concert. People shouted, “We have a head shot!”

A mother shielded her daughter from the hail of gunfire:

A brave young man assisted dozens before being shot himself:

And soldiers from “across the pond” jumped into the fray:

Even musicians John Rich of Big and Rich, and Bryan Hopkins, did what they could to save lives:

These are but a few of the emerging stories of everyday Americans who, in a nation where far too many are kneeling, stood up.

Folks, America is not a bunch of ignorant, kneeling footballers disrespecting that which allows them that right. We’re not hateful dolts accusing our friends and neighbors of not assisting our fellow Americans in hurricane-ravaged cities. And we’re certainly not strolling around with “conservative,” “liberal,” or “unaffiliated” buttons on our lapels designating our political leanings. If the events in recent weeks, including Sunday nights’ horrific attack on America herself, tell us anything, it is that the American spirit of selflessness and sacrifice is alive and well and thriving within the very heart of America.


Though there were indeed detestable posts made by the hate-filled, that is not who most Americans are. No, we are compassionate. We are generous. And we are courageous. And we will carry on. We will shelter those who are hurting. And give to those in need. And we will continue to do so without regard to political, race, or religious persuasion.

In the worst of times, we are Americans first. Those who ran TOWARD the gun fire, and those who gave their own lives on a balmy October evening in Las Vegas, to selflessly save the lives of others, is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are STILL America.

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  • TRX says:

    > shot in the neck

    The bandage is on his shoulder, not his neck.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Technically. But it is the WaPo. It doesn’t make what he did any less praiseworthy. He stood, while two cowardly Chiefs sat on their rear ends.

    • GWB says:

      Based on what I have read (partly in the thread about the Chiefs) is it seems the bullet entered his shoulder, struck the collarbone, and turned into the lower portion of the neck. Hence the bandage on his shoulder. (They say they’re leaving the bullet in there for now – so no cutting on the neck at this point.)

  • GWB says:

    Dang, just saw (CBS, via Ace of Spades) that one Marine veteran stole a truck, loaded victims in and sped to the hospital. Then he went back for more.

    If the owner needs his truck cleaned or filled with gas, I’m willing to contribute. (And I doubt Vegas cops or prosecutors are stupid enough to charge this guy.)

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