Klacik Vs. Mean Girls On The View

Klacik Vs. Mean Girls On The View

Klacik Vs. Mean Girls On The View

Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik is relentlessly making her case in Baltimore. So of course, the mean girls of “The View” couldn’t take what she was dishing out.

Ever since her breakout political ad that led to her RNC speech, Klacik has remained in the spotlight, making her case for Republicans in blue areas like Baltimore. Klacik has been repeatedly pushing the idea that black Americans are willing to vote for Donald Trump, and for the Republican message, especially considering the failures in places like Baltimore.

There is no doubt that Klacik has an uphill battle in her district, which belonged to the late Elijah Cummings for years. But she isn’t going to concede the race before it’s over, and certainly not to a ranting Joy Behar.

So, Behar tried to use President Trump to hit Klacik over the head, because she has been a vocal supporter of the president. The interview seems to have been predicated around getting Klacik to admit that Trump is a racist. Klacik countered with the well-known case of Behar in blackface, which Behar immediately defended because “it was a homage” and that “the black community had my back.”

Excuse me, come say what again???

Klacik’s time on The View was relatively tame for about 15 minutes — she discussed her plans for Baltimore City, her campaign to fill Elijah Cummings’ congressional seat, and Trump’s COVID-19 response — but things heated up as the interview concluded. When asked about the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on Black communities, Klacik said that if not for “NAFTA and the Clinton administration,” biotech companies would have remained in the United States and played a larger role in the early days of COVID-19.”

“Come on, Kim,” replied Behar after Klacik wrapped up. “[Trump] told Bob Woodward that it was a very serious issue and it’s airborne and that it was terrible, and then he went out and told the American public, ‘Don’t wear masks, it’s all going to go away.’ You have to put some blame on your president, I’m sorry.”

“Is this Joy speaking? The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago?” said Klacik, referencing a “beautiful African woman” Halloween costume Behar wore as a 29-year-old. “Come on, Joy, I don’t think you should be asking questions.”

The View host insisted that “that’s not true” and yelled that the Black community “know[s] that that was not blackface,” but an “homage.”

At which point Joy Behar’s backup singer Sunny Hostin had to run in and try to mock Klacik in order to divert attention from Behar’s spluttering idiocy.
Honestly, why do conservatives still try to go on “The View” anymore? It makes for viral clips, but that’s about it. The women present (Meghan McCain excepted) are not deeply interested in talking over the issues of the day. They are interested in entertaining themselves by sitting around and yakking to each other, mean girls style, and usually being egged on by the clapping seals in their live audience. With no live audience, and distanced from each other, now they are all just yelling at screens about how wearing blackface is really a “homage” to the black community.

The last word on that excuse belongs to Megyn Kelly.

So long as Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg are protecting Joy Behar, nothing will happen to her. Which means that she can continue to be unspeakably rude to Kimberly Klacik, and the peanut gallery of Twitter can cheer on that mean girl crap.

The only good thing about Klacik going on “The View” is that her campaign ad got played during her segment and these clips are now going viral. The more eyes that get drawn to a strong Republican woman pointing out the failures of Baltimore and promoting free thought, the better. Even the perpetual bigotry and utter snottiness of Joy Behar can’t take away from that.

Featured image: Kimberly Klacik (original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click)

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  • Paladin says:

    Bless you, Kimberly — Thank You, Deanna

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    I don’t understand why anybody should care what the panel on The Vew says. Being a guest on The View is a way to reach people, so I suppose that’s why people appear on The View. That our political discourse takes place on shows like The View is a sad commentary on the state of American politics and our news media.I have family members and friends who are as informed as the panel on The View. I have nothing against the panel on The View, but it’s beyond me why they should be considered to be of any importance. They’re fine for entertainment, but there are plenty of better informed sources for opinions and news about politics. As to who said what to whom and who was rude to whom on The View, it’s all soon forgotten and they move on to the next little flare up.

    I see that a Megyn Kelly tweet was included in this article. I suspect that Kelly’s blackface statement was just an excuse for her being let go from her daytime TV job. If so, this wasn’t fair to Kelly, but judging from the few clips I saw from the show she was a bad fit for morning TV and the ratings went down once she was on. She received a very nice settlement for being fired so I don’t think anbody should shed tears for Kelly. I never understood why Kelly was such a big deal on Fox to begin with. She was fine, but there was nothing special about her show. Of course she was attractive, had nice legs, wore short dresses, and had a desk with a glass top so male viewers could see her legs. This usually seems to be the requirement for women Fox news hosts though – being attractive, nice legs and short dresses. I don’t know the name of the show in which there are several women who sit around a curved couch in their short dresses while the male hosts are dressed in suits. It’s obvious that the women are partly there just for eye candy. It’s such a ridiculous set and arrangement that it comes close to looking like satire.

    True story – Not too long ago I was chatting on Skype with a friend from Central America. I said something about Kimberly Guilfoyle’s speech at the RNC. My friend often often knows more about news from the U.S. than most Americans. I was about to identify Guilfoyle as the woman who looks like a drag queen, but before I could say this he said, “Oh, is she the one who looks like a travsvestite?”

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  • Taylor says:

    “Mean Girls” and “Back up singer” – love it!!

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