Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence Speak at March for Life [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence Speak at March for Life [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence Speak at March for Life [VIDEO]

In a historic first, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the 44th annual March for Life. The March for Life rally point at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. was a rousing spirit lifter. For me, the rockstar was Kellyanne Conway.

Mrs. Conway wore a stunning red suit with three quarter length sleeves and looked gorgeous. Whipsmart and confident in her message, Conway began by declaring herself a wife, mother, Catholic and pro-life. The Daily Caller reports:

“I am a wife. A mother. A Catholic. Counselor to the president of the United States of America. And yes, I am pro-life!” Conway said. “This is a new day. A new dawn for life.”

Kellyanne Conway in a Fox news interview prior to her March for Life speech

Do you know how many other people in the world can make the above claim? Zero! To paraphrase Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, “She’s the only one.”

Rockstar! She’s the only one!

Vice President Mike Pence followed his wife, Karen Pence, who is a teacher and uses art as therapy programs with children. While other Presidents and Vice Presidents have addressed March for Life by telephone, Vice President Pence is the first to physically be at the March for Life rally.

Mike and Karen Pence at the 2017 March for Life

Pence declared that “Life is winning again” as evidenced by the Pro-Life majorities elected in houses of many states and in the election of Donald Trump. Pence looked confident and humble as he addressed the crowd. Here is the Pence speech:

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway and Vice President Mike Pence are excellent representatives of the Pro-Life and Conservative movement and do us all proud when they speak.

Check back with Victory Girls for March for Life news.

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