Kavanaugh Confirmed, The Crying Begins

Kavanaugh Confirmed, The Crying Begins

Kavanaugh Confirmed, The Crying Begins

It was a political circus like none we have ever seen, but Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed as the next associate justice of the Supreme Court today.

The vote was 50-48, as Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska switched her “no” vote to a “present” vote in deference to Senator Steve Daines of Montana, whose daughter’s wedding was today. Even a Senate vote would not keep a dad from walking his daughter down the aisle, so instead of extending the voting window, Murkowski voted “present” to essentially cancel out her vote.

The protestors gave it their all, but the screaming in the Senate gallery just means you get escorted right back out.

It was only a delay of the inevitable.

And it was over. President Trump immediately tweeted out his congratulations to the newest Justice.

Senator Lindsey Graham did a little gloating. (Can we keep this new and improved version of Graham uploaded from now on?)

But the end of everything is at hand, if you believe the left. The New York Times published an editorial bemoaning that the Supreme Court’s image has “suffered a blow” because now it will lean conservative:

Once Judge Kavanaugh is sworn in, the Supreme Court will be more conservative than at any other time in modern history. By some measures, “we might be heading into the most conservative era since at least 1937,” said Lee Epstein, a law professor and political scientist at Washington University in St. Louis.

The new majority is sure to move the law to the right on countless deeply contested issues, including abortion, affirmative action, voting and gun rights. And the victory will very likely be a lasting one. Judge Kavanaugh, now 53, could serve for decades, and the other conservative justices are young by Supreme Court standards. The court’s senior liberals are not. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85, and Justice Stephen G. Breyer is 80.

There will be no swing justice in the mold of Anthony M. Kennedy, Sandra Day O’Connor or Lewis F. Powell Jr., who forged alliances with both liberals and conservatives. Instead, the court will consist of two distinct blocs — five conservatives and four liberals. The court, in other words, will perfectly reflect the deep polarization of the American public and political system.

The fight to put Judge Kavanaugh on the court only widened that division. The confirmation process was a bare-knuckle brawl, and the nomination was muscled through by sheer force of political will. All of this inflicted collateral damage on the court, leaving it injured and diminished.

Since we were all supposed to be dead by Net Neutrality or tax cuts by now, I think we can take our chances with a originalist-leaning court.

This is a bittersweet victory, but it is a victory nonetheless. It’s unified the right in a way that no one could have predicted. It’s brought about the rage of the left on one Michael Avenatti. But it’s also solidified the divisions between right and left. So while we can thank God that the circus nightmare spectacle has ended – because Ford’s legal team has announced they will not be pursuing her claims further – those with long memories are going to carry grudges.

Featured image: The Supreme Court (image via Pixabay)

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  • John Casteel says:

    It’s quite entertaining to read the New York Times editorial board (about as out of touch with America as any small group could be) bemoaning partisanship. Please!

  • MikeyParks says:

    If there are any adults left in the Democrat party, please control your children. They’re making you look bad.

    • Bumpy Natto says:

      I suspect a plea for the children of Democrats to control their parents would probably yield better results.

    • Ron Bickel says:

      Don’t know you Mr. Parks, but your comments are damn well stated! The old adage, “seek and ye shall find” surely doesn’t apply to the liberal youth living in today’s society. They unfortunately have been engrained with “liberal speak” to the point of total incomprehension. Their brains become saturated with nonsense. Bless them all, but they need help in coping with the real world! There are no panacea’s to be had, nor should there be!

  • I *strongly* urge the Democrats to ratchet up the hate. Publicly denounce everyone outside your own clique as racist Nazis. Scream at everyone in a restaurant who doesn’t share your opinions. Picket their homes. Dox their children. Attack them with bike locks. Redouble your efforts. Resist!

    Elaine Chao’s husband was obviously swayed by your efforts, and you’ve turned Lindsay Graham into a fighter. Even Jeff Flake and Susan Collins seem to have developed some feeble fleeting courage, thanks to you. It’s working! Just try harder! Onwards, Comrades!

  • Cloudbuster says:

    It’s not a “bittersweet victory ” It’s an out-and-out victory. Why would you give any weight to the backstabbing fake right Jonah Goldberg?

    • GWB says:

      It might not be bittersweet if you don’t care about getting this country back its republic. If you care about more than one side gaining power, then this win is adulterated by the collateral damage to people and to our republic.

      • Cloudbuster says:

        You don’t get the ends you want without your side gaining power. Conservatives, under the advice of people like Goldberg, have been losing gracefully for decades. He and the rest of the NeverTrumpers are preaching a failed strategy.

  • Patriot Veteran says:

    It’s only “bittersweet” in the sense it’s all bitter for them, all sweet for us.

  • Jim says:

    ”The fight to put Judge Kavanaugh on the court only widened [the] division.”

    My reading of the events is that the Democrats did great damage to the rule of Law and the Society of the USA in their arrogant attempt to keep control of the Court; they are responsible for any wider ”division”. I suspect they also harmed Dr Ford whom they effectively threw under the proverbial bus in their desperation to win at all costs. However it is the way of the socialist Left to sacrifice others for the Great Cause, i.e. retaining the power and status they so crave for themselves.

    • GWB says:

      So very true, Jim.

    • scott says:

      “My reading of the events is that the Democrats did great damage to the rule of Law and the Society of the USA in their arrogant attempt to keep control of the Court;”
      I’d say they did that when they ignored bill clintons behavior, when they failed to hold those responsible for Benghazi accountable, when they allowed lies told by barak and hillary to stand unchallenged, when they supported BLM against the police…
      This episode just gave them a chance (which they grabbed with both hands!) to make it clear to anyone that hadn’t been paying attention.. it was just an extension of how they’ve always felt..

  • GWB says:

    most conservative era
    move the law to the right
    One of these things does not belong. Because “moving” the law would be a very UN-conservative act.
    What they mean to say is…
    It will be the most Constitutionalist era… and erase some of the un- and anti-Constitutional gains we progressives have made in the last half century

    deeply contested issues
    Which are really the realm of the legislature. But that requires consent of the states and the people, so they have used the court to end-run all that.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85
    Someone take away her geritol, please?

    The fight to put Judge Kavanaugh on the court only widened that division.
    Uh, no. Your paragraph makes it sound like this fight was a two-sided thing, and everyone is at fault. Bull****!
    Kavanaugh was smeared in a blatantly political ambush (with some collateral damage to ‘meToo’, ‘believeAllWomen’, and a lot of survivors who have to overcome a bit of extra doubt – again) by the Democrats. The Republicans were merely defending him and what’s left of the political process.
    But progs gotta prog, and part of that is screaming about how awful the cop is for shooting the guy who was trying to kill him.

    originalist-leaning court
    Which shouldn’t be all that horrible. After all, you really know how they’re going to rule in the vast majority of cases, because it’s all written down in pretty plain English. No guessing what’s hidden in the text, or finding … unique interpretations of words. Just “The Constitution says ‘shall not be infringed’ and that’s what it means.”

    This is a bittersweet victory
    Hopefully it will galvanize a lot of Americans to understand the government our Founders created, why they created it, and the damage the progressives have done to it since early last century.

  • harleycowboy says:

    ” (Can we keep this new and improved version of Graham uploaded from now on?)”
    Wasn’t he the one that said he was going to retire and that was the reason he could vote yes? It’s a shame that just now he finally got his spine transplant.

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  • R Daneel says:

    This was not crying this was the wails of the criminally and mentally deranged. Criminally because it was done with malice of forethought. Mentally because they cannot see how they appear to the #MilitantNormals out in Trumpland.

    Demonrats need to be consigned to the dust bin of history because they have become insane.

  • Berzrkr50 says:

    Now it’s time to look to RBG’s seat and her possible replacement…

  • Matthew W says:

    “Since we were all supposed to be dead by Net Neutrality or tax cuts by now, I think we can take our chances with a originalist-leaning court.”

    Democrats believe that they own the bureaucracy and that the bureaucracy is for them to use for their agenda the same way they think they own the Supreme Court and it is theirs to use to advance their agenda.

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  • Doug W says:

    There is a God in heaven, and He loves justice, and His eyes observe the ways of the sons of men. Nothing s hidden, and in the end ALL WILL BE BROUGHT OUT IN THE OPEN AND DISPLAYED FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE.

    There is no hiding!!!!

    Ultimately HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY. Those who resist Him will be proven utter fools.

    They can cry, they can shed tears, they can throw their little tantrums, they can do all the things that snowflakes do, but it is futile!! All the “resistance” is for naught!!

    Psalm 2.

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